aeneid book 2 lines 40 52 n.
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Aeneid , Book 2, Lines 40 – 52

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Aeneid , Book 2, Lines 40 – 52 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aeneid , Book 2, Lines 40 – 52. Adapted for use by Mr. George’s 7 th Grade Latin students. The Scene: The Trojan Horse outside Troy .

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aeneid book 2 lines 40 52

Aeneid, Book 2, Lines 40 – 52

Adapted for use by Mr. George’s 7th Grade Latin students


The Scene:

The Trojan Horse outside Troy.

Trojans, rejoice! After ten long years, the Trojan War seems to be over. The Greek warships are gone; all that remains is a large wooden horse, which according to Sinon’s emotional testimony, is a peace offering from the Greeks to appease the goddess Athena.

However, one man is not convinced. His name isLaocoon. He tries to convince the Trojans that the Trojan Horse is just another Greek sham. This is what he had to say…

laocoon s speech
Laocoon’s Speech


ibiante omnēs in magnācatervā,

dixit: “O miserīcivēs, quae tantainsaniaest?

Creditishostēsavectōsesse? Autputatis

donaullaDanaum sine doloreesse? Sic notusUlixes?

Comprehension Questions

comprehension questions
Comprehension Questions


  • Where is Laocoon coming from?
  • Whom is he addressing?
  • What does Laocoon say that the crowd believes?
  • What does Laocoon say that the crowd thinks?
  • Why do you think Laocoon is addressing the crowd with questions? What response is he trying to evoke?

Continue to Part II

laocoon s speech continued
Laocoon’s Speech Continued

autAchivī in hōclignōequōoccultantur

authaecmachinafabricataestutdomōsinspectetdesuperurbe et in nostrōsmurōsveniat, autaliquis error latet; equō ne credite, Teucrī. Quicquidid est, timeoDanaōs et donaferentēs.”


Comprehension Questions

comprehension questions part ii
Comprehension Questions, Part II
  • What does Laocoon accuse the Greeks of doing? Why does he think they built the Horse?
  • What does Laocoon ask the Trojans to do?
  • What does Laocoon say that he fears?
  • What does Laocoon do after he finishes his speech?
  • We know that the Trojans don’t accept Laocoon’s advice. Why do you think they do this?