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American heroes . B y Ethan . Paul Revere (1735-1818). Paul Revere lived in Boston, Mass. There was a boycott that was called the Boston tea party. Paul Revere was a mailman & a silversmith

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paul revere 1735 1818
Paul Revere(1735-1818)
  • Paul Revere lived in Boston, Mass.
  • There was a boycott that was called the Boston tea party.
  • Paul Revere was a mailman & a silversmith
  • Great Briton was ruling the 13 colonies
frederick douglass 1818 1895
Frederick Douglass(1818-1895)
  • Frederick Douglass grow up in Baltimore .
  • Frederick was in slaved and he told himseanelf he will lean how to read.
  • Frederick was a abalitishion that means that he fotagenstslaverly.
franklen d rossabelt

He was boron in NEW YORK.

Grow up wealthy .

He had polo.

Made the new deal.

Ran for New York saint.


He made campgrounds , beaches , forests , parks , airplanes , airports , roads and buildings.

He has been elected 4 times.

He was President in world war 2.

Eleanor Roosevelt was FDR eyes and ears.

HE had a red car that goes top speed 22 miles per hour.

eleanor roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt

She grow up very wealthy she was shy to so her family sent her to England so she can lean to don’t be shy.

She was on a stamp .

When Franklin d got polio she had to fly all over the world to give speeches to people.

She started a ferencher store in her house.

She cooked dinner for poor people.

mary mcleod bethune
Mary McLeod Bethune

Her parents were slaves but she was born when slaver ended.

She never knew table manners.

She grow up poor.

She tattled allot.

She buoyed land for her school.

She started a club.

The president asked if she can work for him.

She helped people get jobs.

She helped the Africans Americans to have a good community.

susan b anthony


She went to a Quaker church.

She lost a job as a teacher because she complained of the men getting more money then she did.

She gave speeches all over the U.S.

She faith agensted women suffrage.

lyndon b johnson
Lyndon B. Johnson
  • He grow up poor and had no running water or electricity in his house.
  • He ran for saint and the house of repesenitiseves.
  • He became a member of congeries.
  • He made a program called the great society.
  • He ran as governor.
  • 1908 - 1973
  • He was vice President.
thurgood marshall
Thurgood Marshall
  • He was born in Baltimore Marilanilandmarlland.
  • He became a lawyer and surperemcout justice.
  • He wonted to colice at Lecan university .
  • He became the top student in his class.
  • NAACP/National Association Advancement Colored People.
  • Became the first African American to become a surperemcourt justice.
lbj vs fdr



  • He was born in New York.
  • He grew up rich.
  • He put people back to work by making them do campgrounds beaches forests parks airplanes roads buildings and airports
  • He grew up poor in Texas.
  • He made a program called the great society.
cesar chavez
Cesar Chavez
  • He was born in Yuma Arizona in 1927.