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Latin America: Loose Ends and Whatnot PowerPoint Presentation
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Latin America: Loose Ends and Whatnot

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Latin America: Loose Ends and Whatnot - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latin America: Loose Ends and Whatnot

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  1. Latin America: Loose Ends and Whatnot In Latin America, most of the countries are quite ____. They are what we would called ____ nations because they are still mainly agricultural based and do not have a great deal of money per person, or ____ income. They also usually have high ____ rates and high ____ rates. They also have a great deal of ____ dying which causes women to have a great deal of babies. Today many people in Latin America try to go to the ____ cities in order to make money. When they get their they find that there are not ____ or ____ for them. They have to move to ____ towns. In Brazil they are called ____ and there are great deals of ____ and ____ in these areas. These areas were just built up on unused land. They did not have ____ or ____ until the government finally realized they were not going to ____.

  2. Latin America is becoming more ____ and ____ on other countries. • The best example of these two ideas is the North American Free Trade Agreement, or ____. • This is a deal between the countries of the US, Canada, and Mexico that eliminates ____ on goods crossing the borders. • Also, many companies are now starting to build businesses in Latin America to take advantage of cheap ___ and ____. • There are problems however where the ____ is being polluted and the people work in ____ conditions. • However, more ____ and ____ is being pumped into Latin America because of the project. • Many people in Latin America have a view that their culture is better than others which is called ethno_____. • They view their culture through a specific cultural ____ which does not recognize the importance and difference of other ____. • One example of this is that many people from ____ believe they are better than Guatemalans and there is a great deal of racism in many Amazon countries that have populations of ____ and ____.

  3. Satellite technology has greatly affected Latin America by making it easier to ___ and ___. • There are no roads in many places in the Amazon and other jungles and ___ helps people locate where they are going. • Also the use of ____ phones help people communicate wherever they are located in Latin America. • Also, GIS has been improved so countries can better plan for certain events like ___ and ____ and ____ which is what Brazil is getting in a few years.

  4. El Nino is a weather pattern that brings ____ water to South America. • In a response to this there is a great deal of ___ that is brought to Latin America. • With all the rain ____ die, and there are ____slides, and massive floodings. • Also, there are many ____ that spawn up in the Pacific Ocean which make things even worse in El Nino years. • The reasons why there is a great deal of landslides is because there was been ____. • With the cutting of it down the earth just ____.

  5. Finally, Haiti had the bad ____ in the past few years. • Many countries from around the world gave ____ to the people to help them out. • However, there was a great deal of people that were still able to ___ and ___ but because of the aid coming in they were forced into ____. • This happened because the aid gave ___ food while they were ___ theirs. • This would be a ____ effect of globalization.