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Are you a Student? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you a Student?

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Are you a Student?
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Are you a Student?

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  1. Are you a Student? Amanda L. Smith Drew C. Appleby

  2. Potential Student?

  3. Getting ready to graduate?

  4. Do you have academic advising questions? The Peer Advising Team has the ANSWERS or knows where to help you find them!

  5. What is Academic Advising? Academic advising is any source of information that can enable psychology majors to make more informed and wiser educational and career decisions than they could without this information.

  6. IUPUI has a rich pool of resources to help you through your college years. Faculty, advisors, and student support services are all here for one reason: YOU! Your college years should be an exciting and rewarding time. Your involvement, your commitment, and your energy determine the extent to which you achieve excellence in your undergraduate education.

  7. Your door to resources and success… The Psychology Peer Advising Office located in LD 123.

  8. What the Peer Advising Office Can Do for You! Help you register Help you interpret your IUCARE report Schedule appointments with faculty advisors Help with class scheduling and explain degree requirements Provide you with brochures, pamphlets, & other information Recommend books from the Lending Library Recommend and Refer you to other campus resources

  9. Contacting the Peer Advising Office The Peer Advising Office hours are determined at the beginning of each semester according to the peer advisors’ availability. The Peer Advising Office in LD123 is generally open Monday through Friday, mainly during the day with some evening hours. You can reach a peer advisor by calling 274-6765, or send an email to

  10. Psychology Department Advising Resources Faculty Advisors Peer Advisors Other IUPUI Campus Resources Online Resources

  11. Faculty Advising…. Your academic advisor will be a faculty member from within the Psychology Department. Upon being accepted to the School of Science and the Psychology Department, you will be assigned a faculty advisor (although your advisor can be reassigned upon request). Faculty advisors provide expertise and answers about issues such as the B.A. vs. the B.S. degree, career options, and graduate school.

  12. Advising Tip Find a great academic advisor and stick with that person. The right academic advisor can be an invaluable source of support, guidance, and insight throughout your college career and beyond.

  13. Do’s and Don’ts of Advising Do’s Do see your academic advisor. Do keep your own records (e.g. grade reports, classes taken, etc). Bring them with you to assist your advisor. Do assert yourself. Ask questions! Repeat questions and clarify answers. Do get answers in writing, with a copy for you and one for your file. Do ask the Peer Advising Office for another academic advisor if you want to change your advisor.

  14. Don’ts Don’t take advice from just anyone. See a Peer or Faculty Advisor. Don’t wait until registration periods to see your advisor. Don’t assume that your advisor will automatically tell you everything you need to know. Don’t assume that only your advisor (and not you) should be familiar with the university’s rules and regulations.

  15. Online Advising IUCARE Reports

  16. Online Advising IUCARE Reports You can produce an advising report for your current major or another major of interest to you that includes…. Degree Requirements Classes that apply towards your degree Overall GPA and Major GPA

  17. Other IUPUI Campus Resources… Career Center Math Assistance Center Writing Center Counseling and Psychological Services Student Life and Diversity programs Scholarships Financial Aid Bursar Registrar University College Learning Center University Information Technology Services Center for Service and Learning School of Science Adaptive Educational Services

  18. Career Center The Career Center provides an array of services for any IUPUI student who may desire individualized attention in defining career goals, resources pertaining to majors and job market trends, and help finding employment opportunities while pursuing a degree. The Career Center offers career counseling, internships, workshops, job fairs, JagJobs, etc. The Career Center can be reached at 274-2554 for career counseling and 274-0857 for information about employment. 801 West Michigan StreetBusiness/SPEA #2010Indianapolis, IN 46202-5153

  19. The Math Assistance Center The Math Assistance Center (MAC) is a collaborative effort between University College and the Department of Mathematical Sciences that benefits students in MATH 010, 001, 110, 111, 118, 119, 151, 153/154, 163/164 and 221/222, but the faculty is open to every student seeking help in mathematics or statistics course at IUPUI. The center provides multiple forms of onsite assistance, including a peer mentoring program, a comprehensive tutoring program, the help of dedicated faculty, and several supplemental instruction programs.

  20. The University Writing Center The University Writing Center located on the 4th floor of Cavanaugh Hall and its satellite operations exist to help students improve their writing skills. Any questions or concerns about writing can be addressed by dropping by the Writing Center and making an appointment.

  21. Scholarships Applications are often available online at the Scholarship Central website You can also call or visit the Scholarship Office to request an application at 274-5516, Cavanaugh Hall CA003. Applications are also available in the Honors Suite in University College, UC3140. Please note that scholarship applications must be received by the deadline date.

  22. Financial Aid Financial Aid at is available based upon financial need, enrollment status, and/or scholastic ability. The Office of Student Financial Services administers federal, state, university, and private funds. Funds are available in the form of scholarships, grants, fee remissions, loans, and part-time employment. The priority filing date for financial aid for the fall, spring, and summer semesters is March 1. Applications received after this date will be processed and aid awarded as long as funds are available. The Office of Financial Aid Services is located in Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 103 and can be reached at 274-4162 or 278-FAST.

  23. The Bursar’s Office The Office of the Bursar collects payments for student fees and orders financial aid refund checks. The Office of the Bursar can be found in Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 147 or by calling 274-2451.

  24. Registration IUPUI offers two registration methods to students admitted to IUPUI: registration by computer or by touchtone telephone. A computerized version of the schedule of classes saves you time by allowing you to firm up your schedule before actually registering for classes. For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar, Cavanaugh Hall, 274-1508.

  25. University College University College is the academic unit at IUPUI that provides a common gateway to the academic programs available to you as an entering student. University College coordinates existing university resources and develops new initiatives to promote academic excellence and enhance persistence. Its faculty and staff provide a supportive and challenging environment for learning.

  26. University College Academic Advising The advisors in University College and the Career Center can help you choose an appropriate major. Advisors also help you develop a plan for completing the requirements for transferring to a school as quickly as possible and identify university resources you can use to improve your academic standing. All students are required to meet with their academic advisor during their first semester at IUPUI.

  27. University College Academic Advising Advising is available on a walk-in basis, Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM to 7:00PM; Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM; and Saturday, 9:00AM to 12:00PM. There are a limited number of advisors available after 5:00PM and on Saturdays.

  28. Learning Center The Learning Center is devoted to students helping students. The center, which includes the Resource Center and the Supplemental Instruction Program, is located on the second floor of the University College Building (UC). The Resource Center is a student-staffed referral service open to IUPUI students. Here students find tutors, campus resources, help with studying and time management, techniques for taking exams, can check-out laptops, and obtain information on the Supplemental Instruction Program. You can reach the Learning Center by calling 274-4818.

  29. Counseling & Psychological Services Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), located in the Union Building (UN) Room 418, offers free confidential individual, couples, and group counseling to all students. Students in emotional crisis are seen on a walk-in basis. All students are eligible for 12 sessions a year. There is a one-time $10 application fee. CAPS also offers assessment and testing for learning disabilities and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder on a fee-for-service basis. To set up a confidential appointment at CAPS, call 274-2548 or e-mail CAPS@IUPUI.EDU.

  30. Student Life & Diversity Programs The office of Student Life and Diversity Programs is the student’s key to campus life at IUPUI. Whether helping students become involved in student organizations and leadership activities, explore career options and opportunities, or acquire services to achieve educational goals, the Office of Student Life and Diversity is committed to the student’s success. For more information contact the office at UC002 or call 274-3931.

  31. Center for Service and Learning The Center for Service and Learning (CSL), located on the third floor of the University College Building, seeks to integrate community service into the educational culture of IUPUI students, faculty, and staff. Call 278-2662 for further information.

  32. University Information Technology Services University Information Technology Services (UITS), is responsible for the continued development of a modern information technology environment throughout the university. There are four divisions of UITS: Teaching and Learning Information Technologies, Telecommunications, University Information Systems, and Research and Academic Computing. UITS offers a Support Center via the web, telephone, e-mail, and on a walk-in basis. Students who experience technical difficulties (e.g. computer problems) can use the information on the following page to contact UITS.

  33. University Information Technology Services Support Center The Support Center’s home page is the sites offers links to: Student guides Information about educational computing opportunities Documentation Network IDs If you have questions for which you can’t find answers in the Support Center’s Web pages, you may wish to call 274-HELP.

  34. Adaptive Educational Services Adaptive Educational Services (ADS) assists students with disabilities by providing note takers, readers, interpreters, coordination of financial support, services through Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation, and an adaptive lab with computerized equipment. ADS can be reached at 274-3241 or 278-2050 (TDD).

  35. School of Science The School of Science (SOS) is composed of the biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematical sciences, physics, and psychology departments. Located in LD222, the SOS can be contacted at 274-0625 or about transfer credits, senior audits, admissions, etc.

  36. Online Resources… IUPUI Psychology Department (Other resources can be found under links of interest) IUPUI Psychology Club The National Honors Society in Psychology The American Psychological Society The American Psychological Association APA’s Careers in Psychology brochure Occupational Outlook Handbook Marky Loyd’s “Careers in Psychology” The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  37. Frequently Asked Questions How do you apply to the IUPUI Psychology Department? IUPUI Campus Bulletin 2002-2004, p.475 What classes do you have to take to be able to take the junior/senior integrator course? IUPUI Campus Bulletin 2002-2004, p.479 When and how do you file for a senior audit? IUPUI Campus Bulletin 2002-2004, p.482 What can you do with a degree in psychology? Consult a faculty advisor and refer to the “Are You Considering Psychology as Your Major?” brochure that can be obtained from the Peer Advising Office

  38. What is the GRE? • • Do I really have to take B103? • IUPUI Campus Bulletin 2002-2004, p.523 • How can I get involved in research? • Consult faculty advisor and obtain list of faculty research • interests from the Peer Advising Office • How do I find out about financial aid and scholarships? •

  39. All these questions and so many more can run through the minds of students and potential students just like you! You are not alone and, believe it or not, you don’t have to find the answers alone either! See a Peer Advisor in LD123, your door to resources and success!

  40. The End Amanda L. Smith Drew C. Appleby