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2010-11 Student Handbook PowerPoint Presentation
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2010-11 Student Handbook

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2010-11 Student Handbook
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2010-11 Student Handbook

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  1. 2010-11 Student Handbook

  2. PGHS student handbook • Due to budget cuts, the student handbook will not be printed this year. • It is available online at PGHS.net in the “quicklinks’ section.

  3. IMPORTANT NOTE : • Students are required to have their student ID’s with them on campus and all other school related activities.

  4. Know your counselor & administrator • Vice Principals: • Dr. van Brenk • Ms. Malenab • Ms. Doiron • Ms. Keplinger • Counselor: • Ms. Schmutte (A - Col) • Mr. Hirsch (Com - H) • Mr. Jasper (I- M) • Ms. Jimenez-Lundy (N- Si) • Ms. Grovhoug (Sk - Zz) • Mr. Lampe – Kuder, Career Center

  5. Frequently Asked Questions.“What if’s for students” pgs 5-7 • Here you’ll find the answers to questions such as: • Who do I call for more information? • How do I clear absences? • What services are available to students? • How do students sign up for clubs?

  6. What is the phone number for the attendance office? 686-0230

  7. Frequently Asked Questions.“What if’s for Parents . . . • Who to call • Absences – attendance office 686-0230 • Health concerns:Health office – 686-0233 • Academic, social, emotional concerns:Counseling – 686-0233 • Report card info - Call the Data Processing Clerk at 686-0233. • Transcripts, moving: Call the Registrar’s Office at 686-0230 • Activities: Call the Activities Office at 686-0230 and ask to speak with the Activities Director • Athletics: Call the Athletics Office at 686-0245 and ask to speak with the Athletic Director • This information is also included in the Principal’s Newsletter which is available online.

  8. Frequently Asked Questions.“What if’s for Parents . . . • Charges/Returned Checks • There is a service charge for all returned checks • After the 1st returned check, no checks will be accepted • Students with outstanding fines, returned checks will be put on a no activities list until fine is cleared or payment made.

  9. What is the fine if your friend spills his soda on your textbook? Damaged, Lost or Stolen Book Charges Pg. 11

  10. Answer • You will be charged ½ the cost of the book for any water damage.

  11. Library Media Center PoliciesPages 9-12 of the handbook • Here you’ll find important information about the Library/Media Center: • Library hours – (7:30 – 3:30) • Services offered by the library • Textbook policies and fines • Terms and Conditions for Technology and Internet Access(pg. 12).Don’t forget, your access to technology is considered to be a privilege that can be suspended or revoked.

  12. What is tested on the California High School Exit Exam? Page 18

  13. Answer • Students must pass the Reading, Math and writing tests to be eligible to graduate

  14. What are some services provided by PGHS counselors? Page 19

  15. The Role of PGHS Counselors(handbook pg 14) • Some of the services counselors can provide. • academic guidance, • personal counseling for individuals and groups • career exploration and assessment.

  16. What are some benefits of purchasing an ASB sticker? How much does it cost? Page 21

  17. ASB Card (handbook pg 16) • Cost = $30 until August 30th --then it’s $35 • Allows students FREE admission to ALL home athletic events (playoffs and powder puff not included), • Discounts on tickets and bids to other events *Defaced, lost, or stolen cards will NOT be replaced. In the event of loss or damage, the student will be asked to purchase a new card at the original cost. ASB cards will be sold throughout the school year during lunch in the Student Store.

  18. What are the eligibility requirements to participate in extra-curricular activities? Page 22

  19. EGUSD Extra-curricular Eligibility Requirements(pg 22) All students who wish to participate in athletic, extracurricular and co-curricular activities must: 1. Have earned a 2.0 grade average for the grading period prior to their participation and for each succeeding grading period during participation. 2. Meet standards of satisfactory citizenship. 3. Have a satisfactory attendance record as defined by Board Policy.

  20. What is the school policy for Student ID cards? Page 22

  21. Student ID’s(pg 22) • Students are expected to carry their ID card with them on campus and are expected to present the ID upon request of any staff member. • ID cards will be issued during the 2nd week of school. • These ID cards include a bar-code label for library/textbook checkout. It is important that the bar code label not be damaged or tampered with in any way. • Replacement ID cards cost $5.00

  22. Can I get flowers, presents or cupcakes delivered to my class on my birthday Page 25

  23. Special Occasions - Flowers, Balloons, etc • Flowers, balloons, candy, etc., other than those available at school sponsored events, may not be delivered to a student during the school day to acknowledge a special occasion. • Students may not carry balloons, flowers, etc., on campus during the school day because they are disruptive to the educational process. • If these items are delivered to school, they will be kept in the administration office until the end of the school day.

  24. If you have been absent how do you clear the absence? Page 26

  25. How to Clear Absences (pg 26) • YOU have seven (7) school days to clear an absence (beginning on the day you return to school.) • Your parents can call the attendance office or write a note. • Bring notes to the office during lunch or after school. • Notes should include the student’s name, ID#, date(s) of absence(s), a telephone number where parent/guardian can be reached to verify the note, and parent/guardian signature.

  26. What are some disciplinary consequences students can expect if they break school or class rules? Page 22-23

  27. Disciplinary Consequences (pg 22-23) • Lunch Detention: held for the first 20 minutes of a student’s lunch period. If a student is late, fails to attend the assigned detention, or is removed from detention for disciplinary reasons, that student will be assigned Saturday School. • Saturday School – (8AM – 12:00) assigned to students who have unexcused absences, truancies (class cuts), tardies, or other disciplinary problems. • Home Suspension - When a student violates the Pleasant Grove High School discipline code and commits an offense listed in Sections 48900 or 48915 of the California Education Code, he/she is subject to suspension from school for a period of one to five days.

  28. Information on California Ed Code behavior expectations is on page 28 of the handbook

  29. What is the consequence for the 4th truancy? Page 29

  30. Truancy Policy (pg 24) • Students must attend school regularly and get to class on time • Truancy = any unexcused absence • Consequences for Truancies:

  31. What is the consequence for your 2nd or 3rd tardy? Page 30

  32. Tardy Policy (pg 25) • All students are expected to be in class when the bell rings. If they are not, they will be considered tardy. • Consequences for tardies:

  33. What is the consequence for a dress code violation? Page 30-32

  34. Dress Code • The dress code for PGHS will be strictly enforced. • No underwear (to include bra straps) showing • Shorts/skirts no higher than 7” above the knee First Offense: Student receives a “Warning Citation” and a referral is issued. The vice principal then issues the student a temporary clothing substitute if he/she is unable to produce another garment. The student returns any loaner clothing item(s) at the end of the school day. Students are subject to disciplinary action and restitution if loaners are not returned. Second Offense: All of the above + Saturday School. Third offense will result in a home suspension.

  35. Social Probation(pg 32) • Students who exhibit a habitual pattern of behavior or commit a severe office will be placed on social probation • Examples: 3 days of Sat. school for same ofence, 3rd dress code violation, any offense resulting in a 5 day home suspension, a 2nd home suspension during a school year. • Social probation = student prohibited from attending any school dance or attending as a spectator any athletic or performing arts event. Social probation lasts for 6 weeks.

  36. Social Probation • Students who exhibit a habitual pattern of behavior or commit a severe office will be placed on social probation • Examples: 3 days of Sat. school for same ofence, 3rd dress code violation, any offense resulting in a 5 day home suspension, a 2nd home suspension during a school year. • Social probation = student prohibited from attending any school dance or attending as a spectator any athletic or performing arts event. Social probation lasts for 6 weeks.

  37. No Activities List (pg 32) • Students who have unreturned library or classroom books, outstanding fines, un-returned athletic equipment or returned checks will be placed on a ‘no activities’ list until item is returned or outstanding charges, fines or fees have been paid in full • Students on No Activities List are prohibited from attending dances. Students may also be ineligible to try our for performing arts, athletic or extra-curricular teams or running for elected or appointed office.

  38. What is the consequence for hitting another student*?(this includes hitting someone in self defense) Page 33

  39. Disciplinary Consequences for Behavior Violations(pg 32-33) • Most disciplinary actions come with pre-defined consequences that are closely adhered to by our administration. • Dress code : warning  Sat. School  2 days susp.  5 days susp. (pg 30) • The consequence for harassing or striking another student is 3-5 days home suspension (pg 32) • Substances (medication, drugs, alcohol, paraphernalia) : 5 days suspension. or recommendation for expulsion. (pg 35)

  40. Consequences, cont. • Stealing: 2 days susp.  5 days susp. (pg 36) • Electronic device : warning  Sat. School  2 days susp.  5 days susp. (pg 37) • (Electronic devices are confiscated by administration and only returned to parent.) • Throwing objects : Sat. School  susp. (pg 39) • Buying or selling personal property at school (pg 39 #19)

  41. What are 3 rules related to Electronic Devices at PGHS Page 37

  42. Electronic Devices(pg 31) • Electronic Devices (pg 31) • Students may have/use electronic devices before or afterschool only • Electronic devices such as cell phones, I-pods, MP3 players, game players, cameras and similar technologies are to be powered off during school hours. • Students are NOT permitted to have more than one electronic device of the same type. • Note the consequences. A confiscated device will only be given to the parent/guardian.

  43. Give an example of a violation of the Academic Code of Conduct?What is the consequence of this violation? Page 39

  44. Academic Code of Conduct(pg 39) 1st offense = a zero and a Saturday school Students violating any of the Academic Codes of Conduct for the second time will be ineligible for the following: Renaissance, CSF, Academic Awards, Valedictorian, Senior Outstanding Scholar Recognition and/or other honors recognitions for the academic year in which the offense occurred. Multiple offenses will also result in a 3-5 day home suspension.

  45. How can you avoid situations that may cause you to get suspended or expelled? Page 40

  46. Preventing Suspensions & Expulsions(pg 40) Students who hit other students, even in self-defense, will be suspended from school. If a student is hit by another student, he/she should immediately leave the area and seek help from a teacher or other staff member. To avoid suspension or expulsion, students should: · Stay away from people who make them angry. · Ignore or walk away from challenges to fight. · Practice strategies to calm down. · Seek help from teachers, campus supervisors, counselors, or administrators. · Talk to their parents about any problems they’re having at school. · Participate in ESP conflict mediation (pg 40)

  47. In order to attend school dances, what must students turn in? Page 40

  48. Dances(pg 41) • Prior to the first attended dance, a signed form will be required to be on file (pg 41) to verify the behavior expectations have been reviewed by both parents and students.

  49. On what page can you find EGUSD policies? Page 42

  50. Can you name one of the EGUSD policies?(pg 42) • School Boundaries • Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment • Sex Discrimination/Harassment • Uniform Complaint Procedure • EGUSD Video Policy • Williams Case Notice