what is in the water that people in this developing country are drinking how can we help them n.
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  1. What is in the water that people in this developing country are drinking? How can we help them? Haiti

  2. What is in the water. In Haiti, there are many things in the unfiltered water that they drink. One of them is droppings from them and the animals. The waste makes the water bad for drinking or cooking with, yet people drink it. It gets them very sick and gives them diarrhea until they have no nutrients left in their body to keep them alive.

  3. Sewage in the water Among many other things, there is sewage in the water of Haiti. The deadly contaminants of the water can cause major diarrhea and cause malnutrition. When they are sick, they can’t even get a clean glass of water to help them through the sickness. This can kill many people a year.

  4. Poverty in Haiti • Many people in Haiti don’t have enough money to make or build the things they need. If they did, then they would build water purification businesses. • If they get the money they need, the water can be cleansed and they can have a nice clean glass of water when they need it or want it most.

  5. Waste • Since there is no plumbing for people to use their facilities, they use the water. • Animals are also users of this water, and they contaminate it with all of their wastes. • These wastes can also cause the diarrhea that you were informed of earlier. • This can be very dangerous to drink and as for using of many other things

  6. Why do they drink this water? • They drink this water because that is the only choice they have. There are no water sanitation districts to cleanse their water for them. • This is the only water that is around, and often times people have to walk many miles just to get a glass of water when they need it. • When they are sick from this, they can’t get a clean glass of water to get them through the sicknesses.

  7. The Haitian earthquake • There was recently a Haitian earthquake that has affected many people. It was a 7.1 on the Richter scale. • There was also an aftershock that was also very affecting. It was a 6.1, only 1 point under the original one.

  8. Groundwater flowing • There is groundwater that comes to the lakes and rivers that people drink out of. • They can go to the restroom somewhere other than the drinking areas, but the groundwater will eventually travel to the lake, with the toxins in it. • They have wells, but they can also be easily contaminated by one person or animal that comes to it with dirty hands.

  9. Possible solutions • There are many different solutions to these problems in Haiti. • Some ways are to: Build water purification companies in the location, put in bottled water for them, educate them on how to purify the water and how to use it more efficiently

  10. Building Purification Companies • There are many ways to approach the water purifying problem in Haiti, and one is to come in to build them the things that they need. • They may not be doing this by themselves, but we can all teach them how to do the same things and then they can start to make their own. • The Haitian people would have clean and purified water to drink, and have little to no more health problems caused by water

  11. Give Them Some Clean Water • Another solution to temporarily stop the water crisis is to send them in some water already cleansed. • We can get a lot of the purified water from the bottles and send it in to them to make sure they have clean water until the situation can be further handled.

  12. Show them what is in the water and show them how to get it out • There can be many things in this water, more than what was mentioned, so they need to know that it is there and how to get it out. • Once they have been told of what is in and how to get it out, then they can begin to drink the water and have no worries of sickness and death of water related causes.

  13. Recycling the water Where we all live, in the U.S.A., we have a lot of unused and wasted water. What we can do is to not use as much water as we usually do, and if we use a lot, then we can at least use it all There are other people in other countries that don’t have much water, or they have a bunch of dirty water. We are all just sitting here when we could be helping them out and sending them water, or those PUR water cleaners that they are sending out to people in the developing countries