Unit 3  (6A)
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Unit 3 (6A) 复习课. 一 重点词汇. Sports Day all the students be excited( 主语必须是人 ) watch the running race want to take some photos look for her camera a moment ago. 一 重点词汇. help me with my English in your bag just now on the ground

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Unit 3 6a

Unit 3 (6A)


Unit 3 6a

一 重点词汇

Sports Day

all the students

be excited(主语必须是人)

watch the running race

want to take some photos

look for her camera

a moment ago

Unit 3 6a

一 重点词汇

help me with my English

in your bag

just now

on the ground

pick it/themup

a pair of glasses/earphones

a mobile phone

a roll of film

Unit 3 6a

三 重点句子

1. All the students are very excited.

2. It’s very exciting.

3. Let me take some photos.

4. It was there a moment ago.

5. They were here just now.

6. ---Can you pick them up for me?

---Sure. /Yes, I can./No, I can’t.

Unit 3 6a

三 重点句子

7. ---Where’s your diary?

---It’s near the CD Walkman.

---It isn’t here now.

8. ---Where are the newspapers?

---They are behind the computer.

---They aren’t here now.

Unit 3 6a


bear pear there where chair their wear发 /Zә/near ear发/ Iә /

The bear with long hair is on the chair. He’s eating a big pear.

Where are our pears?

They’re under the chair.

But theirs are over there.

Unit 3 6a

四 语法 (一)现在进行时

现在进行时由“be(am, is, are) + 现在分词”构成。表示动作现在正在发生或进行。句子中经常会出现now,look,listen等表示时间的状语。如:

It is raining now.


Look! She is dancing.


Listen, Tom is singing.


Unit 3 6a



一、 一般情况下,在动词原形末尾加-ing。如:

play→playing do→doing eat→eating

二、 动词以单一的不发音的e字母结尾时,去掉e再加-ing。如:

make→making have→having write→writing

动词以ee结尾时,加-ing。如: see→seeing


run→running put→putting


Unit 3 6a



1. 过去的动作或状态,如:

I played volleyball yesterday.

2. 过去的习惯动作,如:

We often went to fly kites last year.

3. 用于谈论或评价已故之人,如:

Lu Xun was a great writer.

在一般过去时的句型里,有表示过去的时间状语,如:yesterday last week / year/ month three days ago just now this morning等。


Unit 3 6a




sit—sat make—made has/have—hadread—read

go—went come—came

buy—bought sing—sang


are—were spend—spent

eat—ate meet—met

run—ran give—gave do/does—did swim--swam

Unit 3 6a


1. 一般情况在动词词尾加-ed,如:

play—played visit--visited

wash—washed cook—cooked water—watered clean—cleaned

2. 不发音的e 结尾的动词,直接加-d,如:

live—lived taste—tasted

close—closed dance--danced

3. 以辅音字母+y 结尾的动词,变y 为i ,再加-ed,如:

fly—flied study--studied

4. 以重读闭音节只有一个辅音字母结尾的动词,双写词尾的辅音字母再加-ed,如:

chat—chatted stop-stopped

Unit 3 6a


1. We didn’t swimlast week.

2. ---DidLilywaterthe flowers yesterday?

---Yes, she did. / No, she didn’t.

3. What did she do on Sunday?

带有动词was,were两个过去式的句子 ,变成否定句和疑问句,则为:

1. ---Was Helen in London two days ago?

---Yes, she was. / No, she wasn’t.

2. Wang Bing wasn’t here just now.

3. ---Were his parents at home yesterday?

---Yes, they were. /No, they weren’t.

Unit 3 6a



1. —Excuse me. Where is Mrs Li?

—She’s in the teachers’ office.

2. —Where are my storybooks?

—Look! On your desk.

where答句中总带有in,on等表示方位的介词,它们是用来回答人或物所在的具体地点或位置的。还有其他表示方位的介词有:under beside near behind between at the back of in front of


Where is Mike going? He’s going to the playground.


Where is Nancy from? She’s from New York.

Unit 3 6a

Thank you!而规则动词的过去式,是有规律可循的。具体的变化规则如下:

See you!