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  1. WELCOME Internal Awards Procedure Training January 2013

  2. Introduction Purpose of Today’s Session: • Provide overview of internal funding programs • Review new procedures for setting up and managing internal funding awards • Review responsibilities • Demonstrate several Insight Reports • Provide contact information and resources

  3. Internal Awards Procedures (Implemented March 2012, custom reports added recently) Scope: • Accommodate new budget and travel guidelines • Provide a consistent method for handling internal awards • Internal awards are now managed with one fund, multiple orgs, and multiple activity codes. • Budget is transferred from the home org to the department org of the awardee with a unique activity code. • The activity code description has expiration date of the award and awardee’s name to assist with tracking. • The Offices of Sponsored Programs and the AVPR will not sign-off on any of the transactions.

  4. Responsibilities: Awarder (OSP/FRPB/AVPR) • Prepare Award Letter and send to awardee, with copies to director/chair and business manager • Contact Controller for activity code set-up • Forward list of awards to Approval Queue Manager in General Accounting • Upload award letter and summary reports to the Office of Sponsored Programs SharePoint site: https://shareosp.unco.edu/internalgrants/SitePages/Home.aspx. Note: Summer Support Initiative Letters are sent directly to awardees, with copies to Directors, Deans, Business Managers and Admins. These are not posted on SharePoint.


  6. Sample RDFD Letter

  7. Summer Support Initiative (SSI) Award Letter Fund, Org, Account Program Code (FOAPA) Spending, monitoring, returning funds follow internal awards procedures Frances Braafhart is POC for technical questions • Signed by AVPR • Summarizes grantees responsibilities for conducting the work • Reporting requirements • Includes instructions on spending funds

  8. Responsibilities: Awarder • Transfer budget to department org. Activity code and activity code description will be on the budget transfer. • Periodically monitor transactions with reports • Notify Controller and Approval Queue Manager in General Accounting for extensions of expiring awards (activity code description change and extension of approval authority) • Capture unspent funds from expired awards

  9. Responsibilities: Awardee, Business Mgr, Dir/Chair, Admin • Awardee follows approved budget. Any budget revisions must be approved in advance by awarder. • Business Manager ensures standard approval queue has been set up for fund, org combination (Use Insight report FIN047 -Approvers by Fund Orgn to verify approval queue). See handout in packet. • Approval Queue Manager will update AQ by adding project directors for Provost, NPP and SSI awards. ASATS AQ are different. • Approvers by F/O approve expenditures according to the approved budget • Business Manager/Admin use activity code on ALL transactions • Business Manager/Admin process travel and expense documents as needed • Business Manager/Admin reallocate any One-Card transactions to proper fund, org, and activity code on a monthly basis

  10. Responsibilities: Awardee, Business Mgr, Dir/Chair, Admin Awardee/Business Manager/Admin • Monitor transactions monthly with reports, ensuring no over-expenditures or missed activity codes • Insight – Business Manager View and University View • Correct any over-expenditures or missed activity codes by making appropriate transfers or adjustments within one month and by fiscal year end • Ensure ALL transactions are recorded against Fund/Org/Activity Code/Program before Expiration Date • Activity Code Description, ASATS, 04-13 Aske David • Activity Code Description, Provost, 01-15 Barton Karen


  12. Changes & Issues Changes: • OSP AND AVPR no longer have approval queue authority • While awardee is responsible for approved budget, Business Managers & Admins who process expenses MUST ensure transactions are correct and within budget both monthly, as well as year end • Funds will be recaptured upon expiration date Issues: • Application comes over without org code • Expenses are put through without Activity Code or using an incorrect FOAP • Overspending the award amount • Not spending any of the award amount • It is critical that any posting errors are corrected prior to fiscal year end

  13. Responsibilities: Finance Department • Post any remaining budget carry forward by fund, org and activity code (if applicable) • De-activate expiring activity codes one year after expired

  14. Activity Code Structure Activity Code : First 2 characters ID the type of award (e.g. QN, QR etc.) Description: First 6 characters as expiration date of the award: MM-YY (space) Note: YY refers to the calendar year, not the fiscal year of the expiration date Remaining characters - awardee name (last name (space) first name)

  15. Contact Information FRPB & Provost SSI, ASATS, AQ Summer Support Initiative (SSI) Stephanie Kontour, stephanie.kontour@unco.edu, 970.351.1833 Michele Schwietz, michele.schwietz@unco.edu, 970.351.2161 Annual Scholarly Activity Travel Support (ASATS) Michele Schwietz, Michele.schwietz@unco.edu, 970.351.2161 Sherry May, sherry.may@unco.edu, 970.351.1910 Approval Queue Questions (AQ) Michelle Rettmer, michelle.rettmer@unco.edu, 970.351.1826 Provost Travel Awards (PAT) • Sherry May, sherry.may@unco.edu, 970.351.1910 • Michele Schwietz, michele.schwietz@unco.edu, 970.351.2161 Provost Research, Dissemination and Faculty Development (RDFD) • Sherry May, sherry.may@unco.edu, 970.351.1910 • Michele Schwietz, michele.schwietz@unco.edu, 970.351.2161 FRPB New Project Proposals (NPP) • Sherry May, sherry.may@unco.edu, 970.351.1910 • Michele Schwietz, michele.schwietz@unco.edu, 970.351.2161 • Budget Analyst for OSP And AVPR • Peg Morgan, margaret.morgan@unco.edu, • 970.351.2894