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YFC Discovery 2009 KENYA

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YFC Discovery 2009 KENYA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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YFC Discovery 2009 KENYA. Machakos. Day One Saturday 8 th August 2009. This is the plane we flew in to get to Kenya. The flight was 8 ½ hours long. Day Two Sunday 9 th August 2009.

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YFC Discovery 2009 KENYA

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    1. YFC Discovery 2009KENYA Machakos

    2. Day One Saturday 8th August 2009 This is the plane we flew in to get to Kenya. The flight was 8 ½ hours long.

    3. Day Two Sunday 9th August 2009 We arrived at Narobi International Airport where we were meet by Jacqui, our guide. We stopped at the local supermarket for supplies and found our first elephant Most of the journey was on dirt tracks and was very bumpy in our little mini buses! When we arrived all the village came out to say hello We then set off on the 3 ½ hour drive to the village we are going to stay at

    4. Day ThreeMonday 10th August 2009 We were woken up at 7am by our host family and had our breakfast of maize porridge. We then went off to our first task to plant trees at Mr Mwanthi’s. These where Avocados and Papayas. We then went to Elizabeth Nzyoki’s to help her plant seeds the nursery. Once you finish watering the seeds we covered the area with sawdust to reduce the amount of evaporation of the moisture. We then had lunch at Eunice Mwania’s. The goats live under the dry food store.

    5. Day Three Monday 10th August 2009 After lunch we were shown how they made Kiondos (woven baskets) and then had a go ourselves. The fibres that are used come from a Kilko leaf At the end of the day we collected water from the local water hole (one hour walk away) for the families. The water is in very short supply due to the drought. The water is very dirty but in this reserve there is reeds so they get the water from that side where it is cleaner.

    6. Day FourTuesday 11th August 2009 Wamunyu Craft Market After breakfast this morning we drove 2 hours to this craft market where we were able to buy gifts for people and see the members working on a piece. The crafts on view here are mainly wood carving. In the warehouse there was so much to see and buy. Kenyan Shillings is the local currency and the current exchange rate is approx £1 – 100KSH

    7. Day Four Tuesday 11th August 2009 In the afternoon we learnt how they weave there ropes to carry things with and then we had a go On the way back from the craft market we stopped at a petrol station and saw on of there busses. The sunset was lovely that night

    8. Day FiveWednesday 12th August 2009

    9. Day FiveWednesday 12th August 2009 After being shown how to do it we had a go a making a bowl. First we had to make the clay which they collect from the local pit We then crush it down to a powder and add water. We then knead it like bread

    10. Day FiveWednesday 12th August 2009 Today we walked up to the top the local mountain and here are some of the amazing views we saw and us in Kenya!

    11. Day FiveWednesday 12th August 2009 At the end of the day we went down to the woods to collect fire wood and then was shown how to tie them up to carry them on your back. We then all carried a pill up to the village.

    12. Day SixThursday 13th August 2009 Today in the morning we first help dig some terraces (ditches) to collect the rain water when it comes and then we went to the local school

    13. Day Seven Friday 14th August 2009 This morning we were taken on a walk along a river bed and this is some of what we saw

    14. Day SevenFriday 14th August 2009 We visited the local pub were we tried the home brew

    15. Day EightSaturday 15th August 2009 We were asked to dig a hole each, which was one ‘stick’ deep, wide and long in preparation to plant some more trees

    16. Day EightSaturday 15th August 2009 We were shown around the village market square and the church

    17. Day Eight Saturday 15th August 2009 Peter Mweniti showed us how to carve a giraffe out of a block of wood

    18. Day EightSaturday 15th August 2009 At the end of our last day with the village we were honoured with a traditional dance and BBQ We were also asked to show them a traditional dance from the UK

    19. Day NineSunday 16th August 2009 On our last full day in Kenya we went to Nairobi National Park to see the wild animals and here are some of the pictures

    20. Day NineSunday 16th August 2009 Here are some more pictures of the national park animals. There is no completely wild animals left in Kenya they are all in national parks

    21. Language Africa language across the country is Swahili but in the village we were staying with are in the Kamba tribe and speak Venacular (Kamba): While I was there I was re-christened with my Kamba name: Ndanu Which means Happiness To say my name is…. Nitawa Ndanu

    22. My Host Family Here are some photo of the family I stayed with and Jenny who was with the same family in the YFC group.

    23. Kenya 2009 Team