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Welcome. One And All. BOW Beyond Our Walls. Congregational Update January 26 th , 2014. BOW consists of two programs: 1. Monthly Split Plate 2. BOW grant- awarded in May. According to the policy from February 2011

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One And All

Bow beyond our walls

BOWBeyond Our Walls

Congregational Update

January 26th, 2014

Bow consists of two programs 1 monthly split plate 2 bow grant awarded in may
BOW consists of two programs:1. Monthly Split Plate2. BOW grant- awarded in May

According to the policy from February 2011

In the spring of 2014, a new or renewed plan for BOW's continuation would be considered. A congregational vote is required for continuation or changes to BOW funding policies in 2014.

Purpose of Today’s Discussion

Give the congregation information about these two programs and their recipients.

Receive feedback and suggestions from the congregation on how to move forward with these programs.

Using the input from today, the committee and two people from finance will make a proposal to the board regarding going forward. This will be voted on at the spring congregational meeting.


Why do we have a philanthropy program?

Our principles tell us to connect our worship and stewardship to a real world expression of our values. It is generosity that expresses gratitude for our abundance.

Many people feel that together our congregation’s focused donations can do more to heal the world than if we individually donate in small amounts to various charities.

UUFH is known through our work in our community. When we are searching for a minister or DRE, Beyond Our Walls shows our commitment to our community.

Beyond our walls mission
Beyond Our Walls Mission

The BOW Committee uses its financial resources to support UUFH members in working toward social justice and social service in the larger community. 

The Committee shall:

• Accept and evaluate written proposals from congregants for events/projects which will further the BOW mission. They will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for approval.

•Publicize, promote, foster and develop ideas within the congregation to further their work.

Split plate
Split Plate


  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Requirements include having a member involved in the charity.

  • The mission of the charity must be in alignment with UU principals. This allows for funding social justice, humanitarian relief, animal and environmental protection.

  • Allows for rapid response to evolving needs (e.g. “Sandy” and the fire in Burundi)


Split plate donations for 3 years = $38,802

75% of charities were local organizations.

Committee recommends no changes to the split plate program.



The Center for the Arts

Split Plate - Suggestions and Comments

Smile in a Bag

Bow grant
BOW Grant

The BOW grant is awarded to a few organizations based on applications accepted in the spring.

The committee reviews applications and considers heavily:

 Is a congregant actively involved in the charity?

 Can the congregation get involved in the work of the charity?

 Can the charity complete the project without our support?

 What is their tax-exempt status?

Grants are awarded in May.

Those charities not awarded a grant may be considered for a Split Plate.

How is the grant money funded
How is the Grant Money Funded?

1. Funding is allocated based upon gross pledges actually paid to the UUFH operating budget in the previously completed fiscal year.

2. Funding for BOW will be allocated as the sum of the following:

a. 1% of the total amount paid (see above)

b. 10% of amount paid in excess of $300,000 but

less than $350,000

c. 15% of amount paid in excess of $350,000

3. Unspent funds would be carried forward and available in successive fiscal years.

How much does that amount to
How much does that amount to?

  • 2012 amount was $7,069

    Gateway Park Garden/LICAN= $1430

    Literacy Suffolk= $4000

    VIBS LGBT Outreach= $1500

    Sweetbriar Nature Center= $300

    (amount total $7230 includes a reserve left over from previous year)

  • 2013 amount was $5870

    Give to grow Garden= $770

    Gateway Garden/LICAN= $1,000

    Holiday House Science Camp= $1,400

    Soldier’s Project- Women’s R&R= $2,200

    ($500 held for Dutabare Foundation HIV/AIDS project)

  • 2014 amount is $4,650

Joys and concerns
Joys and Concerns

  • We are proud and overjoyed to support our community with grant money. The organizations supported have specific programs that were made possible from our grants. Several organizations have relied on our continued support.

  • Currently, the grant amount and the split plate are not that much different. The grant, however, does allow us to fund more than the twelve Split Plate charities per year. The grant process is more competitive.

Moving ahead
Moving ahead….

The BOW committee proposes the following options:

Option 1:

Keep the grant program the same, and revisit it again in three years.

This will allow for adjustments in funding, with hope that our pledge contributions are up.


Option 2:

Keep the grant program as is,

but make a grant to only ONE organization per year.


Option 3:

Keep funding as is, but hold on to the grant money for two years so we can give bigger grants.

This will enable us to increase both the information required on the application and the feedback requirements after the grant is awarded.


Option 4:

Eliminate grant program (keep the split plate) and revisit in two to three years to see if the economy and pledges have increased.

Moving ahead1
Moving ahead….

The BOW committee proposes the following options:

1) Keep the grant program the same, and revisit it again in three years.

2) Keep the grant program as is, but make a grant to only ONE organization per year.

3) Keep funding as is, but hold on to the grant money for two years.

4) Eliminate grant program (keep the Split Plate).

Bow grant discussion

Give to Grow Garden

Dutabare Foundation HIV/AIDS project

BOW GrantDiscussion

Gateway Garden/LICAN

Holiday House Science Camp

Women’s R&R