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WELCOME . CONSTRUCTION FINALS TRAINING SWR Madison Office April 1, 2013 9am-12pm. Southwest Region Office Staff. Bill Strobel, Consultant Contract Supervisor 608-242-8009 office, 608-516-5755 cell strobel.william@dot.wi.gov Office 116 Kelly Addison, Madison Contract Specialist

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SWR Madison Office

April 1, 2013 9am-12pm

southwest region office staff
Southwest Region Office Staff

Bill Strobel, Consultant Contract Supervisor

608-242-8009 office, 608-516-5755 cell strobel.william@dot.wi.gov Office 116

Kelly Addison, Madison Contract Specialist

608-246-7914 kelly.addison@dot.wi.gov Office 119

Dan Kleinertz, SWR Construction Program Controls Engineer

608-789-5709 office, 608-792-1367 cell daniel.kleinertz@dot.wi.us Pod 127H

  • Precon letter notification – 2 week lead time to email out our letter, fed/state form & Dplan title sheet
  • 2 Weeks are important to Utilities and Wendy working on ECIP’s with DNR
  • Provide Kelly w/ Precon Notice (Region Spec Pantry)
  • Please always use the most current year for forms. Pantry 2013 will be loaded on machines or WisDOT can still go to N:\PDS\Pantry2013, some forms are under statewide and others are under region specific, Madison Office
  • Precon Agenda – (New Template for Madison to use)
  • Completed Source of Materials (SOM). If Prime returns to PL or PM instead of Kelly in Contracts, please be sure that she gets a copy
start notices
Start Notices
  • Send Start Notice letter from current year in Pantry to Kelly.
  • Start notice letter – 1 week lead time and sent before starting work.
  • Contractors know when the project has been awarded, therefore they have a pretty good idea when they want to start.
  • Contractor must have this letter BEFORE any road work starts.
  • Contractor is liable for any accident without this letter.
before a start notice can be sent out
Before a Start Notice can be sent out…
  • ECIP must be approved (Email/letter from Wendy Braun, not DNR)
  • Request for sublets approved (Need Labor Compliance email/letter for paper approval and CRCS sublets, need both)
  • Project Executed (Must be shown in PT regardless of where you see a date in the system (can accept email), this date is entered by CO)
  • Precon Meeting previously held
  • Start Date entered into CAS for estimates (Contract specialist enters into system)
pantry 2013
Pantry 2013
  • N:\PDS\Pantry 2013
  • Consultants get the yearly updates when contracts are loaded on their machines for the year by Tina (Christine) Goede
  • Everyone will be notified of changes during the year
  • Pantry is set up by region, be sure you are using the correct one
  • If you don’t have the current year, please contact Tina at 608-785-9943 or Tim Hintz 608/516-1034
project engineer pe packets
Project Engineer (PE) Packets
  • PE Packets are located in the Construction Hallway Cabinets and may be picked up prior to the Precon.
  • Inserted into the PE Packets:
      • Current year PE Packet cover letter (white)
      • Field Manager to Project Tracking Contact Info Mapping (white) Updated!!
      • Outline for CCO’s/Mods (blue) & FHWA Info (Johnny’s email 2/29/12 – white)
      • Statewide Finals Process Timeline from Don Greuel (orange)
      • Environmental Contact current year (green)
      • Materials Contact current year (pink)
      • Current Estimate 11x17 Cardstock sheet (orange)
      • 2- hole punched top/side bound report cover (used for IRA’s, Daily Diaries…)
      • 4 letter size red rope wallets (used for finals)
      • Project Labels
      • Request to Sublet, Source of Materials (SOM)
field diaries fit send
Field Diaries/Fit Send
  • Complete a FIT SEND on your project to create a Transcript of Contract.
  • On a WEEKLY basis, send FITS upload after all daily information is entered to keep Diary information current.
  • Close Field Manager, Open FITS…Click “Yes, Merge Data”
labor compliance diary entries
Labor Compliance Diary Entries
  • On a daily basis enter the following in Field Manager as an IDR:
    • Every Contractor on the job site performing work
    • Most accurate number of workers on the job
    • Most accurate number of hours worked each day
    • Type of Equipment Operated
    • Correct classification of workers
    • Type of work being performed
    • List of Trucks (names) performing work on the job
    • Material being hauled
  • Sublet Request (DT1925) required for all 1st Tier Subcontractors and are approved by Tim prior to starting work
  • PL enter Subcontractors in FM making sure to enter the correct name
  • Written notification (letter, email, fax) required for 2nd and 3rd Tier Subcontractors and must be given to the PL and Tim prior to starting work
asp 1tog and asp 1toa
  • TrANS (Transportation Alliance for New Solutions)
  • $5.00 per hour reimbursement for TrANS Graduates and TrANS Graduate Apprentices employed on the project
  • To pay this bid item, contact the ERO for verification of TrANS status and hours
asp 3

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  • Central Office assigns DBE utilization % on some federal funded projects
  • Commitment to Subcontract to DBE and Good Faith Waiver letter in field office
  • Monitor DBE participation on project & report concerns to Region ERO/CO DBE
  • CRCS Commitment vs. Actual Payments Report
  • Specific process to follow in order to replace a DBE on a project (www.dot.wisconsin.gov/business/engrserv/docs/policyreplacingdbe.pdf)
asp 7

Reporting 1st Tier and DBE Payments

  • Late Payment tracked in Civil Rights Compliance System (CRCS)
  • Non-compliance/complaints forwarded to PL to address at weekly meetings
  • All payments must be confirmed before final estimate
  • Unconfirmed Payment Report CRSD

For Madison Labor Compliance questions, please contact

Tim Alston at 608/242-8040, cell 608/516-8436 or

Anne Wallace, Labor Compliance Supr at 608/386-1141

asp 9

Requires contractors to submit all payrolls electronically via the Civil Rights Compliance System (CRCS)

  • ASP9 - Electronic Certified Payroll Submittal.
  • All contractors, including trucking firms and owner operators, must submit payrolls electronically using the Civil Rights Compliance System (CRCS).
  • Payrolls are due within seven days following the close of the payroll period. All contractors providing physical labor on a project is considered a subcontractor per the special provision.
  • Paper payrolls will be summarily rejected.
late paving season reminders
Late Paving Season Reminders

3 Late Paving Letter Options:

  • 1. Allowing the contractor to place all of pavement per the contract
  • 2. Allowing the contractor to place just the asphaltic binder course per the contract
  • 3. Ordered to place asphaltic pavement
  • **Directing to pave reminder**
project tracking flowchart

Project Tracking Flowchart

5 (SF/TF)








3 (FA)

project tracking steps
Project Tracking Steps
  • 1. Contract Work Complete entered in Field Manager (FM) by the Project Leader (PL)
  • 2. Partial acceptance (PA), if needed
  • 3. Final Acceptance (FA) must be done before SF/TF
  • 4. Region Matls Eng approves matl cert, date is entered into Project Tracking
  • 5. SF/TF (Retainer must be reduced before creating an estimate or it won’t show up)
  • 6. Kelly notifies Labor Compliance to begin payroll audit at FA stage
  • 7. Kelly prints out completion cert during TF/SF for Suprs to sign & return
  • 8. Submit final boxes BEFORE sending final estimate for needed paperwork
  • 9.Final Estimate (FE) is sent, verified in CAS to close project
read access to project tracking
Read Access to Project Tracking
  • Anyone in WisDOT can have read-only access to Project Tracking. It is a great tool for tracking the progress of your projects! (Use the IT Service Catalog form found at http://dotnet/servicecatalog/procurement/pro-it-proc/form-get.htm to request Project Tracking, in the comments area specify request to Tim Hintz and also state that you need “Read-only access to Project Tracking.
  • Using the above will allow you to view if the following has been entered: contract work complete, partial, final acceptance, material cert, retainer (still a bug in Project Tracking where the amount differs from what is shown in CAS at times, so may want Kelly to double check for you), semi/tentative final, payroll clear date, completion cert, final boxes & final estimate.
Contract Work Complete (CWC) in Project Tracking (PT)Date entered in Field Manager by Project Leader per Project Manager
c ontract work completed what does this mean why is it necessary
Contract Work CompletedWhat does this mean? Why is it necessary?
  • It identifies when all of the construction work that requires labor is completed (including punchlist and landscaping care).
  • CMM and Standard Spec
  • This field originates in Field Manager
  • Don't confuse the Contract Work Completed (CWC) date with the Time Charges Stopped date in Field Manager.
  • Time Charges Stopped date is the date field that controls the penalties for liquidated damages.-David Castleberg
  • Note: If the CWC date is in as well as matls, there is no reason why we shouldn’t go to Final Acceptance. May have some plantings/landscaping items.
partial acceptance what does this mean why is it necessary
Partial AcceptanceWhat does this mean? Why is it necessary?
  • Contractor needs to request partial acceptance first.
  • Std Spec 105.11.1 permits the engineer to relieve the contractor of responsibility for maintenance upon request, of completed sections of the project by granting partial acceptance.
  • Partial acceptance places the responsibility for maintenance of the accepted section upon the owner of road.
  • This does not relieve contractor of responsibility for defective work or damages.
  • Partial acceptance should be granted only for sections that are fully operable condition.
  • Partial acceptance should not be granted for individual items. Please work through your Project Manager and Supervisor before issuing a partial acceptance.
partial acceptance cont
Partial Acceptance Cont…
  • A note in the project diary should be documented along with notification to the contractor, in writing, within 5 business days from the request for partial acceptance and what date it was granted. CMM 2.50.1
  • If only punchlist remains – we can use (2) to limit the time to complete the punchlist (5 days or start up time charges) and move to final acceptance instead.
final acceptance what does this mean why is it necessary
Final AcceptanceWhat does this mean? Why is it necessary?
  • Standard spec 105.11.2 and CMM 2.50.2
  • Contractor will no longer be assessed contract time.
  • For the project to pass the inspection and receive final acceptance, all bid items, finishing operations, needed repairs, required corrections, and changes must be completed.
  • The engineer should identify in writing the punch-list as specified in SS 104.9.
  • Include a statement addressing contract time and identifying the contract as substantially complete.
  • Representatives of the department, local units of government, and others as appropriate, should be present or invited to be present at the time of final inspection.
  • Special attention to pavement markings, signs, traffic signals, railroad crossings signals, and lighting to be assured they are installed and operating correctly for the safety of road users.
final acceptance cont
Final Acceptance Cont….
  • Final Acceptance, the WisDOT PM needs to provide the Region Contract Specialist a date in your email. This date is used in the letter along with Contract Work Complete date.
  • Final Acceptance date is the date the project was inspected and accepted by the Project Manager.
  •  Contract Work Completed date will be required before Final Acceptance is entered.
  • Final Acceptance to Contractor in Project Tracking is the date the letter is sent to the contractor.
  • Final inspection should be held before the contractor’s equipment and forces leave the project site.
  • Upon acceptance of the project, the contractor is to be notified by email/letter and a note placed in the project diary.
step 4 material cert dt1310

Step 4 -Material Cert ( DT1310)

This certificate is found in MIT and required for all contracts let to bid or entered into with counties. See CMM 8.45 for guidance in completing the form (CMM 8.45.7).



Please no binders or legal size wallets for any final records including materials! Legal Wallets hang over the edge on the dock shelves resulting in the stations not being able to close flush. Binders do not fit well in letter size wallets and they can’t sit straight up but lean on others instead. In Records Room, anything in a binder will not fit either way (standing up or on its side). Some Materials end up in both the Dock and Records Room. Thank You for your cooperation and understanding!

retainer reminders
Retainer Reminders
  • Retainer can not be reduced if the contract work completed date is not in Project Tracking (PT).
  • Retainer can not be reduced if ARCO is not shown in CAS. The ARCO record is the system generated retainage record that gets automatically created when the contract reaches over 75% complete.
  • Retainer can not be reduced if the final acceptance date is not in PT.
  • If you want to reduce the retainer (don’t always have too), we MUST reduce before sending an estimate!! Please remember that it is NOT the date the estimate was sent but the actual date when the PL creates the estimate in Field Manager. If we do this in the wrong order, it will appear that the retainer was not reduced and you’ll have to send another estimate for it to show up.
when to reduce retainer
When to reduce retainer?
  • Before creating TF/SF estimate.
  • In order for a retainer to be reduced, an email from the Project Manager is needed. If Matl’s is not in yet, an email is needed from Greg or Anne to proceed.
  • Email ex: Could you please reduce retainer down to $10,000? Project id in subject line.
  • The PM’s make the decision what the retainer should be reduced too, not PL’s.
  • The retainer is for the contract ID not individual project ID’s within that contract.
  • Region Contract Specialist will reduce the retainer and notify you by email that it has been sent.
  • If SF/TF is created before retainer reduced, a 2nd SF/TF usually needs to be sent.
  • It is advisable to NEVER reduce the retainer to $0.00. Suggest $5,000 min.
  • Do not go below the amount of potential liquidated damages.
  • Do not go below the amount of potential wage claim damages. ERO will assist.
liquidated damages
Liquidated Damages
  • Figure out dates, stop date, days charged
  • Overpayment – Try to avoid negative Semi Finals! Should be looking at numbers before submitting and approving Semi Final/Tentative
  • Prefer to have all issues resolved before SF/TF is sent!
  • Time Charges Stop Date in the Site Times tab in Field Manager controls the Liquidated Damages.
liquidated damages explained
Liquidated Damages explained
  • Final liquidated damages are based on Std Spec 108.11 http://roadwaystandards.dot.wi.gov/standards/stndspec/Sect108.pdf
  • If final LD’s are used that do not follow the Std Spec, the Project Development Engineers need to approve the LD’s.
  • Interim liquated damages are explained in FDM 11-60-5http://roadwaystandards.dot.wi.gov/standards/fdm/11-60.pdf
  • Interim liquated damages also explained in FDM 19-15http://roadwaystandards.dot.wi.gov/standards/fdm/19-15.pdf


what is needed before the sf tf can be sent
What is needed before the SF/TF can be sent?
  • Contract Work Complete date must be shown in Project Tracking. This is entered by the PL/PE within Field Manager. If not there, a fits send and merge will be requested.
  • Final Acceptance Letter – Project Manager provides date and asks Region Contract Specialist to send this letter to the Prime Contractor.
  • Material Cert reviewed/signed by Region Materials Engineer, and entered into Project Tracking by Kelly.
semi final sf tentative final tf what does this mean
Semi Final (SF)/Tentative Final (TF) What does this mean?
  • A semi-final estimate is submitted upon Final Acceptance as specified in standard spec All required documents (including materials test reports) are to be received and accepted prior to the semi-final estimate being sent to the contractor.
  • The contractor has 30 days to review and submit a written statement of agreement or disagreement with the final quantities.
  • Should the contractor not submit a written statement within 30 days, the final payment may be processed providing all other contractual requirements have been met. CMM 2.36
  • For professional etiquette, please contact Prime contractor if they have not replied within the 30 days before sending final estimate. We want the Supervisor’s approval for this as well.
semi tentative finals
Semi/Tentative Finals
  • PM Notifies Contract Specialist when SF/TF has been approved. Contract Splst sends SF/TF to Contractor via email/pdf along with Performance Eval, reminds if PCD/Mods outstanding yet and enters date in Project Tracking.
  • After SF/TF letter sent, Region Contract Specialist emails PM, PE and if needed Labor Compliance letting them know the SF has been sent, starting the 30 day window and remind that payroll audit is still not in.
  • Turn in finals records according to finals checklist.
  • (SF/TF from Contractor date) Upon return of SF/TF, date Contractor signs is the date entered into Project Tracking.
  • When the SF/TF comes back signed, Region Contract Specialist emails PM and PE/PL.
  • Any outstanding documents are requested before the PM can send final estimate. Steps1-8 are required to be entered into Project Tracking.
final estimate what does this mean
Final EstimateWhat does this mean?
  • CMM All bid items must be marked complete in FieldManager prior to generating the final estimate.
  • The final payment will be made upon agreement of final quantities between the department and the contractor, or as specified in standard spec 109.7.
  • All retainage will be released with the final payment.
  • Notify Kelly when you send Final Estimate so she can wrap up the project on her end, enter date in Project Tracking from CAS (Step 9) and then send project file to Records.
contract modifications
Contract Modifications
  • Justification Record is required on every contract mod regardless of dollar amount.
  • Project Manager’s sign if under $25,000
  • Supervisor’s sign if over $25,000
  • PDS Chief (Dan Okpala) if over $50,000
  • FHWA if FF and FO. Need email concurrence if over $50,000. FHWA signs all mods regardless of dollar amount after execution.
  • Johnny’s Email – Please read carefully & take note.
contract modifications1
Contract Modifications
  • Justification Reports
  • Stand alone document
  • Reason for CCO
  • Solutions Considered/Implemented
  • Quantities Involved – Each Item in CCO
  • Agreed Upon Unit Prices etc – Each item in CCO
  • Time Extensions Granted – Fully explain
  • Signed & Dated by Project & Regional Staff
  • Otherwise CCOs will be “Pink Slipped”
contract modifications2
Contract Modifications
  • CCOs Requiring FHWA “Prior Approval” (Federal Oversight Projects Only)
  • CCOs which will:

1) increase or decrease cost by $50,000 or more***

2) accept non-conforming materials***

3) change the scope of work approved***

4) accommodate work beyond the limited of the approved project***

5) add proprietary products or Public Agency furnished materials***

***CCO/Project May be “Pink Slipped” if not “Prior Approval”

contract modifications3
Contract Modifications
  • CCOs Requiring FHWA “Prior Approval” (Continued)
  • CCOs which will:

6) add or delete incentive or disincentive provisions

7) modify/delete interim completion dates/penalties

8) result in a CRI proposed by the contractor

  • Other unique/unusual CCOs – Discuss with FHWA in advance
  • Suggest CCOs requiring FHWA Prior Approval be processed as stand-alone CCOs
contract modifications4
Contract Modifications
  • Prior Approval Requests for CCOs from FHWA on “Federal Oversight Projects”
  • Submit Request by e-mail
  • Include Preliminary “Justification Report”
  • 1 Justification Record per Issue, can have mult JR’s for 1 Contract Mod
  • FHWA Goal – Concur in CONCEPT by e-mail within 5 Working Days
  • Submit Full “Justification Report” by e-mail within 5 Working Days

(Or request extension, ie: “Force Account” work etc)

  • FHWA Goal – Concur in ELIGIBILITY by e-mail within 5 Working Days
  • FHWA Final approval of CCO – Signed after signed by the Contractor and WisDOT Staff
contract mods justification record
Contract Mods - Justification Record
  • Stand alone document (Fully explain & justify proposed/approved CCO)
  • Reason for CCO
  • Solutions Considered/Implemented
  • Quantities Involved (Provide document on how quantities were measured/calculated)
  • Agreed Upon Unit Prices etc (for Each Item Listed in the CCO)
    • Unit Prices etc provided by the Prime Contractor – Including all Profit
    • Provide documentation on Engineer’s Evaluation & Reason for Accepting the Agreed Upon Unit Prices
    • If costs are more than 10-15% of cost for similar work on recent projects, complete “Extra Work” using “Force Account” procedures
    • If “After the Fact” information is used to determine Agreed Upon “Lump Sum” price, show “Estimated Cost” analysis for proposed “Lump Sum” work and comparison with “After The Fact” information
    • Otherwise use “Force Account” procedures rather than relying on “After The Fact” Lump Sum Price Agreed Upon
  • Time Extensions Granted (Provide documentation on justification and evaluation completed)
  • Signed & Dated by appropriate project & Regional staff
prior approval of ccos required from fhwa on federal oversight projects
Prior Approval of CCOs Required from FHWA on “Federal Oversight Projects”
  • CCO which will:
    • Increase or decrease cost by $50,000 or more (Includes Automatic Fuel Price etc type adjustments
    • Accept non-conforming materials (Except Automatic Deductions covered by the Specifications)
    • Change the scope of work approved (ie: adding bridge work to a roadway project etc)
    • Accommodate work beyond the limited of the approved project (or at another highway location)
    • Add proprietary products or Public Agency furnished materials (Public Interest Finding required)
    • Add or delete incentive or disincentive provisions
    • Modify/delete interim completion dates/penalties or
    • Result in a CRI proposed by the contractor (ie. Requires written concept approval request from the contractor, WisDOT and FHWA concurrence in the concept and WisDOT & FHWA Prior Approval of the estimated cost savings etc before the CRI is implemented)
  • Other unique/unusual CCOs should be also be discussed in advance with FHWA (if the eligibility of the proposed work seems questionable)
  • Suggest CCOs that require FHWA Prior Approval be processed as stand-alone CCOs (so that they can be processed independently of the other extra work measures that are deemed warranted)
prior approval requests for ccos from fhwa on federal oversight projects
Prior Approval Requests for CCOs from FHWA on “Federal Oversight Projects”
  • Submit Request by e-mail (except for Emergency Situations)
  • Include Preliminary “Justification Report” (with estimated cost etc)
  • FHWA Goal – Concur in CONCEPT by e-mail within 5 working days
  • Submit fully documented & WisDOT signed “Justification Report” by e-mail to FHWA within 5 working days (or request extension, ie: time to complete “Force Account” work etc)
  • FHWA Goal – Concur in ELEGIBILITY for Fed-Funding by e-mail within 5 working days
  • FHWA Final approval of CCO made after CCO is processed and signed by the Contractor and WisDOT Staff (Justification Report and supporting documentation may need to be updated)
proper use of justification records
Proper Use of Justification Records
  • CMM 2.42
  • Justification Records are used internally and NOT distributed to the contractor.
  • It should include: What the change is, consequences of the CCO if not approved, alternatives considered, justification of price and design/materials input. (See Johnny’s email 2/29/12)
  • JR’s should NOT be a cut and paste of what is on the CCO, but rather documentation that supports and accompanies the CCO.
  • Original JR must be sent to Records with CCO w/ original signatures (scanned acceptable now too).
status of contract mods in project tracking draft vs pending approval
Status of Contract Mods in Project TrackingDraft vs. Pending Approval
  • Pending Approval – Before contract modifications are handed into Region Contracts Specialist for execution, please follow said steps:
  • If you create a contract modification and save it, it becomes a draft copy. After you are ready to complete the modification, you need to GENERATE the contract modification. After it is generated, you will see the status change to pending approval. A copy of the generated modification will go to your outbox. SEND YOUR OUTBOX. Then go into FITS and do a MERGE AND SEND. This FITS merge and send will allow Kelly to be able to see the contract modification(s) on her end in Project Tracking. After you get all of the required approvals from the contractor, Project Manager, (Supervisor and or Chief – depends on $ amount), and you sign the modification, turn it in to Contract Splst. Then Kelly will execute the mod(s), enter dates in Project Tracking and send out the letter via email along with mod(s) to the Prime and FHWA (if FF & FO), Doak Christianson, Santiago Rinaldi (BFS), PM, PL and Local Official if applicable) will all be cc’d. ONCE YOU GET THIS EMAIL FROM KELLY WITH PDF OF EXECUTED MOD(S), GO BACK INTO FIELD MANAGER AND APPROVE THE CONTRACT CHANGE ORDER(S). After you approve it, it will change the status from pending approval to approved. You can now pay on those items in the change order.
  • If a mod needs to be deleted, please remember to change the status to deleted.
steps for pending contract mods
Steps for Pending Contract Mods
  • Enter correct 2 digit reason code.
  • Print out pending approval Contract Mods for signatures .
  • Send Contract Mod to all parties for signatures (Contractor, PM/Supr, Chief and/or FHWA).
  • Return to Region Contract Specialist for execution.
  • Copy of letter and mod is returned to all parties via email.
  • PL approves Contract Mods in Fieldmanager.
  • Final estimate can not be sent until all mods have been executed.
reason codes
Reason Codes
  • Without reason codes, items fall into the unknown category causing error when the reports are ran. It is a very important tool for management to monitor CCO and improve on the CCO budget requests. They also help track trends in what is being changed to our plans during construction.
  • If codes are missing, it’s the Chief’s call. He may let them go or he may ask you to cancel the mod out and resend a 3rd to take the intentions of the 1st.
  • Once the mods are approved, they are locked and missing reason codes if found can’t be entered in Field Manager when reminded. This is why we prefer the modsnot to be in the approved status until after Contract Specialist has had the opportunity to execute them.
  • Pull down menu in FieldManager is not an option, too costly.
what if more than 1 code applies for an item
What if more than 1 code applies for an item?
  • Each bid item on the contract mod can only accept one (1) reason code. The two-digit character code is put in the text box “Reason:” for that item. Field Manager will allow you to type many codes in this field, however the report will only pull the first two characters in this box. So we ask you to code each bid item for the main reason it is being added.
main errors using reason codes
Main Errors using Reason Codes
  • Do not spell out reason codes. (Ex: Plan Change) Report will pull Pl and not PC. We only want one of the 7 two digit codes for each item, in this case, PC.
  • Typing “Reason” and then the 2 digit code. (Ex: Reason: PC) Report will pull “Re”, not PC. There is no need to type Reason, it’s there by default in FieldManager.
  • Listing the explaination and then entering the code. (Ex: Traffic control unit… PC) Report will pull “Tr” and not PC.
  • Hand writing the 2 digit codes on the mod. If it’s not in FieldManger, it’s not acceptable. The system can’t run reports on codes that aren’t there.
final documents boxes
Final Documents/Boxes
  • To Region Contract Specialist: Regional Review (Instructions in Reg Spec Pantry), Statement of Contract Time (Statewide Pantry), Overrun/Underrun (Reg Spec Pantry) and Final Checklist (Reg Spec Pantry)
  • To Region Contract Specialist: As-Built cd (CMM 1-65.14), Daily Project Diary, Design Quality Index (DQI 3 stapled copies w/ signatures), Contractor Performance DT1583 (3 stapled copies).
  • Will also accept, but will not go looking for: Bench Marks, Piling Records/Data (DT1315 & DT1924), Well/Borehole Abandonment (DNR 3300-5W), #Well Drillers & Water Sample Report, Elastometric Report, Vertical Clearance Forms and #Log Locating No-Passing Zones.
final documents boxes reminder
Final Documents/Boxes Reminder
  • Please put finals in LETTERredrope wallets only! If you need more, see Kelly. Please no legal size wallets or binders as they don’t fit on the dock or on records shelves. If you use said items in the field, that is fine, but please take things out of them then when turning in finals. Section’s A & B of Final Checklist for Kelly, please have separated out and loose (not bound) so they can be distributed and put the rest in Pod 129B (finals holding area near back door F) due to lack of space in Kelly’s office at times.

Before you send Final Estimate…

Please check with Region Contract Specialist before sending final estimate to make sure all required paperwork has been turned in.

Please send Kelly an email after the Final Estimate is sent so she can wrap things up on her end with records.

Steps 1-9 in Project Tracking require a date (partial acceptance is the only exception ), we can’t send final estimate (F) in CAS until we have these dates.


Step 9- Final Paid in Project TrackingSend final estimate, Region Contract Specialist verifies date in CAS & closes project