bsc 197 molecular and cellular basis of life lab n.
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BSC 197: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life Lab PowerPoint Presentation
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BSC 197: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life Lab

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BSC 197: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BSC 197: Molecular and Cellular Basis of Life Lab. TA info. Drinie Clairardin Office/Lab: SLB 245/247 Lab Info. Lab schedule can be found on the syllabus Course website:

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ta info
TA info
  • Drinie Clairardin
  • Office/Lab: SLB 245/247
lab info
Lab Info
  • Lab schedule can be found on the syllabus
    • Course website:
  • Lab will consist of an exercise one day and a wet lab the following day
lab safety
Lab Safety
  • Safety is the number one priority
  • ABSOLUTELY NO food, drink or tobacco in Lab
  • Lab safety equipment available and will be used as needed (eg. Goggles, gloves)
  • Location of Eyewash, fire extinguisher
  • Do not endanger yourself or others
  • Respect everyone in lab
  • All lab reports must be typed (including graphs)
  • Do the lab report as follows
    • Intro: Short background about the lab; include hypothesis
    • Materials and Methods: Summarize briefly; focus on the reasons, don’t need exact details
    • Results: tables/graphs of data and text to summarize what they show
    • Discussion: analysis of results; troubleshoot lab if it didn’t work
    • Conclusion: short summary of everything
  • All lab reports are due at the beginning of the lab, two days after the lab was completed
plagiarism policy
Plagiarism Policy
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated
    • Consequences of being caught for plagiarism include receiving a zero for the class and being referred to student affairs for disciplinary action
  • Do your own work
    • Make your own graphs
    • Write your own papers
    • Cite sources
exercise 1
Exercise 1
  • We will use several types of graphs in the lab
    • Bar (listed as column graph in excel): good choice when only using a few data points; can have words in the x-axis; x-axis is not evenly numbered
graphs cont d
Graphs (cont’d)
  • Line Graph: used when you are looking at a change over time; x-axis not drawn to scale and x-axis can have letters
graphs cont d1
Graphs (cont’d)
  • Scatter (XY Scatter): X-axis drawn to scale; data will be plotted in its exact position not just at the labeled point; can not be used if there are letters needed on the x-axis
graphs cont d2
Graphs (cont’d)
  • Pie chart: Used when describing a part or percentage of a whole
graphs cont d3
Graphs (cont’d)
  • Graph requirements:
    • X and Y axis titles, labels and units
    • Graph title (must be descriptive)
    • Legend
    • Failure to include ALL requirements will result in point deductions
statistical calculations
Statistical Calculations
  • Pages 11-14 (top portion-not including T-Test)
  • Mean- Average
  • N = total number of replicates
  • X1, X2, X3… Individual data Points
mean calculation example
Mean Calculation Example
  • X1 = 79
  • X2 = 85
  • X3 = 92
  • X4 = 87
  • X5 = 93
  • X6 = 99
      • (79 + 85 + 92 + 87 + 93 + 99)=535
      • 535/6=89.17
statistical calculations cont d
Statistical Calculations (cont’d)
  • Standard Deviation (S.D.)- measures variability of the mean
  • N- number of replicates
  • (X2)- Sum of the squares of X
  • (X)2- The square of the sum of the values for X
standard deviation s d example calculation
Standard Deviation (S.D.) Example Calculation

Square X values

N = 5

Sum of X = 0.583

Sum of X2 = 0.068599

S.D.= 0.012461942

statistical calculations cont d1
Statistical Calculations (cont’d)
  • Standard Error (S.E.): estimates reliability of the mean

S.E.= 0.005573149 = 0.006 (rounded off)

statistical calculations cont d2
Statistical Calculations (cont’d)
  • Do not round values until the end
  • Show all your work for the calculations
for tomorrow
For tomorrow:
  • Exercise 1 due
  • Lab 1: The Properties of Enzymes
    • Read Lab 1 in the manual
  • Dress appropriately
    • No open toed shoes or shorts above the knee!