globalisation state crime human rights green crime l.
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Globalisation, State crime, Human rights & Green crime PowerPoint Presentation
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Globalisation, State crime, Human rights & Green crime

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Globalisation, State crime, Human rights & Green crime - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Globalisation, State crime, Human rights & Green crime
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  1. Globalisation, State crime, Human rights & Green crime

  2. Answer these questions • What is globalisation? • What new crimes have emerged as a result of globalisation?

  3. Lesson Objectives • Understand the ways in which globalisation and crime are related and be able to evaluate explanations of this relationship • Understand the different types of green crime and be able to evaluate sociological explanations of environmental harm • Understand the relationship between state crime & human rights and be able to evaluate explanations of such crimes

  4. What is Globalisation? • The shrinking of the world in a social, cultural and economic sense. • McGrew (1992) defines globalisation as “ a process where the events, decisions and activities of people in one part of the world has a significant impact upon people in a totally different part of the world”. • Consider: • More efficient travel • The internet • Email

  5. Globalisation & Crime • Ian Taylor (1997) claims that big corporations are now able to go from country to country looking for the cheapest labour and the most profitability. This results in increased unemployment (having a significant impact upon working class males). • He claims that an ‘underclass’ culture has developed in the USA and UK – underclass criminality is caused by material deprivation and job insecurity • Increase in people working illegally, immigrants,

  6. Drug trafficking • First criminals to profit from globalisation • Columbians and Afghan’s traffic drugs via well established routes • The more travellers there are the less conspicuous the traffickers are • Estimated to cause 52,000 deaths per year in the USA

  7. People Trafficking • Existed before globalisation but has become easier in recent years

  8. Cyber crime • Financial scams • Computer hacking • Virus attacks • Websites to promote racial and religious hatred • Stalking by email • Identity theft It is estimated that a cybercrime is committed every 10 seconds in the UK

  9. Environmental crime

  10. Examples of green crime committed by government Internet research Investigate the Chernobyl disaster

  11. State crimes: War crimes Examples: • Attacks on civilians • Taking hostages • Using civilians as shields • Using child soldiers • Investigate ‘Nuremberg • Slobodan Milosevic • Saddam Hussein • Hiroshima • Nagasaki Should George. W. Bush & Tony Blair be tried for War Crimes over the Iraq war? Some say Yes!!!

  12. Genocide • The term ‘genocide’ refers to violent crimes committed against national, ethnic, racial or religious groups • Examples • Nazi policy of murdering Jews • Genocide in Rwanda

  13. YOU MUST: Be able to define and discuss these types of crime. Familiarise yourself with some of the examples. Answer the following questions giving examples where appropriate: “How has globalisation contributed to new forms of criminality?” “In what way can the state be accused of taking part in criminal activity”

  14. Key terms snake

  15. Swale kit • Pages 7-18 • Choose tasks depending on time