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Middle Years Programme (MYP) ISH 2014 - 2015 IB MISSION STATEMENT ‘ … to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. ’. Welcome. MYP curriculum in years 10 and 11

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Middle Years Programme (MYP) ISH 2014 - 2015IB MISSION STATEMENT ‘…to develop inquiring, knowledgeable andcaring young people who help to create abetter and more peaceful world throughintercultural understanding and respect.’

H. Bergman, ATL coordinator, on behalf of M.Cunnane MYP coordinator – 9 September 2014

  • MYP curriculum in years 10 and 11
  • Pastoral system in years 10 and 11
  • Meet the mentor
  • Names of subjects (details next slide)
  • Service and Action
  • Concept based curriculum – prescribed key and related concepts per subject (“macro” and “micro” concepts)
  • Global contexts (“perspectives”)
  • Four assessment criteria per subject (max. level 8)
  • Common conversion table for grades 1 – 7
name changes
Name changes
  • Language and Literature
    • former Language A
  • Language Acquisition
    • former Language B
  • Individuals and Societies
    • former Humanities
  • Design, (Product Design and Digital Design)
    • Former Technology
  • Physical and Health Education
    • former PE
mother tongue language a
Mother Tongue (Language A)
  • Depending on student interest and availability of tutors

Tuition offered in the past: Danish, Polish, Finnish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Swedish, Japanese


Mrs Ponsteen, Mother Tongue coordinator

  • Even if no tutor, advice to practise formal writing, reading and speaking (if needed in Year 12, IB Diploma Programme)
this school year type of assessment the same
This school yearType of Assessment: the same
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Assessment is continuous
  • Criterion related
  • Students in years 10 and 11 assessed according to the MYP assessment criteria for MYP year 5 (in IB documentation)
  • No external examinationin current year 11
common assessment standards
Common assessment standards
  • Internal standardisation per year group per subject
  • Annual moderation for validation of students’ final grades
  • Teachers assessment practices externally moderated by IB appointed moderators
  • Moderation report per subject that is moderated
feedback to students and parents
Feedback to students and Parents
  • Results of all summative assessments via ManageBac
  • Progress reports & full reports via ManageBac
  • Student subject portfolios

Year 10

Take home their portfolios after every key assessment/on a regular basis

Year 11

Subject portfolios are kept at school/parents can request to see them

  • Progress report – October
  • Full report – December
  • Interim report – March
  • End-of-year report – July
personal project timescale
Personal Project –timescale
  • Introduction and guidelines to students in April of Year 10
  • Student submits a proposal and is assigned a supervisor – May, Year 10
  • Completion by January Year 11 - new students complete later
  • Exhibition of projects: 3 February 2015
  • Internally assessed, selection sent to IB
year 11 promotion to ib diploma programme
Year 11 promotion to IB Diploma Programme
  • Specific details later this autumn
  • MYP/DP information evening 17 December
    • Information on the promotion criteria
    • Information about the IB Diploma Programme
    • Possibly information about the IB Careers Certificate
ib myp certification documentation
IB MYP certification documentation
  • At the end of Year 11, June 2015

Students are eligible for a MYP Record of Achievement and MYP Certificate if they meet certain conditions

The Record of Achievement

  • Gives a grade (1-7) for each subject registered
  • Indicates that Service and Action has been completed successfully
  • Until this year: even if no Language & Literature course (details on 17 December)
myp certificate indicates the overall standard of achievement in all aspects of the myp
MYP CertificateIndicates the overall standard of achievement in all aspects of the MYP

Student needs to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Has participated in MYP for a minimum of year 11
  • Has gained at least a grade 3 for the personal project
  • Has gained at least a grade 2 in at least one subject per subject group (6 subject groups)
  • Has met the school’s requirements for Service and Action
  • Has gained a grade total of at least 28 points from a total of 49
for year 10
For Year 10
  • Significant change in the new MYP

June 2016

  • Externally marked onscreen examinations
  • Externally marked portfolio (Language acquisition)
  • Internally assessed & externally moderated e-portfolios (Physical & Health Education, Arts, Design)
6 subject groups for award of myp certificate
6 subject groups for award of MYP Certificate
  • Language and Literature
  • Language Acquisition
  • Mathematics
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Sciences
  • Arts / Design / Physical and Health Education (PHE)
for more information
For more information
  • School website

  • IB website

  • MYP coordinator: Mrs Cunnane

  • This presentation will be posted on i-shMoodle (Students – MYP General information). Please ask your children.