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Wilsonian Progressivism

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Wilsonian Progressivism. Brigitta Mannino and Grace Perez 1 st hr APUSH. Campaign of 1912.

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Wilsonian Progressivism

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wilsonian progressivism

Wilsonian Progressivism

Brigitta Mannino and Grace Perez

1st hr APUSH

campaign of 1912
Campaign of 1912
  • Wilson’s New Freedom platform (Democrat): favored small enterprise, entrepreneurship, free functioning of unregulated and unmonopolized markets. Wilson’s main goal was the fragmentation of the big industrial combines, not regulation.
  • Roosevelt’s New Nationalism platform: campaigned for women suffrage and a broad program of social welfare, including minimum wage laws, and “socialistic” social insurance
  • Taft was also in the running for the Republicans, although he played a smaller role. He upheld the traditional Republican views and often butted heads with Roosevelt

“I want to be a bull moose

And with bull moose stand

With antlers on my forehead

And a big stick in my hand”

wilson s contribution
Wilson’s Contribution
  • Underwood Tariff: Wilson personally delivered his proposed tariff to congress, which the house swiftly passed. The tariff itself provided for a substantial reduction of rates, which was followed by a swarm of lobbyists seeking to disembowel the bill.
  • This further proved that Wilson had the support of the majority of the public.


wilson vs bankers
Wilson Vs. Bankers
  • Banks were troubled by the inelasticity of the currency, which did not allow mobilization in times of financial stress into areas that were badly pinched.
  • President Wilson endorsed Democratic proposals for a decentralized bank in government hands . This led to the development of the Federal Reserve Act.
  • The Federal Reserve Act oversaw a nation wide system of twelve regional reserve districts each with its own central bank.
progressivism at work
Progressivism at Work
  • Federal Trade Commission Act: empowered a presidentially appointed commission to turn a searchlight on industries and gage an interstate commerce. Commissioners were expected to crush monopolies by rooting out unfair trade practices.
  • Clayton Anti-Trust Act: lengthened the shopworn Sherman’s Acts list of business practices that were deemed objectionable, including price discrimination and interlocking directorates usually achieved through holding companies.
other acts passed
Other Acts Passed
  • Federal Farm Loan Act: made credit available to farmers at low rates of interest.
  • Warehouse Act: authorized loans on the security of staple crops
  • La Follette Seaman’s Act: It required decent treatment and a living wage on American merchant ships.
    • Resulted in freight rates rising with the crews’ wages.
acts continued
Acts Continued…
  • Workingmen’s Compensation Act: granted assistance to federal civil-service employees during periods of disability.
  • The Adamson Act: established an eight-hour day for all employees on trains in interstate commerce, with extra pay for overtime.
relevance to contemporary times
Relevance to Contemporary Times
  • The President continuous to work closely with congress to establish better relations with businesses.
  • During reelection season the president will appeal to as many people as he can to gain the public support.
  • Acts such as the Workingmen’s Compensation are still in affect today, protecting employees from being abused.
  • Wilson ultimately benefited this country and provided for a better more stable nation.
relevance to past studies
Relevance to Past Studies
  • Wilson’s policies were quite similar to Jefferson’s policies which involved a working class and an appeal to the majority of the people.
  • Earlier the Knights of Labor had fought for eight-hour work shifts which was later achieved through the Adamson Act.