3 20 21 happy spring
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3/20-21- Happy Spring! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Check out The Great Gatsby Speech Assignment, Reading Notes process Early Assessment Program– Writing Assessment 4 th start at 11:15 3 rd period start at 10:35 5 th period start at 12:55 HW: Web quest and Research Assignment , due in class on Monday 3/25. 3/20-21- Happy Spring!.

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3 20 21 happy spring

  • Check out The Great Gatsby

  • Speech Assignment, Reading Notes process

  • Early Assessment Program– Writing Assessment

    • 4th start at 11:15

    • 3rd period start at 10:35

    • 5th period start at 12:55

  • HW: Web quest and Research Assignment, due in class on Monday 3/25

  • 3/20-21- Happy Spring!

    3 22 happy friday

    3/22 Happy Friday!

    3 25 happy tuesday

    • Focus: Characterization

    • Themes/Speech Tracker

      • Re-Read the passages identified in the theme tracker and discuss how each of them connect to the corresponding theme.

      • Add one or two of your own marked passages from Ch.1 to the tracker. Be ready to share your passage and thinking with the class.

    • First Impressions of the Characters Close Reading Activity

    • HW: Finish First Impressions Activity, Read Chapter 2

    3/25 Happy Tuesday!

    DO NOW

    3 24 happy monday

    • Focus: Getting into The Great Gatsby

    • Journal Write: Have you ever wanted to relive a moment/time from your past, to re-do it? Describe the situation. How would you change the past?

    • Start Chapter 1 together in class

    • HW: Finish Chapter 1

    3/24 Happy Monday!

    3 26 27 happy block day

    • Focus: Visualizing the Setting

    • Take out the First Impressions Handout from Tuesday. Share your conclusions about the characters at your tables. Be ready to share with the class!

    • Visualizing the Setting Activity

    • HW: Finish Visualizing Reflection, Read Chapter 3

    DO NOW

    3/26-27 Happy Block Day!

    3 20 21 happy spring

    The now-demolished Beacon Towers served as an inspiration for Gatsby's home

    3 26 27 happy block day1

    3/26-27 Happy Block Day!

    Buchanan’s Estate

    Gatsby’s Estate

    Valley of Ashes

    3 28 happy friday

    • Focus: Assessment of Reading

    • Clarification about Visualizing Activity for 1,3 periods.

    • Themes/Speech Tracker

      • Add your own marked passages from Ch.2 & Ch.3 to the tracker. Be ready to share your passage and thinking with the class.

    • Reading Assessment, Chapters 1-3

    • If you finish early– work on finishing all assignments from this week:

      • Research packet & web quest responses

      • First Impressions Activity

      • Reflection on Visualization Activity

      • Start reading ahead for next week!

  • HW: Catch up/Finish all work from this week if you haven’t!

  • DO NOW

    3/28 Happy Friday!

    3 31 happy monday

    • Focus: Gatsby’s World

      • Discussion/Review questions for Chapter 3

    • Describe the party preparations.

    • How do the guests of the party feel about Gatsby? Why?

    • What did Gatsby do about Lucille's dress?

    • Describe Jordan and Nick's interaction with "Owl Eyes" in the library.

    • How do we, the audience, and Nick meet Gatsby? Describe him, and how he behaves at his parties.

    • What does Jordan tell Nick she has learned about Gatsby?

    • What does Nick see as he is heading home from the party?

    • Describe Nick's relationship with Jordan. What do we learn about Jordan at the end of the chapter?

    3/31 Happy Monday!

    3 31 chapter 3 a closer look

    • Journal:

    • At the end of chapter 3, Nick explains, “Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known.” (64)

    • Cardinal virtues:

    • Prudence - good judgment, common sense

    • Justice - fairness, impartiality, objectivity

    • Temperance or Restraint - practicing self-control, moderation

    • Fortitude or Courage - confront fear, resilience, stick-to-itiveness

    • What would you say is your greatest virtue? What makes you say this?

    • Which of these virtues seem to be generally lacking in the novel/1920s New York?

    • Which of these virtues seems to be generally lacking today?

    • HW: Read Chapter 4

    3/31 Chapter 3: A closer look

    American culture
    American Culture

    • What is Fitzgerald suggesting about American culture in this chapter?

    • Work with your table to identify 2 passages from Chapter 3 that illustrate something about Fitzgerald’s view on American Culture.

    Agree disagree

    If you agree that this aspect still exists in our culture today: window side

    If you disagree - this is not a major part of our culture: door side

    4 2 4 3 happy block day

    4/2-4/3 Happy Block day!

    Focus: What is the influence of wealth?

    Preparation for Socratic Seminar

    Clip from The Great Gatsby (34:09-1:05)

    Hypothetical Scenario

    Watch TED Talk: Does Money Make You Mean?

    Annotate Transcript – especially with QUESTIONS it generates for you.

    Preparation for Socratic Seminar Friday:

    Create open-ended discussion questions based on The Great Gatsby and the TED Talk.

    HW: Prepare for the Socratic Seminar on Friday. Review Questions by Table

    3 20 21 happy spring

    • Scenario

    • Nathan's father is a high-ranking executive at a multi-billion dollar company that makes electronics gadgets.

    • Recently, the gadgets were credited with helping revolutionaries take back democratic control from a military dictatorship in the middle east. The gadgets were the main source of communication between rebel fighters.

    • Nathan's father's annual salary is 2 million dollars, plus bonuses.

    • The manufacturing plants that make the gadgets are located in one country in Southeast Asia.

    • The plants have a very poor track record in terms of worker's rights, health care, and pay.

    • The waste from the plant has long polluted the local water supply.

    • The company has done little more than make empty promises about fixing the situation.

    • None of its workers have health insurance.

    • Average pay for employees is less than $1 per day.

    • Safety standards are minimal.

    • There are many accidents each month.

    • Workers who are too injured to continue doing their job are fired.

    • Nathan graduates from an elite college. College is paid for by his father, in full.

    • Nathan joins the Peace Corps to work overseas with less privileged populations.

    • Nathan's assignment places him in a town where most of the people work for his father's company.

    • Nathan's assignment is to help build a school and a safe water source for the town.

    • Nathan does the work and completes his time with the Peace Corps; he comes home.

    • Nathan's father offers Nathan a very high-paying job at the company.

    3 20 21 happy spring

    Hypothetical: If Nathan MUST follow the advice of ONE of these friends, which friend's advice do you think makes more sense?

    Friend #1

    This friend says that his dad's job offer is just to buy off Nathan's guilt about working for a company that doesn’t consciously “give back” to the world – that it is blood money. This friend tells Nathan to refuse the job and the money.

    Friend #2

    This friend tells Nathan that he can help change the company from within – that he should take the job and work to change the culture of the company, even if the process takes him years and years to accomplish.

    Friend #3

    This friend tells Nathan it is his moral obligation to undermine the success of his dad's company; that he should take the job and work from within to expose its corruption and undermine its profits, even if he has to break the law to do so.

    Explain your answer by providing 5 specific and compelling reasonsthis advice is more solid than the advice of the other friends.

    Beliefs about wealth
    Beliefs About Wealth

    Slide your notebook to the person on your left:

    Look at your choice and reasons from the above activity; what do you assume to be his/her main BELIEF about wealth?

    Write down your thoughts below the activity responses.

    Discuss. Is your peer’s assumption accurate?

    Happy friday

    Periods 1, 2, 3 Lesson Plan

    We will NOT have a socratic seminar today as originally planned since there are so many people missing AND now I am sick! We will do the socratic when we return from break.

    Each table should compare their responses with the class to the Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Review Activity. Give everyone time to write the responses in their notebooks as each table shares.

    Periods 5 & 6 Lesson Plan

    Please have students read and annotate the speech titled “Knotty Ties”.

    Read it together first as a class, then they should work together to annotate the structure and the rhetorical devices in the text.

    Happy Friday!

    Socratic seminar

    Purpose: Achieve a deeper understanding about the ideas and values in a text.

    Background: Based on a systemic way of using questioning to delve deeply into a subject,

    participants carry the burden of responsibility for the quality of the discussion.

    The best discussions occur when participants study the text (The Great Gatsby, TED Talk) or prepare in advance, using evidence to support their ideas.

    Discussion is not about “right answers”; it is not a debate. Students are encouraged to think out loud to exchange ideas openly while examining ideas in a rigorous, thoughtful manner.

    Assessment will be based on:

    - the quality of your group discussion as a whole

    - the equitable participation of all members

    40 points possible:

    -20 “group think”

    - 20 “equitable participation”

    In other words… this is not a competition against each other to see who can say the most. It is about how you work together to develop a thoughtful, collective, elevated understanding of your thinking about the effect of money in society.

    Socratic Seminar

    Socratic seminar1

    Purpose: Achieve a deeper understanding about the ideas and values in a text.

    Questions to discuss:

    What is Fitzgerald implying about the effect of money on people’s lives?

    What does Fitzgerald suggest about how individuals are affected by their own as well as society’s beliefs about money?

    What role does/should significant wealth play in a person’s life?

    Add your own questions---

    Socratic Seminar

    3 20 21 happy spring

    Absent: values in a text.

    Tim Lam

    3 20 21 happy spring

    Group A values in a text.

    Miss Biss’


    3 20 21 happy spring

    Group B values in a text.

    Miss Biss’


    4 14 14 happy monday welcome back

    4/14/14 values in a text.Happy Monday! Welcome Back!

    Focus: Speech Preparation

    Spring Break Highlights & Lowlights

    Reality Check: Reminders

    Poetry Unit Work– Will be in SIS by Friday

    Topic Proposals (due by 4/18 at latest)

    Annotated Bibliography & Speech Rough Drafts (block day 4/23-4/24)

    Speeches Begin: Tues 4/29

    Rhetorical and Oratorical Devices Handout

    Watch and Read: MLK Jr. Address at Mason Temple

    HW: Read Chapter 6, Topic Proposal

    4 15 happy tuesday

    4/15 Happy Tuesday! values in a text.

    Please take out your theme tracker and add 2 quotes from Chapter 6. Then tear out a piece of paper -- this will be your exit ticket from class today. Put your name and date on it. You can use a half a sheet and share with another student.

    Reading Quiz Chapter 6

    Who is James Gatz? Explain HOW he becomes Jay Gatsby?

    Describe Dan Cody.

    How does Daisy behave at Gatsby’s party?

    How does Tom talk about Gatsby while at his party?

    Rhetorical Analysis of MLK’s Mason Temple Address: Page ONE and TWO only.

    Use the chart given out yesterday with the rhetorical devices and annotate page one of the speech text.

    HW: Read Chapter 7, Topic Proposal

    Topic Proposals (due by 4/18 at latest)

    Annotated Bibliography & Speech Rough Drafts (block day 4/23-4/24)

    Speeches Begin: Tues 4/29

    4 16 17 happy block day

    4/16-17 values in a text.Happy Block Day!

    Focus: Chapter 7 & Speech Preparation

    Topic Proposal Check list/General Topic Ideas

    Annotated Bibliography guidelines

    Work on topics

    Chapter 7– Focus Questions

    Respond thoughtfully to your assigned question. Find quotes/specific examples to support your answers. You will share with class.

    Start the reading, if time.

    HW: Read Chapter 8, Topic Proposal

    Topic Proposals (due by 4/18 at latest)

    Annotated Bibliography & Speech Rough Drafts (block day 4/23-4/24)

    Speeches Begin: Tues 4/29

    4 16 17 happy block day1

    4/16-17 values in a text.Happy Block Day!

    Topic Proposal Check

    IS your topic written in a STATEMENT form? Proposals should not be written as questions.

    Did you articulate a connection, allusion or thematic link to The Great Gatsby?

    Is your topic statement clear and specific?

    Does your topic have too much going on? If so, refine it to a more simple, straight forward topic.

    Remember, this is a 3-5 minute speech. 2.5-3 pages only.

    4 16 17 happy block day2

    4/16-17 values in a text.Happy Block Day!

    Chapter 7– Focus Questions

    Describe Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship.

    Compare Tom Buchanan and George Wilson. What did each man learn about his wife and how did they each react?

    Be Dr. Phil. Consider how each person in the Daisy, Gatsby, Tom love triangle behaves during chapter 7. How does Daisy feel about Gatsby? How does he feel about her? How does Tom feel about Daisy? Write down key quotes to help organize your thinking about the love triangle that exists. What is your professional opinion on the status of the relationships?

    Consider the fight between Tom and Gatsby: What do these men think of each other? How are Tom and Gatsby similar?

    How does Nick feel about turning 30? Why might he be feeling this way?

    Be the officer at the scene of the accident. What happened?

    What is Gatsby “missing” about the status of his relationship with Daisy as he waits, pointlessly, in the bushes to be sure she is safe from Tom? How is this like other times in the novel when he has been clueless in terms of some aspect of reality?

    4 18 happy friday

    4/18 values in a text.Happy Friday!

    Please put your topic proposals in the basket on my desk.

    Rip the blank yellow paper in half (hamburger style).

    Record your collective response to the CH. 7 on each of the half sheets. (Same answer, two times)

    You will have 5 minutes to get this response recorded.

    Gallery Walk for CH. 7 review questions.

    Processing the novel activity

    HW: Read Chapter 9,

    Finish processing the novel handout

    begin researching, drafting annotated bib, rough draft of speech.

    Annotated Bibliography & Speech Rough Drafts (block day 4/23-4/24)

    Speeches Begin: Tues 4/29

    4 21 happy monday

    4/21 values in a text.Happy Monday!

    Focus: Processing the Novel & Speech Preparation


    Topic Proposals: Now Late (due 4/18)

    Annotated Bib on your topic due Block Day

    Speech Rough Draft due Block day

    Bring Laptops to class this week.

    Reading Assessment Grade: 100 points total for unit

    Reading Assessment #1 (ch.1-3) 25

    Socratic Seminar PREP sheet 25

    Processing the Novel activity 25

    Love Analysis 25

    Speech Assignment

    What’s Love Got to Do with It?

    HW: Annotated Bib, Speech Rough Draft

    4 21 speech requirements

    4/21 Speech Requirements values in a text.

    Speech Requirements:

    • Speeches will be at least 3 minutes long but not longer than 5 minutes.

    • We will examine the uses of some rhetorical devices and oratorical techniques, and you will apply these techniques when you present your speech to the class.

    • You will not be required to memorize per se, however you will be graded on the effectiveness of your delivery. Keep in mind that reading from your paper is not speech-making.

    • Include evidence from at least three credible sources.

    • Make reference to some aspect of The Great Gatsby in your speech.

    • Typed, double-spaced, MLA format (It will probably be about 2.5 pages.)

    • Submit an annotated bibliography with at least 6 sources along with a Work Cited page.

    • Correctly cite your sources, using MLA format.

    • Highlight and label at least three unique rhetorical devices.

    • Annotate some notes on your delivery (oratorical techniques)

    4 21 speech structure

    4/21 Speech Structure values in a text.

    4 22 happy tuesday speech v essay

    4/22 Happy Tuesday values in a text.Speech v. Essay

    5 2 happy may

    5/2 Happy May!! values in a text.

    THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY!! Remember:

    Know your audience

    Have a specific and clear tone

    Appeal to your audience: ethos, pathos and logos

    When in doubt, repeat your argument- your audience needs repetition

    Use concrete examples- do not be vague

    Keep your audience with you: signposts

    Use rhetorical devices purposefully and appropriately

    Use simple sentences

    Don’t beat around the bush- Say what you mean!

    Practice reciting it

    Have fun with your speech…be passionate and creative!

    5 2 happy friday

    5/2 Happy Friday!! values in a text.

    Speech Order

    Practice speech Protocol

    HW: Finalize speeches, PRACTICE AND TIMING!!! Turnitin.com by Monday night 11:59pm

    3 20 21 happy spring

    Speech values in a text.Order- 3rd Period

    3 20 21 happy spring

    Speech values in a text.Order- 4th Period

    3 20 21 happy spring

    Speech values in a text.Order- 5th Period

    5 6 happy monday

    5/6 Happy Monday!! values in a text.

    Play Circles Prep Info

    Speeches: Give me your hard copy


    Speech, Work Cited and Annotated Bib to Turnitin.com by tonight @ 11:59pm

    Read Play selections, fill out preference sheet, bring to class tomorrow.