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Our festival

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Our festival. Spring Festival. The origin of the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival , Is also the most important holiday. Party. 春节是家庭聚会的日子. Spring Festival is the day of family reunion. Pay a New Year call. Delicious. 人们在一起吃美味的食品.

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Our festival

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Our festival

Spring Festival

the origin of the spring festival
The origin of the Spring Festival
  • The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival , Is also the most important holiday .


Spring Festival is the day of family reunion



People eat the delicious food together

  • There are a lot of interesting Spring Festival

food in China.

the spring festival food
The Spring Festival food
  • The food of Spring Festival is delicious I think…


North some areas, the new moon of the dumplings, the face of the lunar calendar, the fifth day of the dumplings. Some southern areas, the new moon dumplings, 30 in the evening to eat the fish, the fish head and tail, said more every year.

  • 湖南有油炸面食油果子,四川有火锅、腊肠、腊肉、棕子;浙江的海鲜;唐山的麻糖;新疆奶茶、烤包子;福建的小吃煸肉,海鲜;重庆的葱油饼;沈阳的猪肉炖粉条、粘豆包;河北的绿豆面;内蒙的牛羊肉,奶茶;宁波汤圆;陕西汉中水晶饼;兰州的牛肉面、肘子、扣肉;昆明过桥米线;大连菜炖粉肠;杭州的粘糕。
  • Hunan have Fried noodles cooking oil fruit, Sichuan hot pot, sausage, bacon, brown; Zhejiang seafood; Tangshan Mating; Xinjiang milk tea and baking steamed stuffed bun, Fujian snacks seditious meat, seafood, Chongqing onion cakes; Shenyang stewed pork and vermicelli, sticky wet skin of tofu; Hubei mug bean noodles; Inner Mongolia beef and mutton, milk tea; Ningbo; Shaanxi hunching crystal cake; Lanzhou beef noodles, elbow, braised pork; Across the bridge rice noodle in Kunming; Dalian stew for Fetching; Hangzhou Niangua.
to stick couplets on the spring festival
To stick couplets on the Spring Festival
  • 春联的种类比较多,依其使用场所,可分为门心、框对、横披、春条、斗方等。“门心”贴于门板上端中心部位;“框对”贴于左右两个门框上;“横披”贴于门媚的横木上;“春条”根据不同的内容,贴于相应的地方;“斗斤”也叫“门叶”,为正方菱形,多贴在家俱、影壁中。
  • Spring Festival couplets species is more, according to its use place, can be divided into the door of the heart, box, a horizontal hanging scroll, Chantal, Defang, etc. \"Heart\" to stick in the center of the door plank upper part; \"Box\" to stick on the left and right two doors; \"A horizontal hanging scroll\" posted on the door mea bar; \"Chantal\" according to different content, stick in the corresponding place; \"Dou jinn\" also called \"door leaf\", as the tetragonal diamond, more stick in the furniture, screen.
in folk
In folk
  • 在民间人们还喜欢在窗户上贴上各种剪纸——窗花。窗花不仅烘托了喜庆的节日气氛,也集装饰性、欣赏性和实用性于一体。剪纸在我国是一种很普及的民间艺术,千百年来深受人们的喜爱,因它大多是贴在窗户上的,所以也被称其为“窗花”。窗花以其特有的概括和夸张手法将吉事祥物、美好愿望表现得淋漓尽致,将节日装点得红火富丽。
  • In the folk people also like to put in the window all sorts of paper cutting, paper-cut. Paper-cut foil the festive holiday atmosphere not only, also integrating adornment sex and appreciation sex and practicability. Paper-cut in China is a very popular folk art, one thousand years was deeply loved by people, because most of it is posted on the window, so is also called \"window\". To compete with its peculiar generalization and exaggerated gimmick auspicious objects, and good wishes performance incisively and vividly, the festival red richly decorated.
  • While to stick couplets on the Spring Festival, some people in the door, wall, bar put greatly small \"f\" word. \"F\" word, Spring Festival is our country has a long history of folk customs. \"F\" word refers to the blessing, good fortune, for people to happy life yearning, wish for a better future. In order to more fully reflect the yearning and wishes, some people simply will \"fu\" character topsy-turvy stick, said \"happiness has to\" \"blessing has to\". Folk and will \"fu\" character fine stroke make it all sorts of design, design have longevity, peach, carp jump, good harvest, in extremely good fortune.


nation characteristics
Nation characteristics
  • 侗族——侗家人说,春节吃鱼,预兆新的一年吉庆有余(鱼)、五谷丰登、余钱余粮。春节时,盛行爬山比赛。谁先爬到顶,谁就得到姑娘或小伙子的礼物。

Dong - Doggerel said, the Spring Festival to eat fish, sign for the New Year auspicious (fish), good harvest, extra surplus grain. When the Spring Festival, popular climbing competition. Whoever stepped, first get the girl or guy gift.

national characteristics
National characteristics


Miao - called the Spring Festival \"Hakka\", families kill pigs and sheep, and slaughter roasting play jailing harvest festival, good hope for next year good harvest. To sing the song \", the lyrics meaning Sichuan, looking forward to spring, spring, in spring, etc.

in the end
In the end


贵阳市第十七中学 初二(三)班 宋新辰

The Spring Festival, for all Chinese people, is a happy and peaceful holiday.

Guiyang middle school second day 17 (3) class SongXinchen