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Materials: Name Tent

Materials: Name Tent. On your own piece of paper, write at least 3 full sentences about what the following quote means to you: “Failure is not the same as failing. Failure is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to become better than we have been.”. Elite Eight Trait Check-Up.

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Materials: Name Tent

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  1. Materials: Name Tent On your own piece of paper, write at least 3 full sentences about what the following quote means to you: “Failure is not the same as failing. Failure is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to become better than we have been.”

  2. Elite Eight Trait Check-Up • Respect the Threshold • Everyone on time? • Silent for First Five? • Be Prepared (2 min) • Seated • Have materials • Working on catalyst

  3. Class Motto If there is a problem,We look for a solution. If there is a better way,We find it. If we need help,We ask. If a teammate needs help,We give.

  4. Announcements • Remind 101 update: • Period 1: 6 • Period 2: 9 • Period 4: 9 • Period 5: 8 • Period 6: 12 STILL IN THE LEAD!! • Period 7: 10 • New to class? See me AFTER CLASS for a syllabus!

  5. Objectives • SWBAT apply the marshmallow challenge to their work in biology this year. • SWBAT explain at least one way college can improve their future. • SWBAT define success in their own words.

  6. Marshmallow Activity Debrief • Winning group: • What did your team do to make you so successful? • How did you come up with your design?

  7. Marshmallow Activity Debrief • How did this activity relate to what we will experience this year in Biology class? • Lets find out….

  8. Who performs poorly?

  9. Who performs well?

  10. WHY?!?! What is your hypothesis??

  11. How can we learn from these kindergarteners? • How can we as students apply what the kindergarteners did to our work in Biology? • What specific actions can we take to ensure our “marshmallow” does not fall at the end of the semester?

  12. What does the marshmallow represent in this class? • Our Big Goals! • How would you describe a marshmallow? • Is it really as light as it seems?

  13. Panther Pass Norms • Put all notes away • Clear your desk of everything but a pencil and paper • 5 minutes • Silent

  14. Panther Pass • List three words you would use to describe an ideal teammate. • What is one of our norms for group work? • What does the marshmallow symbolize in this challenge? • What did kindergarteners do to make them better at this challenge than Business Graduates? • How will you apply this challenge to your work in Biology class this year?

  15. Now that we have spoken about our TEAM goals, we must discuss our INDIVIDUAL GOALS!

  16. Get out a clean sheet of notebook paper and head your paper as shown below: First and Last Name Period Date (8/15/13) Assignment (Post High School Plan)

  17. Get in the right frame of mind: • Close your eyes. On your paper, answer the following prompt: • VISUALIZE: What If.....You did not graduate. How would your parents other role model (ie coaches, pastors, etc) feel? How would the people who look up to YOU feel (ie younger siblings, cousins, etc)? Write 3-5 complete sentences.

  18. What is the work to be done this year? • Passing Biology is required for graduation: • Master the biology curriculum • Pass this course • Pass the EOCT • The EOCT accounts for a 20% portion of your grade • A 70% is required to receive a grade of “meets expectations”

  19. Biology EOCT Trend Data Last year, Ms. Nay’s classes had a 58% pass rate.

  20. Answer the following question in a complete sentence in your notes (2 min): How does Forest Park’s pass rate compare to the district of Clayton County?

  21. After looking at the data… • I don’t think a 47.5% passing rate is good enough, and I know you all are smart enough to do better. • With enough hard work, I want you all to be able to pass the EOCT, pass this class, graduate, and go on to greater things.


  23. The Facts: • People without a high school diploma make $451 per week. • People with a bachelor’s degree make $1,053 per week

  24. Be Successful! • Being successful requires HARD WORK! • Being successful requires a PLAN! • VIDEO:

  25. Video Reflection 1. How do you define ‘success’? How will you know if you have been ‘successful’ in life? • What is the video’s message? (There are several! Don’t worry about being right or wrong) 3. How can this video’s message be applied in our classroom?

  26. Steps to Achievement Project • Goal: Create a “Steps to Achievement” Poster showing the steps you are going to take to reach your BIG GOALS • WHY?? • To understand, believe, and see how you will EXCEL, GRADUATE, and ACHIEVE ALL THAT YOU WANT IN LIFE

  27. Steps to Achievement -Become neurosurgeon and save lives -Work to improve science education and help students graduate and achieve their goals across the nation. Ms. Nay Period 3 August 14, 2013 -Graduate from medical school -Graduate from Saint Louis University University with a degree in Biology -Enroll in all AP or Honors Classes -Achieve all A’s at FPHS -Exceed on the EOCT or GHSGT

  28. What is your Ultimate Goal? • Reflect on your worksheet • What do you like to do? • What are you good at? • What do you see yourself doing in 15 years? Why? This reflection will help us figure out what the best future option is for YOU! This is a learning process and we will work together to make sure you have all the resources necessary to achieve your goals! 

  29. Closing • Major takeaways: • To be successful you must have a plan • We will be creating a Steps to Achievement plan • Graduating high school and going to college opens many doors financially and in the working world. • The first step to achieving our goals is passing this class and the EOCT

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