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Stages of the Cold War

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Stages of the Cold War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stages of the Cold War. The Brink of War (1950-1963). Détente (1963-1986). Tensions Build (1945-1950). The End (1986-1991). Bay of Pigs Invasion. Escalation of the Vietnam War. USSR tests hydrogen bomb. Korean War. Berlin Wall built. U.S. tests 1 st hydrogen bomb.

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stages of the cold war
Stages of the Cold War

The Brink of War




Tensions Build


The End



Bay of Pigs Invasion

Escalation of the Vietnam War

USSR tests hydrogen bomb

Korean War

Berlin Wall built

U.S. tests 1st hydrogen bomb

Soviets launch Sputnik

Cuban Missile Crisis






by d tente
By détente
  • Détente: French noun
    • (a) relaxation of a person;
    • release of a spring,
    • slackening of a rope,
    • easing of relations
lessening of cold war tensions
Lessening of Cold War tensions

Relieves Cold War tension!


(1963) Washington-Moscow Hotline

(1963) Test Ban Treaty


(Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)


(Strategic Arms Reduction Talks)

(1986)SALT II

gorbachev increased freedom
Gorbachev increased freedom

Economic freedoms


Political freedoms

Glasnost (“openness”)

nationalism on the rise
Nationalism on the rise

It’s time to

break free!

15 satellite countries break free countries by december 1991
15satellite countries break free countries by December 1991

The remaining satellites were given more independence

cis c ommonwealth of i ndependent s tates
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States

The USSR goes back

to being called