What Is Coffee Roasting?
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According to the British Coffee Association, we drink over 55 million cups of coffee every day in the UK.\n

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What Is Coffee Roasting?

According to the British Coffee Association, we drink over 55 million cups of coffee every

day in the UK.

With this amount of coffee powering the nation, how exactly does coffee get from the plant

or tree to you cup?

Coffee is grown, the harvested, dried, roasted then packed. So here’s the roasting process,

which gives each individual coffee its particular flavour and aroma!

1.Coffee beans are roasted at a temperature of around 550 degrees Fahrenheit, usually

on a heated conveyor which prevents the beans from burning

2.This heat causes oil in the beans to seep to the surface, which causes the bean to

cook or roast. This process is called pyrolysis.

3.Once roasted, the beans are then cooled naturally or using water.

4.They should be vacuum packed immediately to preserve freshness.

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