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A Kat’s Life

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A Kat’s Life
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A Kat’s Life

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  1. A Kat’s Life By: Katelynn Castle


  3. My Name My name means a lot to me. My names Katelynn May Castle. Katelynn means pure. May means illusion and castle is my famous last name. Some people laugh about my name and they all make jokes. They say hey it’s the princess of the castle. Or here comes Shreks wife. Its not as funny as they think sometimes. I have learned to get over all of this. People don’t understand how much it hurts to make fun of someone. Now if I had the heart to change my name it would have been Lilliana Faith. Lilliana means purity and beauty. And Faith means trust and confidence. That would be much more suiting than Katelynn May in my opinion. But my mother has chose my name and I glad she did cause my mom loves my name and I do too.

  4. Fredrick Manor My neighborhood is full of people and lots of drama. There’s the lady down the street who always is crying outside saying her life means nothing anymore. Then there’s the twins across the street. They are always arguing because they don’t want to have to watch each others house. While one is gone the other watches the house and the babies. Then there’s our neighbors. Our neighbors have 6 kids and they all are less than 7 years old. They are always yelling at them and they never are able to do anything. Those poor kids always get yelled at for the stupidest reasons. And the youngest is named Tyler and he gets yelled at for crying. He's only 2 he cant help it.

  5. Wonderful Bubbles When I was a little girl I always loved to play with bubbles. It started with my grandmother, she got me a huge gallon container of bubbles. When I got that I was maybe 4 and ever since I have loved bubbles. And now that I’m older I wish I could be a bubble sometimes. There free and they just float freely without a care in the world. But sometimes I wish that bubbles could talk I just want to know what they think of before they pop. Maybe if I met a bubble I would understand why being free and care free isn't always such a good thing. They are all wonderful bubbles.

  6. I’m Growing Up When I was 10 all the girls in my school started to change. And we always asked what happened to them. The only explanation they would have is “my mom told me that I’m becoming a young adult”. A young adult? Who0 cares about being a young adult, well me at the time. I always wanted to hurry up and get into high school. I always wanted to get into high school and have one of those dramatic years that you have in the movies. I always dreamed about being the popular girl that everyone liked, but I know that doesn’t happen. My mom always told me “don’t try to grow up to fast it’s a cold world out there” I defiantly believe her now.

  7. My Mom My Mom is the best mom ever. She is always caring for me and no matter what she always loves me. She is always telling me that no matter what she will always be here for me. And she has, she has been here for me from the worst of times to the best. The worst time was when my ex dumped me on valentines day and she was there for me all night. She never left my side. She made me feel better and she calmed me down. And the best time is always at my concerts. When I have a solo she is always the loudest there and she is always cheering me on. My moms the best mom ever and I love her a lot.

  8. My Peace Award MAY 24, 2007 was the year I won the peace award. We were suppose to draw a poster and make it the theme of world peace. Then you were suppose to write about why world peace is so important to you. My quote was “if world peace existed we would all be in a better place and there would be no more problems to worry about in the world”. The judges must have loved it because they sent me a letter saying that they wanted me to go to New York and put my poster on display for everyone to see. Well of course I did. And we went and I got $1,000 as prize money and a free dinner at outback in Gettysburg where I lived. That was the only time that I had every one an award and I'm proud of it to this day.

  9. Life in Hagerstown Smelly air, dirty streets lots of people who cant drive. This is the lovely town of Hagerstown. All the angry people who cant use proper English. The parks that over overrun by screaming teenagers. Children running around the street without anybody watching them. Nobody every wants to enter Hagerstown , some say they would rather go to Baltimore than Hagerstown. And I don’t blame them. This city is the worst of they all. People are rude unclean and they are all so stupid. They all think they are the shit. Sorry to say this but guess what there not! They all need to grow up and learn to speak English.

  10. The Life I Want Back The life I had was perfect for me. Beautiful house, wonderful dogs, great school, nice friends. Not here! I want my room back where I could put whatever I want in it to express myself. I could go to school and not worry about not having a home to come back to. I could have birthday parties and invite as many friends as I possibly could. This place is in the little town called Emmitsburg. Where everybody knew everybody. There were no fights no murders nothing bad. We all lived in harmony and we all lived our life's well. It wasn’t just a house to me, it was my home! I want to move back to my home…. 6 Waycross ct.