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Warm-Up Questions?

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Warm-Up Questions?. On the sheet provided in your manual, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Tell us three things about yourself What are two of your most favorite foods?

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warm up questions
Warm-Up Questions?

On the sheet provided in your manual, answer the following questions in complete sentences.

  • Tell us three things about yourself
  • What are two of your most favorite foods?
  • What is the one thing that you do well that you believe someone would be willing to pay your for you making or offering in service?
youth as entrepreneurs

“Youth AS Entrepreneurs”

Presented by B.E.S.T. Academies, LLC

for Y.A.S. Initiative

Instructors: Edgar and Dannet Mitchell

welcome to your new mindset
Welcome to Your New Mindset

The Youth AS Entrepreneurs” Program

  • What is this Class All About?
  • Why is this Class/Program Important?
  • Who are we…B.E.S.T. Academies?
  • What can you expect from this Program?
  • What are your thoughts and expectations?
  • Lesson 1: Who are Entrepreneurs and What do they Do?
  • Lesson 2: When Opportunity Knocks…Open Your Mind

for Business

what is this class all about
What is this Class All About?

“Youth AS Entrepreneur” is a hands-on learning experience designed to guide program participants in becoming the owner of a “real” small business.

Participants will learn real world business skills:

  • set goals
  • team building
  • leadership development
  • financial management
  • verbal communication
  • business etiquette
  • business planning
  • negotiate for business materials
measureable program benchmarks
Measureable Program Benchmarks


  • Each young scholar will orally and in-writing articulate the meaning, benefits, characteristics and opportunities associated with the entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Each young scholar will create a personal mission statement associated with their commitment and willingness to solve and bring greater awareness to a problem or need within their respective communities
  • Each young scholar will satisfactorily demonstrate an ability to conduct research of their intended marketplace and customer base.
measureable program benchmarks1
Measureable Program Benchmarks


  • Each young scholar will demonstrate their understanding of key terms and concepts by satisfactorily maintain a journal associated with foundational business acumen.
  • Each young scholar will successfully identify at least one social cause outside of their business to make contribution and demonstrate philanthropy.
  • Each young scholar will prepare essential financial statements as part of their business plan project to demonstrate their foundational understanding of revenue, costing, cost/benefit analysis and return-on-investment associated with business start-up and operations.
measureable program benchmarks2
Measureable Program Benchmarks


  • Each young scholar will present their business concept/plan to a panel of adult contributors and supports
  • Each young scholar will demonstrate their comprehension of materials associated with course by satisfactorily completing a knowledge-based assessment of basic business terms and concepts.
lessons covered by this program
Lessons Covered by this Program
  • What is An Entrepreneur?
  • Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur
  • Opportunity Recognition
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Market Research
  • Inventions and Product Development
  • Selecting Your Business
  • Income Statements: The Entrepreneur’s Scorecard
  • ROI: Understanding Return-On-Investment
  • Financing Strategy: Borrow or Sell?
  • The Costs of Starting and Operating a Business
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • What is Marketing?
  • Advertising and Publicity
who are we b e s t academies
Who are we…B.E.S.T. Academies?

About the Program Facilitators

The dynamic team of Edgar and Dannet Mitchell not only have partnered in marriage for almost two decades, but also have joined forces in establishing B.E.S.T Academies which demonstrates and articulates their deep and growing passion for Education. Both Edgar and Dannet, majored in content areas outside of Education during their college years, and have worked in different areas as professionals; however, almost providentially, they both through various life experiences, have been redirected to the Education Arena. Both sharing a strong desire to impact and empower the many youth they have encountered over the years, they have always been involved in activities that worked with helping students and families understand their life’s destiny, building and supporting educational goals.

The Mitchell’s have been and continue to establish clear and attainable personal goals for their lives, which inherently mobilizes B.E.S.T’s clients to be and achieve their BEST. Every major publication has shared reports of academic statistics of America’s school system as one of “poor and failing” performance when compared to other nations, companies and service organizations like B.E.ST. Academies are so needed to provide support, enrichment, mentoring and coaching for the hundreds of thousands of students who are struggling to pass in the class room, especially minority students. To that end, the Mitchell’s are establishing initiatives through B.E.S.T. Academies and also partnering with other affiliates who have a proven track record in impacting and empowering students toward Educational Success.

what can you expect from b e s t
What can you expect from B.E.S.T.?
  • Honesty and care
  • Cultural-Responsiveness
  • Concern for your thoughts and ideas
  • Fun and interactive activities
  • Hard and rewarding work
  • Class-fun and Home Liberation Assignments
  • A serious commitment to your success
what are your thoughts about this old saying
What are your thoughts about this old saying?

“Before you prepare a feast, you must first have knowledge of cooking or know others who know how to cook.”

what is an entrepreneur
What is an Entrepreneur?

“An Entrepreneur is…one who draws upon his or her skills and initiative to launch a new business venture with the aim of making a profit. Often a risk-taker, inclined to see opportunity when others do not.”

“Business” is defined as the entity or process which the buying and selling of products and services is conducted to make revenue (money).

an entrepreneurs is
An Entrepreneurs is…

Overall, an entrepreneur is one who does the following…

  • Sees an opportunity for making money
  • Makes a plan
  • Starts the business
  • Manages the business
  • Receives the profit
why is entrepreneurship important
Why is…Entrepreneurship Important?

For the Nation and the Community…

  • Entrepreneurship training is a process grounded in creative thinking, problem solving, and leadership.
  • Entrepreneurship training prepares young people and equips them to be self-starters and self-educators who appreciate every opportunity to learn new skills.
  • The demand among youth is higher than ever before. Statistically, in tests of business knowledge, the average score of high school students was less than 44%. Over 75% of high school students surveyed said they want more business training.
  • We need experienced business people to teach real-world business and entrepreneurship skills in the classroom.
  • Entrepreneurship is about unlimited possibility and opportunity.
  • Entrepreneurs are civic-minded voters who participate in the government locally and build better communities.
  • America needs youth that are trained to think, act, and become entrepreneurs.
why is this program important
Why is this Program Important?

For the Student Scholar…

  • To stop the cycle of poverty, young people in this generation must be taught how to think like entrepreneurs, recognize needs in their community.
  • Entrepreneurship education teaches young people to believe in themselves and increases self-esteem.
  • A side benefit of this education will be a reduction in violence and crime in areas where these people live.
  • Entrepreneurship education is a life-saver for youth with learning disabilities or for young people who learn differently that the norm.
  • Girls who are taught entrepreneurship have an increased self-esteem, a bigger goal in life, the skills in leadership, and the guts to say no to pregnancy.
  • Often, young women and girls stay in abusive relationships because they have no means of income. Entrepreneurship education can save their lives.

Could you add anymore reasons?

successful entrepreneurs
Successful Entrepreneurs…

What are their Characteristics?

Could you think of any other traits?

  • Adaptability
  • Competitiveness
  • Confidence
  • Drive
  • Honest
  • Organization
  • Persuasiveness
  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Risk-taking
  • Understanding
  • Vision
where others see problems
Where others see PROBLEMS…

Entrepreneurs recognize OPPORTUNITIES

what are opportunities really worth
What are Opportunities Really Worth?

Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZXHILQGquQ

If video does not open automatically

finding ways to earn money
Finding Ways to Earn Money…
  • http://www.econedlink.org/lessons/docs_lessons/476_Jobs_to_Earn_Money2.pdf
  • Twenty Money-Making Ideas for Young Persons
your thoughts and expectations
Your thoughts and expectations


  • What are three things that you have gained from today’s workshop?
  • What are two things that your look forward to talking about in the coming weeks?
  • What is one thing that you will share with one of your family members or friends about what you have learned from today’s workshop?
glossary of terms
Glossary of Terms
  • Business: Any activity or organization that produces or exchanges goods or services for a profit.
  • Choice: Decision made or course of action taken when faced with a set of alternatives.
  • Entrepreneur: One who draws upon his or her skills and initiative to launch a new business venture with the aim of making a profit. Often a risk-taker, inclined to see opportunity when others do not.
  • Entrepreneurship: process by which people who assume the risk of organizing productive resources to produce goods and services; a resource.
  • Innovation: A new idea or method.
  • Investing: The process of putting money someplace with the intention of making a financial gain. Investment possibilities include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other financial instruments or ventures.
  • Legal Forms Of Business: Forms of business organizations protected by a nation's laws; in the United States, the three forms of business organization are the corporation, partnership and sole proprietorship.
  • Opportunity Cost: The second-best alternative (or the value of that alternative) that must be given up when scarce resources are used for one purpose instead of another.
  • Profit Motive: The desire to make money which motivates or causes people to work hard to produce goods and services.
  • Risk: The chance of losing money.
youth as entrepreneurs session ii the power of positive thinking

“Youth AS Entrepreneurs”Session II: The Power of Positive Thinking

Presented by B.E.S.T. Academies, LLC

for Y.A.S. Initiative

Instructors: Edgar and Dannet Mitchell

the power of positive thinking
The Power of Positive Thinking

“In order to succeed we must first believe that we can.” Micheal Korda, author, editor-I chief of Simon and Schuster publishing house.

lesson key words
Lesson Key Words
  • Attitude
  • Self-esteem
  • Stress

What does it mean to have self-esteem?

Why do you think having positive attitude as an entrepreneur is important?

Key Objectives:

  • Unlock the power of your thoughts.
  • Discuss Clement Stone’s “Positive mental attitude.”
  • Begin to train yourself to think positively.
  • Strengthen your character
  • Set goals
t houghts have power
Thoughts Have Power

“It is said that the common thread running through the history of entrepreneurship is

the power of positive thinking.”

The father of “Positive Mental Attitude” was Clement Stone. He used it to get through

the anxiety that would attack him when he set out each day to sell insurance policies

for his mother’s small insurance office in Detroit.

Stone was only fifteen years old, and was so scared about going into the large office

building to find customers that he made up self-motivating phrases, such as, “Do it Now,” and

“When there’s nothing to lose and much to gain by trying, try.”

That first day he literally ran from office to office to keep his fear of rejection from overwhelming him.

He repeated his phrases to himself for over and over. Soon his sales and his confidence improved

drastically. Stone became a master salesman using his method, which he called Positive Mental

Attitude. He taught his philosophy to his sales force when he started his own company. He later

wrote two best-selling books about training the mind to think Positively.

character is destiny
Character is destiny…
  • Your thoughts shape your character.
  • Negative thoughts can even hurt your body
  • Positive thoughts are the key to success.

Clement Stone coined the phrase ” positive mental attitude.”

  • He used positive mental attitude to overcome his fear of rejection.
  • Through his method he became a great salesman.

Like your body, your mind can be strengthened through effort.

  • Writing your goals down and investing them with positive mental energy can help you achieve them.
entrepreneurs in action
Entrepreneurs in Action

Selecting Your Business

Letting Others Know What You Are SellingStudents will choose one money-making idea and create a flier that advertises what they are selling. Emphasize the elements that they will want to include in their flier.

  • Pictures, words and other things that catch people’s attention.
  • What they are offering.
  • Their qualifications for doing the job.
  • Why customers might like or use what they are selling.
  • What their good or service costs.
  • How to contact them -- usually a phone number if they are providing a service.
your thoughts and expectations1
Your thoughts and expectations


  • What are three reasons why having a positive thinking is transformational?
  • What are two goals that you have set for yourself for this course ?
  • What is one emerging thought you that you may consider as you think of your future, in relationship to now exploring this Entrepreneur Seminar?