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WELCOME. Presentation on Seed Production and Distribution System in Bihar . Department of Agriculture, Bihar. Status of Seed Distribution in the year 2006-07. Distribution of certified/quality seed on subsidy - 6200 qtls Seed Replacement Rate : Paddy - 12% Wheat - 11% Pulses - 5%

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Presentation on seed production and distribution system in bihar l.jpg

Presentation on Seed Production and Distribution System in Bihar

Department of Agriculture, Bihar

Status of seed distribution in the year 2006 07 l.jpg
Status of Seed Distribution in the year 2006-07 Bihar

  • Distribution of certified/quality seed on subsidy - 6200 qtls

  • Seed Replacement Rate :

    • Paddy - 12%

    • Wheat - 11%

    • Pulses - 5%

    • Oilseed - 30%

    • Maize - 50%

Causes of poor performance of seed sector l.jpg
Causes of Poor Performance of Seed Sector Bihar

No seed production in public sector.

Non availability of requisite amount of quality seed.

Non participation of state in the central sector scheme for strengthening of seed infrastructure.

Weak State Seed Corporation.

Landmarks in the seed production and distribution in the state l.jpg
Landmarks in the Seed Production and Distribution in the State

Beginning of Seed Production on government farms.

Setting up goals to achieve higher SRR by 2011-12 in Agriculture Road Map

Wheat and Paddy - 35%

Pulses - 20%

Rapeseed/Mustard - 55%

Maize - 70%

Slide7 l.jpg

Landmarks in the seed production (Continued.....) State

Strengthening of State Seed Corporation.

Launching MukhyamantriTivraBeejVistarYojna.

Implementation of Seed Village Scheme.

Aggressive implementation of Certified Seed Distribution Scheme.

Seed plan in road map l.jpg
Seed Plan in Road Map State

  • Four schemes conceived for boosting seed production and distribution in the state.

    • MukhyamantriTibraBeejBistarYojana.

    • Beej Gram Yojna.

    • Seed Production on Govt. farmers.

    • Certified seed distribution on subsidy.

Slide10 l.jpg

Seed Plan in Road Map (Continued.....) State

To make state seed certification agency self sufficient.

Strengthening Bihar RajyaBeej Nigam to meet the seed requirement of the State.

Mukhyamantri tivra beej vistar yojana l.jpg
Mukhyamantri StateTivraBeejVistarYojana

  • Philosophy

    Distribution of foundation seed of selected crops in small packets.

Slide13 l.jpg

Mukhyamantri Tibra Beej Bistar Karyakarm(Continued.....) State

Two farmers selected from each village for each selected crops.

Seed given to farmers at half the cost.

Certified seed produced by farmers spread through traditional method of exchange.

i.e.-Dedha(1.5 times),

Sawaiya(1.25 times)

Action points l.jpg
Action Points State

Production of Foundation Seed on govt. farms.

Use of large quantity of Breeder Seed.

Breeder seed used in the state.

Slide16 l.jpg

Action Points(Continued.....) State

In each crop season seed distribution programme is inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister.

Four state level seed distribution programmes organized.

A day before distribution farmers are given training on seed production technology

Slide17 l.jpg

Action Points(Continued.....) State

A scientist of KVK is designated as District Scientist to solve the problems of seed production faced by farmers.

Block Agriculture officer selects the beneficiary & assists farmers in seed production.

Registration with Seed Certification Agency is voluntary. Farmers given assistance if they like to do so.

Achievements l.jpg
Achievements State

Foundation seed distribution(in qtls)

Quality seed production l.jpg
Quality State Seed Production

Beej gram yojana l.jpg
Beej State Gram Yojana

In initial year of Road map (08-09) one village in each block covered under Seed Village Scheme.

In 2009-10 two villages in each block being covered.

From this year 4 villages to be covered in each block.

Desirous farmers of selected villages are given foundation seed at half the cost.

Slide22 l.jpg

Beej Gram Yojna (Continued.....) State

Training imparted at three stages

Seed storage bins of 5 qtls capacity given on subsidy.

Target is to cover 10% of villages in the last year of Road Map(2012-13)

Progress of beej gram yojana l.jpg
Progress of StateBeej Gram Yojana

Seed production on govt farms l.jpg
Seed Production on Govt. Farms State

Seed production started in 2006-07.

Present status.

Slide26 l.jpg

Seed Production in Govt. Farms(Continued.....) State

Cost of cultivation met by state fund.

Strengthening of infrastructure through RKVY.

Irrigation facility developed on all farms.

Land development of farms using laser land leveler.

Mechanized harvesting done to avoid admixture of seed.

Slide27 l.jpg

Seed Production in Govt. Farms (Continued.....) State

Farms are to be barbed fenced to check the damage of pulses from blue bull.

Foundation seed production done on these farms.

150 storage godowns are being constructed

State controls the entire production and distribution of seed.

Seed made available to farmers through Bihar RajyaBeej Nigam under various schemes.

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