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Good Afternoon. A little background . The nature of caching How cache becomes cash . Businesses that use the power of web cache Predicting the future . Observations and suppositions based on demand and industry trends. A little background . The Nature of Web Caching.

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Good afternoon
Good Afternoon

  • A little background.

    • The nature of caching

  • How cache becomes cash.

    • Businesses that use the power of web cache

  • Predicting the future.

    • Observations and suppositions based on demand and industry trends

A little background the nature of web caching
A little background.The Nature of Web Caching

Understanding the concept
Understanding the concept

  • Definition: a high-speed storage mechanism that returns frequently needed information

  • Example: a Library

Understanding the concept1
Understanding the concept

  • What uses cache?

    • Computers

    • Peripherals

    • Networks

    • Web servers

Specific cache applications

Floppy disk drive



L1 and L2 Cache


Internet Explorer




Windows Media Player

Specific Cache Applications

Evolutionary steps

Simple/device caching

the latency time

cache hit

cache miss

Fixed level cache

the latency time(s)

cache query

cache hit

cache miss

Evolutionary steps

Clustered/multi-level cache

  • Node latency

  • Update heuristics

  • Fragments /ESI

    Intelligent Variable Dynamic Architecture

  • Dynamic landscape

  • Rapid delivery system acquisition / subscription

Quiz time
Quiz time!

Question – name some applications of caching

Question – T/F – The web caching system is built into/part of the Application Server

Question – what is the practical value of web caching?

The nature of caching
The Nature of Caching

  • Do you have any Questions?

How cache becomes cash businesses that use the power of web cache
How cache becomes cash.Businesses that use the power of web cache

Technical features of caching systems
Technical features of caching systems

Efficient Use of Low-Cost Hardware

  • Automatically compresses Web pages for faster delivery to browsers and reduced bandwidth expenditures

  • Caches static Web content, including:

    • Text (HTML, XML, CSS, etc.), Images (GIF, JPEG, etc.), Audio, Video, Java Applets

  • Caches dynamic Web content, including:

    • JSPs, Servlets, ASPs, CGI, Python, PHP, ColdFusion, etc.

    • Pages with cookies, personalized attributes, session-encoded URLs, requests with URL and POST body parameters

Technical features of caching systems1
Technical features of caching systems

  • Provides partial-page caching and page assembly for personalized applications – based on open Edge Side Includes (ESI) and Edge Side Includes for Java (JESI) standard markup languages

  • Provides order-of-magnitude performance improvement for Web-based applications

  • Ideal for accelerating catalogs, auctions, exchanges, enterprise portals, packaged or home-grown CRM and ERP applications, business intelligence tools, Web services and syndicated content, wireless-enabled applications, and Internet-facing Web sites

Technical features of caching systems2
Technical features of caching systems

Cache Control

  • Administrator-defined caching policies allow advanced caching and routing decisions based on HTTP header information, including cookies and session-encoded URLs

  • developers can set caching policies within application logic, making the content self-describing and reducing the number of configuration steps required to deploy the cache

  • HTTP-based invalidation message model allows expiration and validation policies provide ways forensuring content freshness

Technical features of caching systems3
Technical features of caching systems

Flexible Deployments

  • deployment on the same node (or nodes) as the application Web server(s), or on dedicated hardware.

  • heterogeneous environments – works seamlessly with third-party HTTP servers, application servers, databases, content management systems, and content delivery network services

  • deployment behind a third-party network load balancing devicedistributed, hierarchical deployments – often called Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) deployments – enabling enterprises to distribute cached content to the edge of the network (branch offices, remote sites) and nearer to end users

Nuts and bolts of web caching
Nuts and bolts of Web Caching

  • “Can’t cache everything” problem

  • Solved by ESI (Edge side include) is the programming language used universally for caching systems

Business benefits of caching systems
Business benefits of caching systems

  • Resource usage – higher throughput and scalability

  • User experience – faster response times without sacrificing personalization / customization

  • Availability – intelligent workload management

  • Productivity –faster time-to-market

  • Bottom line – reduced infrastructure load = cost savings

  • Intelligence – better visibility and end-user service levels

Quiz time1
Quiz time!

Question – How many caching servers can be utilized at a time?

Question – What is the markup language for designating fragments of a dynamic site / portal?

Question – name a benefit of web caching

Turning cache into cash
Turning Cache into Cash

  • Do you have any Questions?

  • What about the future?

Predicting the future observations and suppositions based on demand and industry trends
Predicting the future.Observations and suppositions based on demand and industry trends

Future schema
Future Schema

  • Flexible Architecture

Future schema1
Future Schema

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Pattern Guessing

  • Server Subscription

    • Similar to DCHP

  • Evolution of ESI

  • Refinement of Heuristics

Industry trends
Industry Trends

  • More universal / open on heterogeneous platforms

  • Oracle 10g can work with BEA, IBM, etc. etc.

Quiz time2
Quiz time!

Question – what are some future inventions you foresee with web caching?

Question – what is a dynamicsite you use frequently thatcould be accelerated?

Thank you
Thank you!

  • Any other questions on web web caching?

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