using a portable drill n.
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Using a Portable Drill PowerPoint Presentation
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Using a Portable Drill

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Using a Portable Drill - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using a Portable Drill. Safety Notice - Brand Disclaimer. Safety Notice

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Using a Portable Drill

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    1. Using a Portable Drill

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    3. Using a Portable Drill Always wear eye protection.

    4. Using a Portable Drill Be sure the drill is disconnected from the power source before installing drills, bits, or other tools.

    5. Using a Portable Drill If using a cordless drill, remove the battery pack.

    6. Using a Portable Drill Make sure the bit is properly sharpened before installing it in the chuck. BRAD-POINT SPADE FORSTNER TWIST

    7. Using a Portable Drill If a chuck key is used, make sure it has been removed before starting the drill.

    8. Using a Portable Drill Clamp the workpiece in a vise or to the top of a workbench before drilling.

    9. Using a Portable Drill Use a scratch awl or a punch to mark a starter hole.

    10. Using a Portable Drill Credits Safety Glasses courtesy of Aearo Corporation All other photography by Kevin May Corporation All illustration by Art MacDillos Technical Assistance by Larry Kruzan