updating your home s electrical system
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Safety Tips For Using a Portable Generator

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Safety Tips For Using a Portable Generator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In need of a good contractor to rewire your home? Read how you can help protect yourself and your home by selecting the right person for the job in the tips provided in this article.

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updating your home s electrical system
A number of options exist when selecting a generator and unlike many products, there are few easily recognizable brand names to choose from. Updating Your Home's Electrical System
The electrical current drawn by the arc is very small which prevents the breaker in an electrical panel from tripping. However, the temperature generated in this process might reach several thousands degrees.Now imagine that you're driving a nail into the wall, which accidentally penetrates an electrical conduit / wires, and causes an arc. If your house is wired with a flexible type conduit (wires are not inside the metal pipe), this small arc might be just the beginning of a big fire... unless this wire begins with a AFCI breaker.
AFCI protection requirement for some of the circuits in you house has been in place since January 1, 2002. AFCI circuit breaker looks very similar to the GFCI breaker but serves completely different purpose.AFCI breakers protect our houses against the electrical fire hazard, while GFCI breakers protect people against electrical shocks.Arc fault happens when the electrical current jumps from one conductor to another. You might have noticed a small lightning (contact arcing) inside the light switch when flipping it. That's when the electrical current performs the jump, thankfully it happens inside the switch which has been designed for such events, and we can call it a controlled arc.
We take our home appliances for granted. Electricity Freedom System Knowing the basics of electrical safety is very beneficial much more than most people could realize. Electricity is a vital component in our modern world.In every corner and in every nook how could we do our work and even gets through our day without all of these modern electrical "slaves". Whether it is a washing machine quietly cleaning our clothes, our water heater at the lake cottage or a simple hair dryer - how could we live in 2010 without all of these "mod cons"?http://electricityfreedomsystemreview.com/ With the advantage we get out of it, we tend to forget the dangers that it encompasses when not done rightfully.