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  1. Friday, 11/1Objective/Goal: Create a journal page with the title “Another Me” following the style and technique of journal Artist Teesha Moore by altering your photograph through collage and drawing and arranging it over a painted and manipulated background. Drill: • 1.The first thing artist Teesha Moore does to her journal pages is to create a ________ using _____. • 2. The second thing she does to her journal pages is to add a _________. • 3. How does artist Teesha Moore create the figures in her journal pages? • 4. What parts of the image on the right do you think were done using collage and what parts do you think were drawn in?

  2. The Journaling Process of Teesha Moore 1. Based on what we know about the journaling process of Teesha Moore describe the way by which this page was created. What happened first, second, third etc. 2. What kinds of composition choices did the artist have to make? 3. What parts of this specific page show evidence of adornment? 4. How can we use the journaling process of Teesha Moore to experiment with a variety of adornment choices using our own faces?

  3. Hair and Dress Play

  4. Head Gear and Dress Play

  5. What we know how to do: • Creating a watercolor background • Adding texture to watercolor with plastic wrap, bubble wrap and other textured objects. • Creating a collage background. • Putting together a figure using images from a variety of sources. • Drawing over and around the figure to add details and interest.

  6. What to do on this page: • Using at least one of your photographs (you can choose which one), create a journal page with the title “Another Me” by adding a different hairstyle, clothing, head gear and other adornment elements to your image. • Experiment with styles, hairdos and clothing that you would never wear or try in real life.

  7. Criteria • You have a watercolor background that includes texture. • You have created a collaged border. • You have created a figure that includes your head from your photograph (minus the hair and clothing) with adornment elements (hair, hats, clothing, jewelry, tattoos, piercings etc.) either drawn in, collaged or both. • You have made good compositional choices by placing the figure and border in ways that effectively use space. • You have used good craftsmanship in cutting, gluing and drawing all elements. • Your work is imaginative, creative and detailed. You were not afraid to experiment. • Your work demonstrates exploration of the concept that adornment choices affect our appearance and the way other people perceive us.

  8. Clean UP • Place journals with wet paint or glue on the drying rack. • Clean brushes and return them to the tool box. • Throw away all trash. • Arrange your table back to the way you found it. • Do your exit ticket.

  9. Exit Ticket • List the steps you used to create today’s journal page. - What decisions did you had to make regarding composition? - What decisions did you have to make regarding the concept?