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Unit 2 What should I do? PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 2 What should I do?

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Unit 2 What should I do? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 2 What should I do?. You could/ should…. Old saying:. Clothes make the man. 人靠衣装,佛靠金装。. Her clothes are out of style. What kind of clothes do you like?. original (different from others, special). comfortable. be in style (in fashion/fashionable). 40 yuan. 50 yuan.

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Unit 2

What should I do?

You could/ should….


Old saying:

Clothes make the man.


Her clothes are out

of style.

What kind of clothes do you like?


(different from others, special)



be in style

(in fashion/fashionable)


40 yuan

50 yuan


(not expensive,




They have the same haircut.

Tom has the same haircut as Jim does.


1a (Next to the statement, write NI, I, VI)

--When you choose clothes, what is important to you?

--In my opinion, clothes should be comfortable. I think it’s important to me.

___ 1.They are original.

___ 2.They are comfortable.

___ 3.They are the same as my friends’ clothes.

___ 4.They are in style.

___ 5.They are inexpensive.

___ 6.They are colorful.


With clothes,the new are best. With friends,the old are best.


Old saying:

Clothes are important.

Friends are also important.

Q1: Did you argue with your friends about clothes?

Q2: Do you think your friend should wear the same clothes as you or different from you?


___ My friend has nicer clothes than I

do .

___ My friend wears the same clothes

and has the same haircut as I do.

___ I don’t like my friend’s clothes

and haircut.

  • 2a Listening
2b Listening

Tell your friend to get different clothes and a different haircut.

Be happy that your friends like your clothes and haircut.

Find a new friend


What’s your advice for Erin?

e.g.: I think Erin should tell her

friend to get different clothes.

Because friends shouldn’t wear

the same clothes.


My advice for Erin:

Clothes are not a serious problem.

Friends are more important than

clothes. Without friends, we will

feel lonely.

No one wants to be lonely.


be popular at school 在学校受欢迎

  • everyone else 其它人
  • be upset 心烦的
  • do wrong 做错事
  • be invited 被邀请
  • find out 查出,找出
  • plan for sth. 为…计划
  • plan to do sth. 计划做某事