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  1. Welcome High School Guidance Counselor Online CHIPS Reporting Tutorial Presented by State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI) Core 40 & Honors Internet Update System CHIPS http://www.in.gov/ssaci/2332.htm

  2. Core 40 & Honors Internet Update System (CHIPS) • CHIPS - Core 40 & Honors Internet uPdate System - is a Web-based application that allows high school counselors to report eligible graduates for consideration of increased Frank O’Bannon funding for higher education tuition & regularly assessed fees at applicable institutions. • Qualifying Graduate Diploma Types for 2012 Reporting • Academic Honors (AH) • Core 40 with Technical Honors (TH)

  3. Core 40 & Honors Internet Update System (CHIPS) Process • SSACI contacts eligible Indiana high schools, via email, in early December and early January. • In early December instructions and deadline information are sent. • In early-January the User ID is sent with instructions on how to create a password for CHIPS database access. Data entry may begin upon receipt of this information. • Important Dates February 28, 2012:Counselors report the 7th semester diploma type by the initial entry deadline. June 15, 2012:Counselors need make the necessary adjustments before the final data entry deadline.

  4. CHIPS Homepage http://www.in.gov/ssaci/2332.htm

  5. CHIPS Homepage Information CHIPS Resources • Academic Honors & Core 40 Verification for State Grant Consideration Form The verification form gives school officials permission to report the students’ information into the SSACI’s CHIPS database; This form should be completed and signed by the parent. • CHIPS Online Tutorial A tutorial on CHIPS Reporting • CHIPS Instruction Manual To be read prior to data entry into CHIPS. The manual contains CHIPS data entry procedures. • Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) A list of the most frequency asked questions. • CHIPS Data Input The location of the database application used to report students with eligible diploma types.

  6. Accessing the CHIPS Database

  7. Online CHIPS Database System • To log into the database, click the “Log On” link. • 2. Click the “CHIPS Instructions” link to access the guidelines.

  8. Terms and Conditions • Read the “Terms & Conditions Agreement” • To continue you must check the “I agree to the Terms & Conditions Agreement” box. • Then click the “Go To Logon Page” button.

  9. CHIPS Log In Screen Create a password The User ID and email address is required to create a password. The email address is tied to the User ID. The email address that you enter must be the one that contained your User ID that you were sent in January. Click the “Create Password” link.

  10. Create a Password • Type in the User ID • Type in the user’s email address • Click the “Create” button

  11. Confirmation of a Password Request Online confirmation notice displays after the “Create” button has been selected. Email notice – This notice is sent to the user’s email address that is on file with SSACI.

  12. CHIPS Log In Screen • Log In • Type in the User ID • Type in the password (case-sensitive) • Click the “Log In” button

  13. CHIPS’ Function Tabs The tabs at the top of the page will help you to navigate to the a specific page in CHIPS. • HOME – Returns the user to the “Homepage” • STUDENTS – Allows the user to access “List of Students” • SCHOOL – Allows the user to update school contact information • PASSWORD – Allows the user to change his/her password • UPLOAD – Allows the user to upload multiple student records • ABOUT – Describes who developed and maintains the CHIPS application

  14. Entering a Student Record From the “List of Students” page, you may enter the student record by clicking the “Enter New Student” link.

  15. Create Student Record • To add a student record enter in the following information: • Enter the social security number (ssn) without dashes or slashes. • Enter the student’s first name and last name - please include Jr, Sr, or number suffixes, for example John Jones, Jr. • Enter the date of birth in the form of mm/dd/yyyy • Click the Diploma Type Box and select either Academic Honors or Technical Honors. • Click the “Create” button. The system will return you to the “List of Students” page.

  16. File Upload • At the top of the “List of Student" page, select the “Upload” tab. Student records may be uploaded into the CHIPS database in two forms: an Excel Spreadsheet or a text file. (Instructions on creating a file to upload is in the CHIPS Guidelines at:www.in.gov/ssaci/2332.htm) • In the Excel Spreadsheet or text file each student record must contain five fields of data. These fields are the student’s SSN, First Name, Last Name, DOB, and diploma type in that order.

  17. Uploading a File • Click the “Browse” button • Select the file from your computer system • Click the “Submit” button • After the file has been submitted the system will display the student records in list form

  18. Sample of a List of Students Each student record contains the student’s social security number (ssn), first name, last name, date of birth, diploma type, date of entry, date of updates and a Result Code. The Diploma Type and Result Codes definitions link is located on the top line.

  19. Editing a Student’s Record Select “Edit Info” to make changes to a student record.

  20. Editing A Student’s Record The user may change the social security number (ssn), first name, last name and date of birth in the edit mode.

  21. Result Codes • Check the Result Code column – The result will either be: 1) An “OK” Result Code meaning that the data entered in CHIPS matches the data on the FAFSA or, 2) All other Result Codes meaning that the data entered into CHIPS does not match the data on the FAFSA. • It is CRITICAL that you check to make sure the Result column has a result code of ‘OK’ for each student. The “OK” signifies that the student’s information entered into CHIPS matches what FAFSA information SSACI has on file. If there is no match between the CHIPS database and the state’s grant database which has FAFSA data, students who are eligible to receive a state grant will not receive the additional dollars associated with the Academic Honors and Core 40 with Technical Honors diploma. • All other codes that are listed under the Result Code column are a indication that some or all of the data entered into CHIPS cannot be matched to the FAFSA data in the state grant system. To determine the meaning of the Result Codes, please check the instruction manual (pg. 21) or slide titled “Diploma Types and Result Codes Definitions” in this presentation. You may need to follow up with the student to try and resolve the issue indicated by the code.

  22. Diploma Type & Result Codes To view diploma types or explanations of the result codes, click “Diploma Type & Result Codes” to view the code definitions. The instructions manual and/or FAQ’s will help you determine why the Result Code is not “OK” and may then guide you on any possible adjustments. Select “Reset Diploma Type” to change the student’s diploma type.

  23. Diploma Types & Result Codes Definitions

  24. Correcting a Diploma Type NOTE: Changing the diploma type in the CHIPS database will occur if the initial student record shows the diploma type as an Academic Honors (AH) or Technical Honors (TH) diploma. However, if it is determined that the student is no longer pursuing an AH or TH diploma, the diploma type would be changed to read as “Neither”.

  25. Important Dates2012-2013 Academic Year FAFSA • 2012-2013 FAFSA received by the federal processor between January 1 - March 10, 2012 for state grant funding consideration • SSACI’s 2012-13 FAFSA correction deadline is May 15, 2012 CHIPS • Deadline for CHIPS INITIAL reporting of diploma type (7th semester status) is February 28, 2012 • Deadline for FINAL updates to CHIPS is June 15, 2012 For CHIPS questions, please contact SSACI at: ahdc40@ssaci.in.gov or 317/232-2350 888-528-4719