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Target Parent Informational Meeting

Target Parent Informational Meeting. Presented by Mrs. Debbie Stewart and Mrs. Mandy Robertson August 27 , 2010. How is the start of a new Target year like a trip to Home Depot?. Both of them make you start thinking about some changes you’d like to make. . A new Target tally.

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Target Parent Informational Meeting

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  1. Target Parent Informational Meeting Presented by Mrs. Debbie Stewart and Mrs. Mandy Robertson August 27, 2010

  2. How is the start of a new Target year like a trip to Home Depot? Both of them make you start thinking about some changes you’d like to make.

  3. A new Target tally • 9 weeks of reports consolidated on 2 pieces of paper • More specific rating scales • Students self-assess on important skill areas • An area for students to explain how they go “above and beyond” from week to week • Continues to serve as our most important communication tool

  4. New Target Units • 2nd and 3rd grade Units this year: • Journey Through Space and Time (fall semester) • Money Matters (spring semester) • 4th and 5th grade Units this year: • Nothing But the Truth (fall semester) • Predators of the Aquatic Biome (spring semester)

  5. A new student reflection piece • What was your “WOW” today? • Some recent examples: “My wow for today were the skits we were assigned. It was amazing how one little 5 minute play could cover such important ideas.” “Wow! I had no idea we got many of our laws from England. “ “I liked learning about Galileo today. Wow – he was brave. He stood up for what he believed.” “Wow – it took almost 2 years to get the Constitution ratificated. I thought it was only like a month or so.” “I thought it was funny that people thought earth was in the middle of the universe because it couldn’t get any heat.”

  6. A new current events schedule • Students report once a month instead of every other week • Students must bring in a “hard copy” of their news story • Students may be quizzed on some of the basic facts that are shared during our current events time.

  7. How can parents help support these changes to our Target tally? • Read and sign the Target tally each week. • Talk to your child about what is written on the tally. • Encourage your child to think of ways they can document going “above and beyond” each week. • Make sure the tally is tucked safely away in a neat, organized Target binder.

  8. How can parents help support our new Target units? • Look for ways to establish connections with our topics as you talk to your children and go about your day. Then encourage your child to share these connections with the class! • Let us know if you (or someone you know) has expertise in any of our topics of study. We always welcome guest speakers in our classrooms!

  9. How can parents help support our new “WOW!” self-reflection piece? • At the end of the Target day, ask your child to tell you what his or her “WOW!” was that day. • Remind students that learning to clearly express their thoughts – both verbally and written – is an important part of the Target program.

  10. How do these changes support the Target curriculum standards? ALP standardsvs.GPS • The Advanced Learning Program (ALP) curriculum standards are not the same as the GPS – Georgia Performance Standards. • Although many of our thematic Target units address some of the GPS, our main goal is to address the 5 main areas of the ALP curriculum standards.

  11. Self-Directed Learner • Take mental risks • Assess his/her own work • Demonstrate initiative • Set a high standard for his/her work • See a task to completion • Persevere in the face of obstacles • Target tally • Going “above and beyond” • Planning, completing, and presenting homework, classwork, and GBR projects

  12. Perceptive Thinker • Demonstrate creative thinking through fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration of ideas • Develop a tolerance for ambiguity • Describe his/her thought processes • Brainstorming • Creative projects • “WOW!” reflections

  13. Analytical Problem Solver • Act as a problem finder • Apply relevant prior knowledge • Select and apply appropriate problem-solving strategies • Critically analyze information to form logical conclusions • Logic puzzles • Mathematical tasks • Hands-On Equations • Critical thinking activities

  14. Effective Communicator • Comprehend, interpret, and evaluate oral and written communication • Listen effectively and provide feedback • Ask appropriate questions • Develop communication that is appropriate to the audience • Current events • Research activities • Sharing of homework, projects, and GBRs

  15. Collaborative Team Member • Work cooperatively in a group • Develop effective leadership skills • Consider other points of view • Interact effectively in a group • Partner research • Group activities within the classroom such as skits, debates, etc…

  16. Reminders about how to contact us: • Blogs: • http://kincaidcougars.typepad.com/stewart/ • http://kincaidcougars.typepad.com/robertson • Email: • Debbie.stewart@cobbk12.org • Mandy.robertson@cobbk12.org

  17. Sign up to join Cobb Chapter of the GA Association for Gifted Children • This is an advocacy group that promotes opportunities for talented and gifted children. • There is a membership application included in your packet today. We encourage you to join!

  18. Any questions? Time for a 5 minute Q and A session… Thank you so much for coming!

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