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Informational Meeting

Informational Meeting. Mission.

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Informational Meeting

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  1. Informational Meeting 1 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  2. Mission • IRO was created to provide an educational middle ground for all engineering and non-engineering students who are interested in the field of robotics. Our primary goals are to centralize the existing robotics community at the University of Illinois and to spread awareness and interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to both the university as well as the local community by engaging students in various activities pertaining to robotics. Our core philosophies include: Technological Innovation, Educational Excellence and Gracious Professionalism 2 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  3. Technological Innovation • We are actively looking to innovate and leverage the latest technology. • How: Projects 3 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  4. Educational Excellence • In a world that is constantly changing, education is a very important factor in our community. • How: Community Events, Workshops and Seminars 4 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  5. Gracious Professionalism • A philosophy not about winning it all but about being part of a community that works together, driven by intellectual curiosity. • How: EVERYTHING we do! 5 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  6. Projects Other Projects Robo-Receptionist Self-Balancing Robot Teams IGVRT IRIS iRobotics Action Robotics 6 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  7. Intelligent Ground Vehicle robotics

  8. The Competition • 4 Challenges: Jaus Challenge, Navigation Challenge, Design Competition, Autonomous Challenge • Occurs in June • Colleges from all around the country


  10. Mission Statement To encourage and facilitate education and hands-on experience in engineering and robotics, especially with a focus on air and space applications for students of all ages.

  11. NASA’s Second Annual Lunabotics Mining Competition • Designed an innovative tele-operated lunar rover/excavator vehicle, named IRIS-1 • Exercised the systems engineering design process in designing and developing IRIS-1, culminating in a systems engineering paper • Built IRIS-1 from scratch utilizing machine shop equipment as well as IRIS owned tools • Worked with Illinois Space Society to help local Boy Scouts get their Space Exploration badge What has IRIS done in the past?

  12. IRIS-1 Development

  13. What We’re Going to Accomplish This Year • Introduce Students to Robotics • Multiple Design Projects • Systems Engineering Project • Learning Discussions/Lectures • Educational Outreach

  14. Introduce Students to Robotics – Level 1 Basic Kit Projects – We buy it, you make it work! Twin Motor Gear Box 1A Power Supply Robotic Arm Adjustable Power Supply Function Generator RC Titan Tank RC Bulldozer Coaster Robot

  15. Multiple Design Projects – Level 2 • We’ll work with you to think up concepts to design and build low cost projects • IRIS helps fund, organize, and provide support infrastructure for design projects that YOU want to do! • Leadership & Teamwork • Hands-on! • Affiliation with other organizations for more projects • Already in the works: • Illinois Space Society’s Rocket Payload • 4kg payload with a camera plus whatever else we want to put into it – Drivetrain? Glider wings? GPS? Quad copter?

  16. Systems Engineering Project – Level 3 Current goal: NASA’s Third Annual Lunabotics Mining Competition Design, develop, and demonstrate an innovative means of lunar regolith excavation by building a lunabot that meets the requirements laid out by NASA – Google: NASA Lunabotics This project requires a multidisciplinary team to tackle challenges in areas including but not limited to: • Structures • Drive Train • Avionics • Mechanics • Control Systems • Power • Interfaces • Risk Management • Project Management • Fabrication

  17. Learning Discussion / Lectures • Systems Engineering • Leadership and Project Management • Professor Research Presentations • And more! • We also want to give you a chance to present things you’ve learned working with IRIS • Member presentations during general meetings on work done in projects • Presentations to outside students, K-12 working with Educational Outreach • Skills Workshops – Soldering, CAD, Programming, etc.

  18. Educational Outreach • Pass down our passion and interest in robotics to younger students! • Great place for new comers to robotics to learn from the ground up by teaching others • Experienced members help those who are less experienced while even learning themselves – everyone wins!

  19. Past Ed-Out Activities Space Exploration Badges Boy Scouts Event Engineering Open House John solders the accelerometers on the PCBs Boy Scouts enjoy the frozen marshmallows.

  20. Future and Current Ed-Out Activities • 4-H Robotics Spin Club • We are preparing a curriculum for an after school program by September 14th • We aim to start the program by the last week of September • FIRST Robotics Mentoring • Engineering Open House (Spring) • Illinois Space Day (Spring)

  21. Our Resources • Multiple funding sources to provide you with what you need to get your project going • Affiliation with many Space and Robotics focused student organizations – this means more people to work with, and more projects to work on! • Access to and a works space in the Engineering Student Projects Lab (ESPL) with many IRIS owned hand tools • Access to the ESPL Machine Shop (with appropriate safety and training – which we can also facilitate) • And of course, • YOU! Our members are our best resource. We’re focused on peer-to-peer education, and that wouldn’t be possible without the great people that work with IRIS

  22. Why Join IRIS? • Introduce you to robotics • Let you work on projects that you’re interested in • Lab space, tools, funds, experienced members • Fun and valuable educational outreach • Learn new, important skills • Build at least one big robot! • Air / Space are where are the cool things happen!

  23. The End iris.ae.illinois.edu iris.uiuc@gmail.com

  24. iRobotics The iRobotics team will be representing the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in FIRST college-level competitions. Last year teams were required to build an Aerial and Ground Vehicle to compete in three different games. 24 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  25. Action Robotics Action Robotics (BattleBots) Action Robotics is looking to compete in the College level BattleBots tournament. They will have to build a robot that is capable of withstanding spinning blades, fire and other dangers, while having the capability to tear apart other robots. 25 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  26. Other Projects Robo-Receptionist Create a station that is able to identify a person and give them several directions at their request. The station will be equipped with a camera (to detect people), a microphone (to hear the speaking person), a set of speakers (to communicate to the person), and a computer (to process all the data). Self Balancing Robot The robot will be able to balance itself while only on two wheels. Essentially it will resemble the Segway but without a human operator. 26 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  27. Community Events FLL Tournament FLL;FTC;FRC Mentoring 4-H Tournament 27 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  28. Committees Community Outreach Vacant Officer Positions: High School Coordinator Public Relations Vacant Officer Positions: News Coordinator Social Networking Coordinator Photojournalist(s) Emails will be sent out on how to get involved! 28 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  29. What’s Next? Sign up to participate in a team / project Sign up to join a committee Stay tuned for e-mails about community events, workshops or seminars or other events and STAY involved 29 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

  30. Contact Information IGVRT Team Leader: Kevin Armstrong (armstr13@illinois.edu) IRIS Team Leader: Jordan Holquist (holquis1@illinois.edu) Website: iris.ae.illinois.edu Email: iris.uiuc@gmail.com IRO Email: illinoisro@gmail.com Website: iro.illinirobotics.org President: Sravan Suryadevara (suryaade1@illinois.edu) VP of Finance: Uros Kuzmanovic (ukuzma2@illinois.edu) VP of Public Relations: Yuou Zhang (zhang354@illinois.edu) VP of Community Outreach: Linas Sulas (sulas2@illinois.edu) VP of Projects: Matthew Birkel (birkel2@illinois.edu) iRobotics Team Leader: Matthew Birkel (birkel2@illinois.edu) Action Robotics Team Leader: Tyler Kragenbrink (kragenb2@illinois.edu) 30 Illinois Robotics Organization 10/4/2014

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