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CCH Document Management Savita Patel Jason Pearce. Agenda . Conversions Features of CCH Document releases Portal. Legacy conversions. Most Docfx conversions completed

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Cch document management savita patel jason pearce

CCH Document Management

Savita Patel

Jason Pearce


  • Conversions

  • Features of CCH Document releases

  • Portal

Legacy conversions
Legacy conversions

  • Most Docfx conversions completed

  • Singleview conversion process has been improved to include mapping of Document Type and Keywords as well as Assignment and Job

  • Most clients are taking the ‘draw a line in the sand’ approach due the time it will take to sort out SV data for conversion

  • Can now configure the Documents tab to read Singleview Archive

  • Clients should be fully aware that conversions take time during which central will be unavailable and their servers will be heavily used during the process - this is normally out of hours and once a conversion starts it should not be stopped – weekends are ideal for this

Singleview conversion option 1
Singleview conversion – Option 1

  • Link Folder which comprises:

    • 1 day consultancy

    • 1 day DM install

    • 1-2 days of training

  • This option will not convert any Singleview data into CCH DM but we will run a script that will add documents to the Document Tab (which can now be renamed)

Singleview conversion option 2
Singleview Conversion – Option 2

  • Full Conversion which comprises:

    • 1 day consultancy

    • 1 day DM install

    • 1-2 days of training

  • PLUS

    • 1 day conversion consultancy

    • 1 day setting up and running a test conversion

    • The rest of the conversion will be down to the client to run

    • No workflow will be converted

Version 1 3
Version 1.3

  • New features

    • File management – no longer saves a copy on your local machine

    • Get local copy – allows users to browse to a folder (including Dropbox and iPad)

    • Audit Trail

    • Document Linking

    • Virtual Inbox

    • Watch Folder

    • Integration to CCH Accounts Production

Cch document management 2012 3 q3
CCH Document Management 2012.3 (Q3)

  • New features

  • Attach documents from Document Centre in Outlook

  • Open documents from Document Centre using MS Office

  • New Add Document Screen - Document Types link to Assignment Type – insolvency filing

  • Document Archiving – This version complies with the British Standard BS 10008

  • Better Document Security - Ensure DM adheres to Central’s Client & Assignment Data Security and Client/Assignment Team Security. Also to include Document type Security

Cch document management 2012 3 q31
CCH Document Management 2012.3 (Q3)

  • New features

  • Enhanced Flow-view – Citrix compatible

  • Enhanced Reporting – Missing File Extensions, All Checked Out Documents, All Documents Created By

  • Ability to sort Documents by Last Modified date

  • Increase standard view in Document Centre – Configuration Key

  • Rename file when adding documents

Cch document management 2012 3 q32
CCH Document Management 2012.3 (Q3)

  • Key fixes

    • Remember the sort order: e.g. defaults to low – high

    • Ability to delete templates

    • Search in the description field

    • Customisation of Properties Panel and Task Bar will be retained

    • Documents displaying incorrect preview

    • Document type selection when creating documents

    • Plug in issues when offline (opening and closing Word and Excel) issues with loading Doc Centre within Outlook when offline

Cch document management portal
CCH Document Management Portal

  • What type of information do you currently exchange with your clients and how?

  • Are you currently using any kind of cloud technology within your practice already?

Cch document management portal1
CCH Document Management Portal

  • Would you like to be able to offer your clients their own online document archive facility (similar to Dropbox)?

  • Would your clients be prepared to pay for an online document archive facility?

Cch document management portal2
CCH Document Management Portal

  • Would you ever see yourselves offering the following options to your clients?

    • Inputting of Tax Return information online

    • Viewing Tax Return information, (date filed, Total due, POA)

    • Approval of Tax Return online

    • Approving Financial Statements online

    • Viewing past invoices / statements

    • Payment of your invoices online

    • Amending basic client details held in Central, (change of name / address / tel / email)

Cch document management portal3
CCH Document Management Portal

  • Do you have any other ideas on the use of a Portal?