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CCH Software CCH Document Management PowerPoint Presentation
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CCH Software CCH Document Management

CCH Software CCH Document Management

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CCH Software CCH Document Management

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  1. CCH SoftwareCCH Document Management

  2. Going Paperless Ian Wilson CCH Product Manager – Document Management

  3. CCH Servicing Professionals in the Accounting, Finance, Legal and Health industries Acquired MYOB UK 2007 3.7 Billion Euros 20,000 staff worldwide

  4. About CCH Document Management Designed by and for accountants 150 Practices in the UK, 1500 in US

  5. About CCH Document Management • Designed by and for accountants • Over 6,500 Licenced users (UK) • CCH Singleview 2004 AccountingWeb Paperless Office Guide • Highest score (46 stars out of 50) • CCH Singleview 2005 AccountingWeb Paperless Office Guide • Highest score (47 stars out of 50)

  6. About CCH Document Management • version launched Dec 2009 • Sharepoint style filing • Document viewer • Portal • Smart filing • Fully integrated into CCH Central

  7. Change is hard! 1 Going Paperless involves Change&

  8. Example: Client Correspondence Fee-earner Dictates document Draft Document Is typed Draft is reviewed and finalised Signed Final Copy is Posted File-Copy to filing Partner In-tray for Review & approval Print Final Copy & File Copy

  9. Example: Client Correspondence

  10. Example: Client Correspondence “It’s slower” “My partner does it differently” “I just use last years’ letter”

  11. You WILL need… Partner “Buy In” Staff “Buy In” to deal with the office dinosaurs A change to “How we do it here”

  12. Scanning 2

  13. How we do it now….. Post comes in Partner review and distribution Staff work on client Long-term storage (eventually) Where do we put the scanner into this process to gain maximum benefit from minimum disruption? Filing clerk/secretary collates into file

  14. Option 1 – Scan at end of process Post comes in Partner review and distribution Work on client Day-file (and move off-site) Pro • Minimal disruption for fee earners • Initial distribution of documents is fast Con • Documents don’t get scanned for some time after initial receipt Scan instead of client-filing

  15. Option 2 – Scan in the middle Post comes in Partner review Day-file (and move off-site) Scan before distribution Pro • Documents are scanned and on-line on day of receipt • Fee-earners are free to keep originals on their desks Con • Delay in distribution to fee-earners Work on client

  16. Option 3 – Scan up front Post comes in Partner reviews on screen and forwards electronically Day-file (and move off-site) Scan before distribution (email sent to partners automatically) Pro • Documents are scanned and on-line on day of receipt • Electronic Workflow! Con • Big cultural change – can be difficult to implement Work on client

  17. CCH Scanning

  18. Selecting a Scanner Reliable Fast (50 ppm minimum) Double-sided (Duplex) ‘Good enough’ quality

  19. Document Scanning A one-page letter in Microsoft Word = c. 25Kb

  20. Scanners – Canon DR 3080 40 ppm 4500 Scans per day 256 dpi Greyscale 100 page feeder £1689 plus VAT

  21. Scanners – Fujitsu fi 6130 Up to 40ppm monochrome Double-sided 2000 scans per day 50-page feeder £657.50

  22. Scanners – Fujitsu Scansnap HOME-USE document scanner Free copy of Adobe Acrobat Double-sided 15ppm Idiot Proof (No, really) £300

  23. Multi-function Photocopiers £1,500- £20,000 Most modern copiers can scan BUT Limited Data-entry Scan to email or network Wrong Location Poor Ergonomics Other demands Best used as a second scanner

  24. Do I back-scan? Will produce a faster take-up of DM Will free up a LOT of SPACE! Outsourced scanning services? Disruption Cost Do It Yourself Outside your expertise Short-term hardware and staff costs

  25. E-mail 3

  26. E-mail E-mail often escapes your current controls E-mail has the immediacy of a phone call, but the legal status of a letter E-mail is conversational in a way that correspondence is not LOTS of my e-mail traffic won’t need filing More of your formal business communications are going by email (FBI)

  27. E-mail Filer

  28. E-mail Establish an Internet (and e-mail) usage policy Staff awareness Consider sending ‘electronic letters’ as attachments Emails are correspondence – treat them identically

  29. Hardware 4

  30. Servers Multiple, specialised, servers File Server Database Server Email Server Application Server

  31. A Reasonable Server Dell PowerEdge T110 Intel Xeon Processor – 3GHz Up to 16Gb Memory Up to 1TB CD Drive, Keyboard, Screen, etc Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition £1500 (base price)+VAT – 5/09/2009

  32. Servers As a rough rule of thumb,Introducing Document Management willDOUBLEyour rate of consumption of disk space

  33. Desktop PC Memory – 1Gb upwards Screen Size – You should be thinking about 17” minimum Dual Monitors – A real benefit

  34. Dual Screens AND (mostly) Paperless

  35. Erm…

  36. Data Management Consider ‘On-line’ archives in place of CD or Tape Network Area Storage (NAS) ReadyNAS NV 1.5 Terabytes capacity (2,400 CD’s) £1400 inc VAT

  37. Data Management ‘Working Server’ for 24 months worth of documents (backed up nightly) ‘Archive Server’ for all older documents Periodic migration ArchiveServer ‘Working’File-Server

  38. Where’s the Payback? 5

  39. Project Goals? • Reduce Risk • Reduce Costs • Improve Access to information • Improve Quality & Consistency • Office Space!

  40. Paperless or Less-paper? We scan, we keep the filing cabinets, but don’t use them much for day-to-day stuff We scan, we get RID of the filing cabinets, and we keep the paper in off-site archives We scan, and we shred.

  41. Paperless or Less-paper? Paperless MUCH harder work Higher procedural standards Legal Admissibility issues Less-paper Paper storage issues remain

  42. Legal Admissibility Civil Evidence Act 1995 Data Protection Act Statutory Requirements BSi BS 10008

  43. This is not ‘All or nothing’ Do Nothing Do Everything Not “Paperless” but “Less Paper”

  44. In conclusion… Change is hard Where do I put the scanner? Email is a problem Hardware demands Where’s the payback?

  45. In conclusion… Change is worth it Analyse your paperflow Email IS correspondence Good hardware is worth it ROI is there to be had