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Document Management

Welcome to . Document Management . Documents or document management has been a myth since ages. Let us make it simple by understanding some basic principles about the document management .

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Document Management

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  1. Welcome to Document Management Documents or document management has been a myth since ages. Let us make it simple by understanding some basic principles about the document management. Understanding document management can make a major impact for your organization. Here, we will cover the fundamentals of document indexing and retrieval all the way through business process management. Next

  2. Public Internal Mail Received Forwardto Minister Office H Forwardto Hold Other DGs H Follow up Others Reply to applicant Close the File A simple Document Flow Next

  3. A more complex approach 100% electronic database based information With related scanned documents or document scanned and linked to existing database Or It can be a mix of manual and electronic data with scanned related documents And documents scanned without having business logic database and enter the Linking reference across the Scanned documents Or 100% non-electronic data but all relevant document scanned and joined through a proper links and Index. Next

  4. Electronic Data In system raised against PURCHASE or CONTRACTS Purchase Order through System Invoice Can be entered in existing electronic data base Paper Invoice PAYMENTS PROJECTS & CONTRACTS PAYMENTS can be electronic data or scanned and entered reference in database TRAINING & RESULTS Electronic Data Base and /or Scanned Documents Many other documents and / or data items can be inserted into database and a powerful index can be created to retrieve the Data/Reference and Scanned document pertaining to ONE Entity Can always be achieved as and when needed. Next

  5. Document Management Basics Document management is the Capture Storage Retrieval Of Documents, with or without a document Management Solutions. Using Manual, Mechanical or Electronic methods to Stores and retrieve the documents. For many organizations this process (Mechanical / Manual) is too much time consuming and too often ignored. Some times even using Electronic gadgets like Computers and Scanner and printers the desired results are not achieved. Next

  6. Documents have and come in Many forms Document comes in the form of both or Paper Electronic An INVOICEcan be a PAPER document received through mail or delivered by hand. But possibly it can be against a the PURCHASE ORDER from your accounting system maintained ELECTRONICALLY. Now this can apply to many other documents used in the Organization Like IN-COMING / OUT-GOING mail, Contract (Vendors and Employees), Insurance, Purchase, Sales, Official Memos……. Optimized use of DMS is demonstrated when managing Projects, Research Documents and other events where history of letters is maintained and needs to be retrieved at a particular time. Next

  7. Documents have and come in Many forms Document can be indexed on Locations, Projects, Vendors, Orders, or any concept which makes a sense to a particular business. This gives users the ability to search and retrieve documents based upon different criteria. A well thought off DMS offers you the luxury of retrieving all relivent documents with minimum key strokes Without searching many cabinets, files and stores for letters and contract details Gone are the days of lost documents or replicated copies of same document in various locations One centralized database of all documents index navigates you all the documents physically available with in the system or mention the locations (in case non integrated system) through archived data. Next

  8. Documents CAPTURE, INDEXING and REFERINCING As discussed above the DMS is CAPTURE, STORE and RETRIEVE of the document. CAPTURE in manual system is receiving the hardcopy of document, forwarding it to respective location where it is received and filed and STOREed in a Cabinet , shelf or Store. ONDEXING is the entry made in a book under some defined columns and heading which are used to search and locate the paper physical location. REFERENCING is the method by which the movement of document is recorded. It can be used as reference to the document pertaining to Other organizations Next

  9. DMS is different and efficient than the PC or NETWORK storage Many times users mistake documents stored on their computer or on a network drive as a form of document management. Documents in folders on a computer or a network drive are only little better than documents in a file cabinet. Documents on a computer are only really available to the person who has access to that PC. Documents placed in one folder on a user’s or Network computer do not have any of the indexing power of a document management system. With a true online document management system, backup and recovery of the data and documents is automated So even in the case of natural disasters or man-made disasters, the documents are still safe and secure. This means that even in the face of a catastrophe a business can still function and you have a disaster recovery plan in place. Next

  10. Thank you for your Time and Interest

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