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Civet Coffee

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Civet Coffee
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Civet Coffee

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  1. Civet Coffee Civet Coffee also named as Kopi Luwak or more notoriously Cat Poo Coffee is the most expensive Coffee in the World. Wondering what is a Civet Coffee ? civet is a cousin species to wild cat and mongoose , as coffee Berries are Civet favorites being eaten passing through their digestive tract (Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus) removing the acidity of the Coffee Berries. The final Product (Poo) or (shit) you named it contain the undigested coffee Bean being excrete out in the jungle. Where people like villager , farmer , coffee evangelist will seek their way in the jungle to collect these POO and roast it into the Final Product the ultimate Civet coffee or kopi Luwak. Origin Of Civet And where do they live? Luwak also named as Palm civet, have a size like a cat predominantly live in the Archipelago of Indonesia . The Scientific name Species is Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus. Can be found around Sulawesi , Bali , Java , Sumatra . Feature Of the Luwak Weight: 2.5 to 4.0kg Body Length : From Head to tail 35 to 45 inch Behaviour Habitat: Nocturnal and Solitary / territorial animal.

  2. Diet: Small fruits / Insect and Small animal / Omnivore. The History Of Civet Coffee During Dutch colonial times in Indonesia, local consumption of coffee was prohibited towards villager and farmer. The Large scale coffee plantation have invited an unwanted guest the civet invading the Coffee crop .They were kill initially as was being labelled as pest, but soon after some farmer collected the excrete of their poo contain coffee bean and roasted it into coffee roast the legend of Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak started. What Happens in the Civet Stomach when Coffee Bean are consumed? When the coffee Berry going through the Digestive tract of the Luwak or civet. The Digestive Juices, of the Luwak entering the bean modifying the bean property result a substantial of protein break down removing the acidity of the Coffee . Ethical Means Of kopi Luwak? As the demand for Civet Coffee or kopi Luwak Grows. Some Unethical farmer porch and captivate these Luwak or civet in small confine space feeding them berry everyday in order to get their Poo. According to expert there are only 500Kg of Luwak real Luwak coffee being gather annually, but due to lots of unethical activities on going to enslave the animal for its poo, the border line between real wild Luwak Civet Coffee and Captivated Cage kopi Luwak is becoming vague. In conclusion Does it seem humane to consume these coffee? It depends on what’s your perspective . If the source of the Coffee is ethical why not? But It will not sound to be a good idea to consume this type of Coffee everyday as it will cost you lots of lots of money. Civet Coffee kopi Luwak cat poo Coffee luwak Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus luwak coffee civet coffee indonesia real kopi luwak history of civet coffee luwak Created By