Woods runner gary paulsen 2010 coming of age
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Woods runner Gary Paulsen 2010 coming of age. Marshall .b 6. Setting.

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Woods runner gary paulsen 2010 coming of age

Woods runnerGary Paulsen2010coming of age

Marshall .b



  • Samuel is in 1776 during the revolution. This mostly takes place in the woods but towards the beginning his parents are kid napped so he follows them to new York. The story would have had a different name. it would have not been a war story.


  • Samuel is right dead smack in the middle of a war trying to get his parent back. it is man vs. man

Summary of plot
Summary of Plot

  • The beginning is he's in his house with his family. The climax is he's out in the woods hunting. The conflict is he sees fire and it turns out to be his house. The falling action is he's going after his parents. The ending is he finds his parents.


  • War is the main theme of this story.

  • Text Evidence 1:red coats are surrounding Philadelphia.(red coats means British solders)

  • pg189

  • Text Evidence 2:the red coats have taken new York.pg150

  • Text Evidence 3:rummors of fighting had occurred.pg10

Point of view
Point of View

  • It is from a first person point of view. It helps you picture what it would be like running through the woods going through this whole war. The story an entirely different out come


  • I have brought in a log cabin because this is the first thing you encounter in the story.


  • I would recommend this book to anybody who likes a good thriller because he actually fights in the war along side of solders.