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Gary Paulsen

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Gary Paulsen
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Gary Paulsen

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  1. Gary Paulsen By Sydney and Marshall

  2. Gary Paulsen • Gary Paulsen was born on May 17,1939 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His parents were Oscar and Eunice Paulsen. His wife is Ruth White Paulsen. His sister is Paulette and his half –brother’s name is Bill. He graduated Thief River Falls High School in 1957 with a D- average. His awards include the Newberry Honor Medal and the Margaret Edwards Award from the American Library Association. He and Ruth divide their time between a home in New Mexico and a boat in the Pacific Ocean. It is interesting to know, that he ran away from home at age 14 and joined a carnival. He has raced the Iditarod (a dog sled race in Alaska) two times. He has written over 175 books.

  3. Book Titles • Alida’s song • Hatchet • Road trip • The quilt • Mudshark • Canoe days • Canyons • Captive • Dancing carl • Wood runner • Dog song • Crush the theory • The time hacker • The beet field • The glass café • Brian’s hunt • Brian’s return • Brian’s winter • Curse of ruins • Cookie (Anthology)

  4. Woods runner The genre of Woods runner Is historical fiction. The setting is in a forest. The characters are Sam, Annie Ma, Pa , Isac , and Coop. Sam’s parents got taken away by British soldiers. He goes to New York and finds the prison camp where his parents are. He saves his parents. The conclusion is he sneaks his parents out of the prison camp. The critique is I loved the book because it tells you what happened along time ago and I like how it describes places people and things.

  5. Hatchet The genre of my story the hatchet realistic fiction because it’s not based on a true story but it could happen. The Hatchet takes place on the border of Canada in a forest. The main character is Brian. After a plane crash Brian needs to survive for two weeks with wolves, bears, and mountain lions. Brian also needs to survive the weather of humidity, rain , and wind. Eventually a rescue team is sent out to find him after he sends out a message from the crashed plane. I thought that it was very action packed and filled with adventure. I really liked it.

  6. Comparison Differences Similarities In Woods runner and Hatchet they both have teenage boys in the story. In Woods runner and Hatchet they are both in forest. In Woods runner and Hatchet they both don’t have pets. In Woods runner Sam has siblings and in Hatchet Brian doesn’t have siblings. In Woods runner they kill people and animals and in Hatchet they just kill animals. They both take places in different time periods.

  7. Question 1 Who’s the main character in Woods runner ?

  8. Answer : Sam

  9. Question2 Where is the prison camp where Sam parents are?

  10. Answer : New York

  11. Answer : The British soldiers

  12. Question 3 Who too Sam’s parents?

  13. Answer : The British soldiers

  14. Question 4 Who’s the main character in Hatchet

  15. Answer: Brian

  16. Question 5 What’s the setting for Hatchet ?

  17. Answer : The border of Canada

  18. Question 6 Does the main character have any siblings?

  19. Answer: No