hatchet gary paulsen 1996 coming of age fiction n.
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Hatchet Gary Paulsen 1996 Coming of age Fiction PowerPoint Presentation
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Hatchet Gary Paulsen 1996 Coming of age Fiction

Hatchet Gary Paulsen 1996 Coming of age Fiction

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Hatchet Gary Paulsen 1996 Coming of age Fiction

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  1. HatchetGary Paulsen1996Coming of ageFiction Allison N. 4th Period

  2. Setting • The setting is the woods. It has a lot of big trees. You can mainly see the color green everywhere. You can be awaken by the sounds of birds chirping. The woods is important, because it shows the hardships Brian went through. You cannot change the setting, because it will change how problems occur and how they’re solved.

  3. Characters

  4. Conflict • It is Man v Nature. It is Man v Nature, because Brian has to learn how to survive in the woods by himself. He learns new things while being in the woods. He also has to get his own food and build a shelter, to survive in the woods. He also builds a shelter to keep away danger.

  5. Summary of Plot • After a plane crash, thirteen-year-old Brian spends fifty four days in the wilderness, learning to survive initially with the only aid of a hatchet given by his mother , and learning also to survive his parents’ divorce.

  6. Theme • You learn new things everyday. • Text Evidence 1: Brian learned his mom was cheating on his dad. Page 30. • Text Evidence 2: The second day being in the woods he learned to build shelter. Page 56. • Text Evidence 3: He learned how to catch fish by himself. Page 107.

  7. Point of View • This story is told in third person point of view. Third person point of view helps the reader, by telling the readers what each different characters think about something. If you were to choose first person it would be told by one persons perspective and only telling you what they think, not what other people think.

  8. Symbolism • In this story a hatchet symbolizes bravery. It symbolizes bravery, because the hatchet is the way the main character survives in the situation he gets himself in.

  9. Recommendation • I recommend you read this book, because it is a very good book. It’s worth reading, because when you read this book you will realize that you may take some things for granted. You will also learn good lessons and you can also be taught things while reading this book. I enjoyed reading this book, because I can relate to this book.