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  1. INVESTIGATION GRADE -8 MYP2 What should be in your document? Problem identified – Why are you working on this project and what you want to tell others about the gadget? Introduction of the Gadget. Hardware/Software of the Gadget and how it works? DESIGN SPECIFICATION – Which software are you going to use to create the website? What plans you have for the background? What will be on Home page and the rest of the two pages? Are you thinking of relevant images for the page? Resources from where you got your information and images. AOI – HUMAN INGENUITY ATL – INFORMATION LITERACY & SKILLS

  2. AOI – HUMAN INGENUITY ATL – INFORMATION LITERACY & SKILLS DESIGNS DESIGNING THE SCREENS: • The Images you will use • The background you will use • The font face, size and colour you will use • Any effects that you may intend to have in your web pages (e.g. Marquee) • You will design 3 feasible designs for a minimum of 3 web pages (more pages is at your own time management) you will create as a product/solution to display “how stuff works” to the student community. • The first page should be a home page in your web site to welcome the student community and a little bit of yourself and the component (gadget) that you have chosen to help understand “how it works”, with hyperlinks to link to other pages in the web site.

  3. PLAN STAGE In this section of the design cycle you need to work out a plan on how to accomplish the task of completing the web-pages within the given time frame. Be realistic in drawing a chronological order of plan taking each of the task involved in completing the web pages. Remember the designs you have chosen for each web page. A good planning will help you complete a good WEBSITE!!!

  4. CREATE STAGE: • Start working on your home page • Look into various features of the software that you can use to make your web page look professional. • Keep your web page design as per the choice of design you have made. • You may also use cool animated text for your web pages ( to help you. • Make your web pages with appropriate information and relevant images.

  5. EVALUATE This is the last stage of your MYP Design Cycle project. Now is the time when you have to evaluate your drawings and how you performed. Follow the steps: Product (WebPage) Evaluation: > Explain how good is your website on the gadget you have chosen to explain? > Did you learn something while you were Creating WebPages? > Did you try and use the features of the software? > Show your WebPages to at least TWO of your friends and ask them what they think of your website..

  6. CONTINUED: • 2. SELF EVALUATION: • > How well did you perform in completing the project? • > Did you face any difficulties in completing the task? • Which stage of the design cycle was interesting for you? • Do you think you could have improved your WebPages if you had more time?