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The Crusades. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Crusades.

The Crusades.

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The Crusades.

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  1. The Crusades. • The Crusades re-opened the old trade routes of the ancient world bringing new goods and new ideas to Europeans. • However, unbeknownst to the Europeans the new connection to the old world would forever change the lives of Europeans. • In December of 1347 ships carrying cargos of silks and spices inadvertently brought another good…… • The Black Death

  2. What was the Black Death? • The Plague was carried by rats. • It was transmitted to humans by the flea bites - who lived on the rats. • Fleas were, alas, such a part of everyday life that no one noticed them much. • In this invisible manner the plague spread from rat to human and to cat and dog, as well.

  3. What were the symptoms? • Day 1 – headache, chills and fever, which left him exhausted . Maybe he experienced nausea, vomiting, back pain, soreness in his arms and legs. Perhaps bright light was too bright to stand. • Day 2 - swellings appeared. They were hard, painful, burning lumps on his neck, under his arms, on his inner thighs. Soon they turned black, split open, and began to ooze pus and blood. They may have grown to the size of an orange. • Day 3 – internal bleeding. There would be blood in his urine, blood in his stool, and blood puddling under his skin, resulting in black boils and spots all over his body. Everything that came out of his body smelled utterly revolting. He would suffer great pain before he breathed his last. • Day 4 – live or death.

  4. When and where did it spread?

  5. What were the consequences of the Black Death? • Death of 20-25 million Europeans – from 80 to less than 60 million. • People died so swiftly and in such high numbers that burial pits were dug, filled to overflowing and abandoned; bodies (sometimes still living) were shut up in houses which were then burned to the ground; and corpses were left where they died in the streets. • Feudalism declined with a loss of a work force. • Towns, cities, businesses are effected. • It took 500 years till Europe’s population reached the same number before the Black Death.

  6. Travel – I Dare ya! • You are a European either trading or going on a pilgrimage. • Today you are going to take the risk of traveling during the time of the pestilence or Black Death. • Read the directions carefully. • See you at the end – well some of you will!!