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Info tech 8 February 25 th 2013. Career PowerPoint. Three jobs: 1.Vet 2.Novelist 3. Illustrator/ Artist. By: Megan Burkholder. First Possible job: Vet. Reasons Why I would like to be a Vet:.

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career powerpoint

Info tech 8

February 25th 2013

Career PowerPoint

Three jobs:



3. Illustrator/ Artist

By: Megan Burkholder

first possible job vet reasons why i would like to be a vet
First Possible job: Vet.Reasons Why I would like to be a Vet:

Because I love animals and would like to help them. I have a goldfish at home that has a disease and it can’t feed itself so I feed it by hand every other day.

Because it gives a good amount of money and you get to take care of animals. 

You would know lots of stuff about animals and you could take care of your own pets without paying so much money.

I would like to volunteer sometimes at animal shelters and SPCA’s so I can probably be more helpful.

You can inform people and work with medicine and science stuff.

duties as a vet
Duties as a Vet:
  • To diagnose diseases and illnesses in animals through physical examinations and tests.
  • Treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medicine and doing whatever is best for the animal.
  • Give shots to help animals prevent diseases.
  • Provide dental services to the animals.
  • Advise clients on how they should care for their pet.
working conditions and qualifications
Working Conditions and Qualifications.

Working Conditions:

In an environment such as an office, hospital or school.

They may have to work outside so they would have to work through the weather.

They may be exposed to infectious bacteria and have a risk of catching it.

They would work near machines/instruments where there could be a possibility for injury.

There may be the presence of prolonged or noxious odors in the work environment.

Working Qualifications:

You must be able to work no matter the environment and you should be able to stay focused and use quick thinking when different circumstances change.

Minimum education required. You do need a bachelors degree.

current workforce

Current Workforce

Workforce Characteristics:

employment outlook and career paths
Employment Outlook and Career paths

Employment Outlook:

There would be many new openings to replace those who retire.

Due to the increasing amount of pets, spending on vet services has doubled over the last 10 years.

People consider their pets as members of the family so they would be willing to spend $ to extend their lives.

Because of the people paying because of their sick pets. It gives lots of opportunities for employment.

Recent outbreaks of diseases in farm animals also demands vet services.

why i would like to become a novelist author
Why I would like to become a Novelist/author.
  • Because I love to read and write.
  • I know a lot about story plots because of the many books that I have read.
  • Because you can work wherever you go all you need is a computer.
  • It feels really great and you feel like you have accomplished something and you feel proud.
  • And if you get lucky and write a really good book you could make a lot of money and be recognized. 
  • If I was going to be an author I’d probably have another job and just write whenever I had time. Authors don’t tend to make too much money. So you might need another job for support.
duties as a novelist author
Duties as a novelist/author.

Creative writers conceive and write novels, plays, scripts, poetry and other material for publication or presentation

They may conduct research to establish content and to obtain other necessary information.

Technical writers analyze material.

They take notes and drawings, and write manuals, user guides and other documents to explain clearly and concisely the installation, operation and maintenance of software and electronic, mechanical and other equipment.

Copywriters study products and services and write text for advertisements and commercials.

working conditions and qualifications1

Working Conditions and Qualifications

Normal working conditions such as in a office school, hospital or even at home.

You must be creative and good with using words.

You should probably be good at English and spelling.

You should be quite patient and should be able to work a long time.

Good at taking fast notes and to have “convincing writing”.

employment outlook and career paths1

Employment Outlook and Career Paths

The Southwest region has the highest number of those employed in writing, translating and Public Relations Professionals occupations in all of the B.C. development regions.

Authors and Writers is one group within Writing, Translating and Public Relations Professionals

You may have to work on very tight schedules to be able to finish your novel in time for its due date. People are now more interested in novels and are eager to read different plots. There is always a demand for newer, better authors who could potentially be the next best writer to make lots of money.

reasons why i would be an illustrator artist
Reasons why I would be an Illustrator/Artist

BecauseI like designing posters and I wouldn’t mind designing for products.

I like to display information while creating designs.

I think it would be fun and would use lots of creativity and imagination.

I love art and I think that it would be interesting.

The job requires organization skills and handing stuff in on a tight time schedule.

duties as an illustrator artist

Duties as an Illustrator/Artist

They talk to people and discuss and establish the overall look.

They determine strategies and create the desired visual effects.

They prepare sketches and estimate the cost of materials.

They produce images that meet the needs of clients, they use either existing photograph and/or hire and act as creative directors to illustrators or photographers.

Illustrators design illustrations for books and magazines to replicate the feel of the thing or the characters.

working conditions and qualifications2
Working Conditions and Qualifications

Working Conditions:

They normally work in studios or offices, but increasingly work from their own home office.

You have to be able to work for long periods of time and you may have a risk of back injury if for work on the computer for too long.

Because of so much time focusing and drawing you could have sore wrists and eyes.

They need the ability to handle stress because of short notice and tight timelines.


illustrators are required to have a university degree in visual arts with specialization in graphic design, commercial art, graphic communications or cartooning.

Experience or training in multimedia design at a post-secondary college or technical institution may be required.

portfolio of work is required for graphic designers and illustrators. This allows clients and prospective employers to view the type and quality of work that an individual can accomplish.

current workforce2

Current Workforce

Workforce characteristics:

employment outlook and career paths2
Employment Outlook and Career Paths

The television and film industry employs a large number of animators. Industry sources say that in the field of illustration, there is a demand for lots of digital artists.

More and more designers are undertaking marketing and public relations work. For example designing labels.

There are currently many short (one year or less) training programs being offered. Graduates from these programs are not as likely to get hired though in comparison to those with more extensive education.

Individuals beginning a career as an illustrator may want to consider joining an illustrator organization, for access to workshops, opportunities for employment etcetera. etcetera.





In Conclusion the 3 jobs I have chosen is a vet, an author/novelist or an illustrator/artist.

Being a vet has the best salary.

Being an illustrator or an author has the better conditions.

Being an illustrator or a vet has the best over all current workforce.

The best job out of the 3 jobs I have chosen is a vet. I would prefer this job over the others.

Thanks for listening to my presentation! 