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  1. PowerPoint Presentation Software TEST Review

  2. PowerPoint 1. The Custom Animation task pane can be used to change the order of animated items . Yes 2. Which part of the PowerPoint window displays the current slide number and the total number of slides? Status bar 3. Bulleted items sliding in one by one is an animation example Yes 4. Which part of the PowerPoint window displays notes that correspond to the current slide? Notes Pane

  3. 5. Sound cannot be added to a slide transition? False: Sound can be added to a slide. 6. New slides are added After the current slide Insert Clip Art is used to add A graphic from the clip organizer Which view divides the window into the Slides and Outline tabs, Slide Pane, and Notes Pane? Normal View

  4. 9. Which view displays only thumbnails or miniatures of all the slides in the presentation? • Slide Sorter View • 10. A different transition should be applied to each slide in a presentation. • False---using the same transition makes a more professional looking presentation • When sound file is added to a slide, what will be displayed in the presentation? • A sound icon (speaker)

  5. 12. Which view is useful for changing slide order and selecting multiple slides? • Slide Sorter View • Which key is pressed to start Slide Show view? • F5 • Which view displays the current slide in full screen size? • Slide Show View • During a slide show, pressing the Esc key • ends the slide show. • A PowerPoint Presentation can include • Sound, pictures, and text

  6. 17. The images above are examples themes 18.To delete a slide from a presentation select a slide from the Slide Pane and press Delete 19. To duplicate an existing slide in your presentation use Ctrl D 20. The way one slide changes to the next in Slide Show view is called the slide transition.

  7. 21. A visual that allows you to create slides that can be projected on a screen is called a • presentation • 22. Dissolve, Fade Smoothly, and Wipe Left are examples of • slide transitions • 23. The way items move onto a slide is called • animation • 24. To have titles fad in one by one during a slide show, apply • an animation • 25. Fade, Wipe, and Fly In are examples of • animations

  8. 2 1 1. Contains the text of all slides in a format similar to Outline view in Word. Outline Pane 2. Displays one slide at a time as it will appear in the presentation. Slide Pane 3. Contains notes for the speaker that correspond to the displayed slide. Notes Pane 3

  9. Views • Divides window into three separate panes, which allows the slide, outline, and lecture notes to be edited without changing views Normal View • Displays miniature slides that allow the order of slides in a presentation to be modified. Slide transitions and animations can be added in this view Slide Sorter View • Displays the current slide in full-screen size as it appears during a presentation Slide Show View