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Private Non Profit Wild West Texas PowerPoint Presentation
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Private Non Profit Wild West Texas

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Private Non Profit Wild West Texas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Private Non Profit Wild West Texas. YSLETA INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT El Paso, Texas Federal and State Programs 2013 . Private Non Profit Program. Gilbert Rodriguez- (915)434-0792 Alice Garcia- (915)434-0796

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Private Non Profit Wild West Texas

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    1. Private Non ProfitWild West Texas • YSLETA INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT • El Paso, Texas • Federal and State Programs • 2013

    2. Private Non Profit Program Gilbert Rodriguez- (915)434-0792 Alice Garcia- (915)434-0796 Jackie Saenz- (915)434-0793

    3. Downtown El Paso

    4. Private Non Profit Program regulations

    5. Regulations • Equitable Services to PNP • Annual Notification • Eligibility • Funding • Services • Assessments • Delivery of Services • Evaluation • Consultation • Affirmations

    6. Equitable Services to PNP Schools • P.L. 107-1120 General Requirements for Children Enrolled in Private Schools • In General - to provide equitable benefits that address the needs of the eligible PNP students • Secular, Neutral, Nonideological- services and materials • Equity- educational services and other benefits must be comparable to the services that the public school students are receiving • Expenditures – equal to the proportion of the funds allocated to participating school attendance areas based on the number of children from low-income families who attend private schools • Provision of Services – services may be provided by the LEA or through contracts with public and private agencies

    7. Requirements • Title I, Part A Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged • Title II, Part AProfessional Development • Title III, Part ALanguage Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students • IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Act

    8. Basic Rules and Regulations STEP 1 - Annual Notification STEP 2 - Student eligibility STEP 3 - Funding STEP 4 - Delivery of Services

    9. Basic Rules and Regulations • STEP 1 - Annual Notification • Contact PNP schools annually regardless of whether the school is located within the LEA boundaries . • Provide explanation of the availability of TI-A services for eligible students is the initial contact which begins the consultation process.

    10. Basic Rules and Regulations • STEP 2 - Student Eligibility (must meet two criteria) • Residential eligibility—students must reside in the LEA TI-A attendance area, regardless of PNP school location. • Academic need—students must be failing, or at-risk of failing, to meet high academic standards based on multiple objective criteria. • Poverty is NOT an eligibility criterion for TI-A services. • The LEA prioritizes student needs to determine which students will be served.

    11. Basic Rules and Regulations STEP 3 – Funding • Ensure equitable services for Students, teachers and families • - Educational services for students (proportionate share) • - Professional development for teachers (within LEA boundaries) • - Parental Involvement for parents (1% set-a-side) • (Funds can not be used to improve the general instructional program of the private school) • (Funds should be used to show the private school teacher how to better address the needs of the Title I students ) • Ensure matching funds for any LEA off the top reservations • Allocation of funds / LEA must maintain control of funds at all times / LEA’s retains ownership to all materials, supplies equipment. • IDEA – comparable to public school services

    12. Basic Rules and Regulations • STEP 4 - Delivery of Services • LEA services should meet the specific educational needs of the participating private school students and teachers that show reasonable promise of effectiveness. (ESEA 9501(a)(1)-(2) • Agreement of Services • Between public and private school officials • Determine what services will be offered (e.g. Math & Reading) • Service delivery mechanisms • Through an employee of the LEA • Contract with a third-party provider, individual, or an educational institution

    13. Title II-A TPTRProfessional Development - PNP • Eligible Activities may include: • Improving knowledge and skills of teachers and staff in core academic subjects • Effective instructional strategies, methods, and skills • Integrating technology into curriculum • Teaching students with different needs • Methods to improve student behavior/classroom management • Training in the use of data and assessments to improve instruction

    14. Title I-A Private Non Profit School Services Timeline and Deadlines There is no set timeline for meeting Title I, Part A compliance requirements for equitable services, however there are several deadlines for submitting specific documentation to TEA.

    15. Private Non Profit School Services • The student specificprogram follows one of these models: • follows a Targeted Assistance-like Model • includes secular, neutral and nonideological services and benefits • utilizes a service provider Annual Cycle of Services


    17. Education Service Center Region 19 Integration with LEA’s

    18. PNP Program Integration ESCR19 PNP Outreach to LEA’s Establish standards Campus site visits Survey PNP / Listen to their concerns Highly Qualified – Professional Development and Appraisal System • PNP Program Integration • ESCR19/PNP/LEA • Planning Committee • Initial Consultation Meeting • CNA/CIP • Income Determination • Survey of Students Enrolled • Teacher Referral Forms • Migrant Education Program Survey • Student Residency Questionnaire (McKinney Vento) LEA * Consultation Meetings * Affirmation of consultation * Eligibility Process * Service Delivery * Assessment * Funding * Program Evaluation • ESCR 19 • Professional Learning • Opportunities: • LEA’s • PNP

    19. PNP/LEA/ESC Planning Committee The goals of the Private Non-Profit Committee is to coordinate and provide consistency on the Private Non-Profit requirements which include: - Consultation, Equitable Services, Professional Development, - Standards/Assessments - Programs Evaluation, & Modification Programs.

    20. PNP LEA Planning Committee • Address Findings Related to Texas’ Implementation of the Title I, Part A Programs Provided to Private Non-profit Schools; USDE Monitoring Report • Meet on monthly basis or more often if necessary • USDE Private School Children TI Resource Kit

    21. Results of LEA Planning Committee • USDE Private School Children TI Resource Kit • Income Determination Form • Survey of Students Enrolled • Teacher Referral Forms • Migrant Education Program Survey (Agricultural) • Student Residency Questionnaire (McKinney-Vento)

    22. Results of LEA Planning Committee Networked and coordinated efforts among all stakeholders (LEAs, PNPs and ESCR19) Coordination from all stakeholders with all entitlements Connected PNP professional development with ESCR19 personnel based on campus needs Provided Professional Development on Campus Improvement Plans for PNP Web-Based CNA/CIP Developed a Web-Based CNA/CIP

    23. Ysleta ISD - Model Rio Grande River

    24. Ysleta ISD • Consultation Requirements • Eligibility • Campus Site Visits • Tutoring Services • Communication

    25. Ysleta ISDConsultation Requirements:Annual Notification of Initial Consultation to all PNP’s within boundaries • Certified Letter sent out to all 89 Private Nonprofit Schools within ESCR19 in January of each year • 2nd notice is sent out by the ESC Region 19 reminding them to register for the Private Non-Profit Initial Consultation for Federal Entitlements. • 3rdnotice is sent out through e-mail by the Ysleta Independent School District reminding them to make sure to submit their participation forms

    26. Ysleta ISDEligibility • Income Determination Form • Student Survey Form • Educational Criteria

    27. Ysleta ISDCampus Site Visits • Agendas • Educational Services • Highly Qualified Teachers (PDAS Assessed) • Assessments • Reading and Math • Beginning, Middle, End of Year

    28. Ysleta ISDTutoring Services • 13 schools • 4 Highly Qualified Teachers • 2 FTEs Certified PK-12 in Reading • 2 PTEs - 1 certified 7-8 Math/Reading and 1 certified 7-12 Math • One-on-one and small group direct instruction in Math and Reading outside the regular classroom-pull out model • Before, during and after school programs • Two-45 minute sessions per week, 30 weeks • Summer school

    29. Ysleta ISDCommunication • Consultations • Emails • Phone Calls • Campus Site Visits

    30. Finale Thank you!

    31. Questions