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The Wild West

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The Wild West. 1800’s to 1860’s. Background to Exploration of the West. As our country grew we needed more room! The Wild West at first was the Appalachian Mountains . People like Daniel Boone cleared the way for people to settle west of this mountain range in the Ohio River Valley.

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the wild west

The Wild West

1800’s to 1860’s

background to exploration of the west
Background to Exploration of the West
  • As our country grew we needed more room!
  • The Wild West at first was the Appalachian Mountains.
  • People like Daniel Boone cleared the way for people to settle west of this mountain range in the Ohio River Valley.

I’m Daniel Boone

What it looks like now!

more background
More Background
  • As the country grew more, we kept moving west.
  • The Mississippi River was the border of the explored and settled America.
  • The Mississippi was used for

transportation and moving goods

  • The southern start of the route was

New Orleans, owned by the French.

  • The northern start of the route was

St. Louis, owned by us.

New Orleans

louisiana purchase
Louisiana Purchase
  • French owned New Orleans was creating an issue for Americans.
  • As the French fought with England, they needed money for war. So travel on the Mississippi River was taxed.
  • Thomas Jefferson sent an ambassador to France to purchase New Orleans. He sent the man with the power to spend $10 million for the city.

Mardi Gras, 1890

louisiana purchase1
Louisiana Purchase
  • Napoleon really needed money so instead of selling New Orleans, he offered to sell all of their land in the America.
the statistics of the louisiana purchase
The Statistics of the Louisiana Purchase

I could buy 14 states?

  • Happened on April 30th, 1803
  • Sold for $15 Million ($217 Million in Today’s $)
  • 829,000 acres
  • 14 future states
  • 3 cents per acre
  • Doubled size of US at the time


Simon Cowell - $45 million

Oprah - $260 million

Alex Rodriguez - $25 million

Miley Cyrus - $25 million

Taylor Swift - $19 million

Harry Potter - $32 million

JayZ - $20 million

LeBron James - $15 million

the opening of the west
The Opening of the West
  • Thomas Jefferson was a big fan of Natural History (aka Field Museum or )
  • He needed someone to explore what he just bought.
  • He picked Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
lewis and clark
Lewis and Clark

Goal: To find a water route from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean

  • Left: May 14th, 1804
  • Returned: September 23rd, 1806
  • 33 men called the Corps of Discovery
  • The total cost of journey: $2,500
  • Took only what they couldn’t find in the wild

Fort Mandan

North Dakota

They made it!

  • She is credited with helping Lewis and Clark survive.
  • Her husband, a French guy, was hired as a guide for the expedition in North Dakota.
  • She spoke Shoshone and was very useful interpreting.
  • She helped them get horses for the trip over the Rocky Mountains






Well, You’re A Donkey!

the importance of the expedition
The Importance of the Expedition
  • Made 140 detailed maps
  • Discovered over 100 species of animals
  • Discovered 176 species of plants
  • Developed positive relationships with the local Native Americans
  • Failed at their Goal; there is no water route through the United States.

Prairie Dogs & Bison


Read pg. 272 – 277

Make 2 column notes like this:

the paths west

The Paths West

1848 - 1890