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“It’s My Information” PowerPoint Presentation
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“It’s My Information”

“It’s My Information”

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“It’s My Information”

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Presentation Transcript

  1. My Biz (My Business) “It’s My Information” - Presented by Jean Coulter

  2. What is My Biz? An exciting new web-based Oracle Self Service application within the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) that allows an employee to: • Access and view your personnel information 24 hours a day/7 days a week • Maintain your own information, including personal profiles, and benefits • Provide input on performance plans

  3. What Information is Available in My Biz? Initially, you can view data related to your civilian employment, such as • Position information (current/historical) • Salary information • Appraisal and Awards information • Benefits • Appointmentinformation

  4. What Can My Biz Do for Me? In addition to viewing your personnel information, you will be able to update information such as: • Race and National Origin designation • Handicap code • Email addresses • Phone numbers • Foreign language proficiency

  5. How do I Access My Biz? Type the following URL address into your internet explorer

  6. When you log into My Biz for the first time, you will be prompted to provide a user ID and a password • Your user ID is your social security number (SSN) • Your initial password consists of the following • Capitalize first letter of first name • $ sign • Lower case first letter of last name • $ sign • Fourth digit of SSN • $ sign • Fifth digit of SSN • $ sign You will be prompted to change your password after initial log in. The password must be 8 characters, have at least one upper case, one lower case, a number and a special character with no repeating characters. Example: User John Smith with SSN 123-45-6789, will enter J$s$4$5$

  7. Employee Self Service Views “My Biz” To access My Biz navigate to the link provided in our e-mail. The following login screen will display. The default user name and password is found on the previous slide. After successfully entering the user id and password the first time, user will be directed to the Change Password window.

  8. The answer provided here will be used to complete user validation if password reset is ever required After successfully entering the user ID and password the My Biz “home page” will display.

  9. Click the My Biz link; this opens the functions menu of available tasks that can be performed from the selected responsibility within the Self Service application. You will now see three columns.

  10. The column in the middle displays the Functions available. • My Information • Update My Information • My Biz Help

  11. The column on the right lists links to other web sites frequently visited by employees.

  12. Let’s begin by clicking on My Information.On the next page, you’ll see your information.When you see “Show”, this is a toggle.

  13. Clicking on the show will expand that frame to show more details about the tab you are in.The next several slides show the details of each tab.

  14. General Info – The information displayed in this section will be viewable from any tab selected.

  15. To return to the home page, click on Home at the bottom of the screen.Now, to update information, click on Update My Information.

  16. The following slides show you the update screens of the Employee Phone Number, the Race and National Origin and the US Fed Language Tabs.To actually update information in any of these tabs, enter the information and click “Submit”.

  17. Summary Immediate secure access to personnel information Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any personal computer Convenient access to information, it’s all at your fingertips There’s No Business like “My Biz”

  18. Questions?Jean CoulterDSN 667-1261Comm (502) 607-1261

  19. MY WORKPLACE Coming Soon!

  20. What is My Workplace? • Self Service Application for Supervisors • Integrated with DCPDS • Allows Technician and AGR Supervisors access to their technician employees’ personnel data

  21. My Workplace impact on NSPS • Pay for Performance Module • Appraisal section

  22. Classifier’s Role in My Workplace • Relationship between the supervisor position and the employee position must be created • Self Service Position Hierarchy Manager tool • Classifier

  23. Importance of Classifier’s Input • Security violations can occur if an employee’s record is attached to the wrong supervisor • Massive clean-up should already be in progress!!!

  24. My Workplace Deployment • First roll-out is scheduled for June 2006 • Will be in groups like My Biz • More info to follow

  25. Questions?Jean CoulterDSN 667-1261Comm (502) 607-1261