saturn road valentine s party 2006 presents n.
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Saturn Road Valentine’s Party 2006 presents PowerPoint Presentation
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Saturn Road Valentine’s Party 2006 presents

Saturn Road Valentine’s Party 2006 presents

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Saturn Road Valentine’s Party 2006 presents

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  1. Saturn Road Valentine’s Party 2006presents

  2. Hallmark Trey Laminack VS.

  3. Fill a jar with romantic coupons for candlelight dinner, picnic, or watching a sunset Fill a jar with cookies. Hallmark Trey VS.

  4. “If you have love in your heart, you always have something to give.” If you are a man that “something” is money. Hallmark Trey VS.

  5. “An Italian Tradition: A young woman looks out window for the 1st man she sees may be her true love.” Other Italtian traditions include obesity and cow-towing to Hitler. Hallmark Trey VS.

  6. What a woman really wants for V-Day: Flowers, Jewelry, Theatre Tickets, Perfume or Candy. Men, please note you are not on this list. Hallmark Trey VS.

  7. More romantic coupon: Breakfast in bed. One big bear hug * “Wink wink” Hallmark Trey VS.

  8. “Single women often spend V-Day giving cards, calling friends, throwing parties and cooking special meals.” Single women spend the day desperately pretending not to care. Hallmark Trey VS.

  9. Who recieves the most cards? Teachers, then moms, then wives, lastly girlfriends. I think a typo omitted Prison Wardens from this list. Hallmark Trey VS.

  10. “Words women love to hear: I cherish you. I need you. I adore you.” The words: Take the credit card and go. Hallmark Trey VS.

  11. “Words that men love to hear: I believe in you. I want you. I feel safe with you. “This is the last thing I’ll say for the next 3 hours.” Hallmark Trey VS.

  12. “Let all you do be done in love.” 1 Cor. 16:14 This makes hate-mail harder to write but more creative. Hallmark Trey VS.

  13. “Napoleon often sent love letters to his beloved while at war, even when it endangered messengers.” Yeah, but that guy had a “Napoleon Complex.” Hallmark Trey VS.

  14. Romantic Suggestion: Call her when she leasts expect it to say, ‘I love you.’ They never “expect” a call while in the bathroom. Hallmark Trey VS.

  15. “Take a moonlight picnic. Don’t forget blanket and book of poetry.” Also don’t forget GPS, bug spray, and a barf bucket to go with the poetry. Hallmark Trey VS.

  16. “Take a walk together under the light of a full moon.” Beware werewolves! Hallmark Trey VS.

  17. “Kidnap your spouse for an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast.” Kidnap your spouse for an overnight stay at a plastic surgeon. (This one was probably unpopular.) Hallmark Trey VS.

  18. “Plan a day of roses. Place them on the pillows, in the car and on their office seat.” If she is allergic to roses use watermellon or toenail clippings. Hallmark Trey VS.

  19. “Gift Hunt: leave romantic clues leading to your gift.” Clue #1: Your gift is hidden at the mall, take my credit card and go find it. Ps. It’s hidden in a $40 or less area. Hallmark Trey VS.

  20. “In Wales, they exchange keys and spoons on Valentine’s day.” Tom Jones is also from Wales… ‘Nuff Said. Hallmark Trey VS.

  21. “Gifts that don’t cost a cent: The Gift of listening. The gift of laughter. The gift of love. If you give those expect: The gift of divorce. Hallmark Trey VS.

  22. “The perfect gift on V-Day is a kiss and three little words: “I love you.” The Six Words “I love the idea of you.” Didn’t rate as high. Hallmark Trey VS.

  23. “Never forget the most powerful force on earth is love.” The love of pizza. Hallmark Trey VS.

  24. “Pres. Andrew Jackson said, “Heaven will not be heaven to me if I do not meet my wife there.” I hope to meet my wife before then. Hallmark Trey VS.

  25. “Love is two souls with a single thought, along with two hearts that beat as one.” Love is two souls with a single thought, and chances are that “thought” is the woman’s idea. Hallmark Trey VS.

  26. Hallmark Did you win? Trey Laminack VS.

  27. You won if you DID NOT say something along the lines of “Now I know why Trey is single.” Women Win If…

  28. Men you won if you didn’t laugh so hard you will have to sleep on the couch tonight. Men win if…