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  1. Islam A WebQuest

  2. Introduction Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. • What are the teachings of islam that attract so many followers? By the end of this WebQuest you will have an understanding about Islam and be able to answer this question.

  3. Task • Your task is to gather information about Islam and the Muslim culture. • You will work in a group of five and share the task of researching a number of topics. • As a group you have to decide how you will present your findings to the class.

  4. Process Your journey of discovery about Islam will follow four steps: • Form your group of five and share the task of researching the five topics outlined on the next page. • Use the websites listed in Resources to gather your information about these topics. • Decide as a group how you will present this information to the class. See Presentations for some suggestions. • Present your findings to the class.

  5. Remember… Teamwork is essential!

  6. topics Share the research on the following five topics: • The Prophet Muhammad • The Qur’an • The Five Pillars of Islam • The Features of a Mosque • The Festival of Ramadan

  7. resources • Islam – Introduction • Islam for Children • Understanding Islam and the Muslims • Ramadan • Who was Muhammad? • Holy Books • The Five Pillars of Islam • The Islamic Call to Prayer

  8. Other resources • Pathways of Belief: Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism VHS KIT • Quest Creation Stories VHS • Water, Moon, Candle, Tree and Sword VHS • The Really Big Beliefs Project BOOK • Places of Worship: Islam CDROM ATTENTION TEACHERS… Resources in red are available for loan from BCEC Multimedia Centre. Phone: 3840 0481 Email:

  9. presentations Some ideas for presenting your findings to the class:

  10. Self assessment How did YOU go as a group member? • I independently gathered information from a variety of resources including the websites listed on the Resources page. • I reported accurate and useful information to my group about the topic I chose to research. • As a group member I helped to decide on a way of presenting our findings to the class. • I contributed to the creation of our group presentation. • With my group members I presented our findings to the class.

  11. Conclusion – a Quiz Now that you have completed this WebQuest on ISLAM see if you are able to complete the following quiz.

  12. What do you know aboutislam? Start at Islam - level one and see what level you are able to achieve.