the rise of austria and prussia n.
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The Rise of Austria and Prussia

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The Rise of Austria and Prussia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rise of Austria and Prussia. Chapter 4 Section 4. I. The Thirty Years’ War. Begins in Bohemia Catholic V Protestant Soon widens to a total European War Becomes a war of Political interests Peace of Westphalia Ended the Thirty Years’ War Severe Depopulation of the German States

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i the thirty years war
I. The Thirty Years’ War
  • Begins in Bohemia
    • Catholic V Protestant
    • Soon widens to a total European War
      • Becomes a war of Political interests
  • Peace of Westphalia
    • Ended the Thirty Years’ War
    • Severe Depopulation of the German States
      • Estimated about 1/3 of the people died as a result of the war
    • France emerges as the clear winner
    • The Netherlands and the Swiss get complete independence
    • German Lands
      • Divided into 360 separate states
ii hapsburg austria
II. Hapsburg Austria
  • The New Austrian Empire
    • The Hapsburgs
      • Long running German family
        • Many Hapsburgs were Holy Roman Emperors
    • Lost some power after the Thirty Years’ War
    • Establishes a new Empire in territories throughout Central Europe
      • Present day Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary included lands of Bohemia, Hungary, Poland and Italian states
  • Very Diverse
    • Different languages, religions and cultures
  • Too hard to control under 1 central government
  • Maria Theresa
    • 1740
    • 1st woman to rule the Hapsburg Empire

War of Austrian Succession

    • Prussia attacks Austria when Maria Theresa takes the throne
      • France takes advantage of Austria and attacks
      • Austria turns to Great Britain and makes an alliance
    • The war will be fought in three parts of the world
      • Europe
        • Prussia attacks Austrian Silesia
        • France Attacks Austrian Netherlands
      • Far East
        • France takes over the British colony of Madras (India)
      • America
        • British capture French fort of Louisbourg at the entrance to the St. Lawrence
    • The Peace of Aix-la-Chappelle
      • All lands would be returned to their previous owners except Silesia
iii prussia
III. Prussia
  • Frederick William I
    • Gained support of the Junkers
      • German nobility
    • Placed emphasis on military
      • “Prussia is not a state which possesses an army, but an army which possess a state”
  • Frederick the Great (Frederick II)
    • Willing to make enlightened reforms:
      • Abolished the use of torture
      • Granted limited freedom of speech and freedom of press
    • However, to prevent other major reforms he:
      • Kept serfdom
      • Rigid social structure
iv seven years war
IV Seven Years’ War
  • Old Rivalries
    • Austria and Prussia
    • Austria and France
    • France and Britain
  • New Allies
    • France and Austria
    • Britain and Prussia
  • The Conflict Area
    • Europe
    • India
    • North America


    • Main site for Austria and Prussia
    • Fighting over Silesia
    • This war ends in a peace treaty
      • With Prussia keeping Silesia
  • India
    • French invade India, a British colony
    • The British win out because of persistence
  • North America
    • British and French wars over two major areas
      • Waterways of the St. Lawrence
      • Ohio River Valley
    • Also known as the French and Indian War
      • The French were able to side with the Native Americans
      • British Naval support key to victory
      • The British are able to take Montreal
        • Once Montreal is taken, the ORV and the SLRV are locked to the British

The Peace of Paris (1763)

    • French are sent out of India for good
    • French also have to transfer Canada and the lands east of the Mississippi River to England
    • Spain (Allied with France) gives Florida to the British