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CRCT Review

CRCT Review. 7 th Grade Social Studies. Oligarchy. Small group with total control. No citizen participation. Democracy. What word comes to your mind when you see this?. Unitary, Confederation, or Federal???. China's Air Pollution. Religion of Jewish people???.

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CRCT Review

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  1. CRCT Review 7th Grade Social Studies

  2. Oligarchy Small group with total control.No citizen participation.

  3. Democracy What word comes to your mind when you see this?

  4. Unitary, Confederation, or Federal???

  5. China's Air Pollution

  6. Religion of Jewish people???

  7. The central government has complete and total control. Command What type of economy?

  8. Executive----Legislative branches are connected. Parliamentary or Presidential???

  9. Unitary, Confederation, or Federal???

  10. Gandhi

  11. Fastest growing religion in the world???

  12. tariff embargo quota Tariff, Quota, or Embargo???

  13. Autocratic One leader with total control.No citizen participation.

  14. Tiananmen Square

  15. Traditional What type of economy?

  16. E J Executive and Legislative branches are separate. Parliamentary or Presidential???

  17. Market What type of economy?

  18. Nelson Mandela Who is this person? What country did he govern?

  19. Desertification

  20. Unitary, Confederation, or Federal???

  21. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) What is the main indicator for how a country’s economy is doing?

  22. Yangtze River Pollution

  23. Developing or Developed country?

  24. Africa

  25. All have a holy book. • All began in the Middle East. • All are monotheistic (one god). How are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam similar?

  26. African Education Issues

  27. Africans- known as the Atlantic Slave Trade Who were used in the New Worldas slaves and laborers during colonial times?

  28. 1 2 5 3 4 6 Southwest Asia (Middle East)

  29. Iraq, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait in 1990. This led to the United States intervening with military Operation Desert Storm. What was the name of this conflict? Persian Gulf War Southwest Asia (Middle East)

  30. 1 3 2 4 5 6 7 Africa

  31. The Holocaust Warning: Contains Graphic Content

  32. Who holds the power in… • Unitary Government • Confederation Government • Federal Government Central Leaders Local Government Shared by Levels of Government

  33. factories machinery technology What is capital?What is its relationship to GDP?

  34. Rebuilding Japan after WWII

  35. 3 5 4 2 1 6 7 South and East Asia

  36. Israel Which country has the highest standard of living?Which country has the lowest standard of living? Iraq

  37. Rank these from 1-3 in terms of citizen participation with 1 being the least citizen participation and 3 being the most participation. ____________ Autocracy ___________ Democracy ____________ Oligarchy 1 3 2

  38. Education and Training What is human capital?What is its relationship to GDP?

  39. Ganges River

  40. Entrepreneur – The person. Entrepreneurship – Their business. A person who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise???

  41. Africa

  42. Mao Zedong

  43. Africa Historical Understandings

  44. What was the main goal of the Pan-African movement? • To get Africans to think of themselves as one people and to work together. Question 1:

  45. There are approximately 3,000 ethnic groups located On the continent of Africa Pan-African Movement

  46. Which group of people did some European powers use to be their “enforcers”? • Local chiefs Question 2

  47. What was Nelson Mandela’s attitude toward the people who had been responsible for the old government of South Africa? • He felt that all races needed to work together in the new government. Question 3

  48. What decision did F W de Klerk eventually make about the country’s apartheid laws? • He recommended that the laws be repealed. Question 4

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