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WELCOME. TEACHER’S INFORMATION. MD. ABUL HASHEM Asst. Teacher Rajshahi Collegiate School, Rajshahi Email : hashemraj64@gmail.com. INTRODUCTION OF LESSON. Class : Nine Subject : English First Paper Unit : 3 Lesson : 6 Time : 50 minutes Date : 15-03-2014.

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  2. TEACHER’S INFORMATION MD. ABULHASHEM Asst. Teacher Rajshahi Collegiate School, Rajshahi Email : hashemraj64@gmail.com

  3. INTRODUCTION OF LESSON Class : Nine Subject : English First Paper Unit : 3 Lesson : 6 Time : 50 minutes Date : 15-03-2014

  4. Look at the pictures and guess what they are about.


  6. LEARNING OUTCOME At the end of the lesson the students will be able to- talk about events and festivals. ask and answer questions. infer meaning from context.

  7. Some more pictures. Look at them.

  8. SILENT READING Ss, open your books and read the text silently.

  9. Some new words of this passage Word PronunciationMeaning tradition irrespective supplement wreath custom or belief without considering sth or being influenced by it addition/periodical part garland/circular arrangement of flowers /trˈdISn/ /IrIˈspektIv/ /ˈs˄plImnt/ /ri:T/

  10. Individual Work Answer the following questions. 1. What kind of food do you eat in the morning of PahelaBoishakh? 2. Do you wear any special clothes on this occasion?

  11. Sample answer 1. I eat hilsha and panta. 2. Yes. I wear pajama and panjabi. Or, Yes. I wear white sari with red border.

  12. Group Work Students, work in group and fill in the following gaps. The word Pahela means the first and Boishakh is the (a)----- month of the Bangla calendar. The day is observed not (b)------ in Bangladesh but (c) ------ in some other parts of the world. It is celebrated in West Bengal, Assam and Tripura. It is also (d)------ in Australia and UK. In Australia, the largest (e)------ for Bangla new year is the Sydney BoishakhiMela held near Sydney Olympic Park.

  13. Solution to the individual work (a) first (b) only (c) also (d) celebration (e) festival

  14. EVALUATION Choose the correct answer from the alternatives. a. On PahelaBoishakh people eat------- food. (i) junk (ii) conventional (iii) rich (iv) balanced b. The biggest carnival of the country is organized by the ------- (i) Chhyanata (ii) Bangla Academy (iii) Shilpakala Academy (iv) Fine Arts c. Cultural programs on PahelaBoishakh begin ------- (i) In the morning (ii) in the evening (iii) at dawn (iv) in the afternoon

  15. Homework Write 10 sentences about PahelaBoishakh.

  16. Thank You.

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